Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Mi Ciudad Vieja (En Honor al Tuerto Lopez)

Aun camino por los rincones de mis abuelos;
aquellas callejuelas que evocan mil recuerdos,
de caballeros cruzados con espadas,
y nobles damas sentadas en el candil de la verbena;
Pues te digo adios Ciudad
que en tiempos coloniales,
diste a tus hijos como heroes de caudales
para verlos morir en una guerra de martires
y Dioses que juraron proteger
a una ciudad perdida en el tiempo;
Ya pasaron los dias de gloria de la ciudad amurallada,
donde los galeones zurcaron las aguas del firmamento.
Ciudad que fuiste heroica en los tiempos coloniales,
ahora lo que hay es una caterba de vencejos,
que realmente no tiene cariño a sus zapatos viejos.

Friday, April 27, 2012

De pronto soy un Periodista frustrado que lo que Ejerció fue poco y Terminó siendo un Bloguero para salir del aburrimiento y luego Opto por Continuar su Sueño de Ejercer lo que mas Anhela

Siempre lo he dicho, de pronto soy un periodista frustrado que lo que ejerció fue poco y termino siendo un bloguero para salir del aburrimiento y luego opto por continuar su sueño de ejercer lo que mas anhela. ¿Qué ha pasado con el periodismo?, La mayoría se han vendido o resignado a los ideales corporativos de la empresa y han dejado atras el arte de informar, eso es lo que ha pasado, los periodistas se han vendido en su gran mayoría y el pueblo los adula como súper estrellas. No hay nada peor que pueden hacer por alguien y es adular a esa persona para que se le suban los humos a la cabeza. Si comienzo nombrar ejemplos, Juan Gossain sería mi opción numero uno, muchos lo adulan como el maestro del periodismo en Colombia, o uno de los grandes, y muchos quieren ser como él; pero ¿Que hay con la individualidad de desarrollar un estilo propio?, No querer ser como alguien, sino inspirar a la gente en que hay periodistas (por favor no digan el termino Comunicadores Sociales eso es un término mierdoso que no existe más que en Colombia) que están dispuestos a ser claros con la información sin caer en el objetivismo ilustrado como le pasa a muchos.

¿A dónde ha llegado el periodismo en Colombia? No lo sé, mi pregunta seria ¿A dónde ha llegado la ética?. La respuesta está entre el límite del lineamiento político donde trabajan y que tanto están dispuestos a vender su integridad por el sensacionalismo. Q'Hubo y sus diferentes variaciones como El Espacio son los diarios que puedo decir que venden y promulgan la ignorancia porque los lectores no van a ser afectados por un par de notas de sexo porque a la larga es puro chisme y eso no informa, solo entretiene pero entonces ¿será que la gente quiere vivir en un mundo de fantasía?. De pronto, porque los chismes reflejan el deseo de escapismo de mucha gente para no afrontar lo horrible que pueden ser sus vidas, dejando el arte del periodismo a un lado y enfocándose mas en exagerar la realidad de unos cuantos famosos o de unos políticos que serán olvidados en un par de años.

Entonces, ¿Que podre hacer? Enfrentarme a un mundo en el cual los ideales de un periodista estan siendo remplazados por ideales de programas y noticias de farándula que no aportan ninguna relevancia; sencillo de pronto no es por la frustración, si no por conservar ese sueño de contar las diferentes cronicas que pasan en mis dos paises.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Politics and an Indecisive Set of Voters

PlanetWire Photo of Capitol
This is the first time that I am not posting an specific photo or placing an specific example about any of the candidates but it make think even if I had lived in two different countries, I see the same example an indecisive set of people who only see the party and not really what the candidates have to offer or as my father say a bunch of fools who swallow the first lies the candidates say because they have no fucking (jodida) idea about the development of the country. Yes my father speaks Spanish, and he is right on that one, people have no clue about the country well being because they don't read and they only vote for the candidate because the candidates project their hopes and dreams but at the end the candidates are only there to try to steal as much as they can without thinking about any major social progress.

That's the point any candidate will take advantage the ignorance of the people and their passion for their own parties, even if the parties don't represent the actual reality. Remembering my days in Cartagena, I can say ignorance is a bliss because through the use of demagogy they conquered the population, beside that the use of propaganda also played a definite factor in their winning because people associated the acquisitive power of the candidate as a good sign, let's face it politics at the end are a popularity contest to convince the stupidest and I am not talking exclusive about Cartagena, I am talking about the South of the United States where politics play another dirty card appealing through the feelings using religion, because if the voters see the candidates reflect their religious values they can bet safe with a vote, and people will speak about them.

The common majority of the South is Baptist, no secret on that, while the most common majority of the North are Catholic, but one point regarding religion it is if you are a candidate and you are not from the common majority that can backfired because let's face it, American's aren't open to people who think way too different from them, even if we have an Afro President, there are still controversies because the ignorance of the voters can play a major point at the moment of nourishing the propaganda.

So yes, think and know what is happening with your country before even going to vote even in blank, just vote, don't abstain because otherwise the worst candidate can get chosen and then there is no reason to keep calling the name Democracy because we don't exercise the right to vote.    

Leap of Faith (Short Story)

(A Short Story)

Faith was on the rooftop, she was alone, people on the bottom were looking at her; her life became a mess after her fiancé went to jail for cocaine production and trafficking. She was there alone in the Sheraton of Downtown Tampa, the police was behind her, trying to avoid a tragedy but they couldn't go closer as she was too close to the void.

- It's not about God will save me, salvation is just a shallow word lieutenant Michaels. She said to officer.

- Why you say that?.

- Because those are shallow promises, denial to avoid reality by people who can't see the world. You see, the world problems aren't answer by prayers, believing is one thing, putting in action what the dogma say is another. People will never change because they are just people.

- I can help you on finding a job, a place, just don't kill yourself young lady.

- Sorry Ma'am, if God really exist, he or she will forgive my acts, there is nothing to do here.

Then she jump, falling to her dead. Michaels was completely in shock because she wasn't expecting her to jump to her dead, everyone was in silence because a girl was dead, a girl who had information regarding a drug circle between Gainesville and Tampa Bay and now she was gone. Faith was used as an object and the Police Department didn't offered any protection as she was only a victim, her fiancé problems were following her and the dealers were going to kill her if she ever dared to said something, but at the end Faith took one leap and she saw the world fading, everything falling apart as she fall to her death. The world was deconstructing slowly, breaking into tiny pieces before she disappeared into the event horizon that men and women call death. 

Jenny Zelei Acapella Demo

Sorry for the bad quality we recorded outside, I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paris is Burning... Paris is Always Burning

Paris is Burning Poster
Jenny Livingston documentary shows the complexity of gender theory; it's difficult to synthesize the complexity of Paris is Burning and the Ball Culture (whose not only a phenomenon of New York City, but rather a  movement where experienced "mothers" or "fathers" of different drag houses give hospitality and stability to young gay men who are at risk). Gender and ethnicity are major components on this documentary that's set on the 1980 and follow the lives of a large group of different drags performances through the Ball circuit of NYC; even 22 years later and 26 years after the documentary was filmed and released it still have validness because the issues between gender, culture, religion and sexuality still collides even after a major set of changes in civil rights and how the media as well social networks to show a more humane side of the LGTBQ culture, and is not easy for a younger generation much of the time to be at peace with their own selves as it was shown in the movie 22 years ago.

The complexity of gender goes beyond the typical archetypes as many people know, even it goes so far beyond the basic understanding many people has about the adjectives of how people can identify themselves such as butch, queer, trans, bi, femme, lipstick, etc... gender is such a wonderful yet subversive element of humanity because we tend to play by the rules set by society and the people who dare to the defy the heteronormative that rules many societies they tend to be seen as strange or aggressive against the norm, but probably we have sleep and become conformist with the norm on how people should act in society without going on a lewd behavior but rather showing how they really are without any necessity of hiding themselves.

Paris is always going to be on fire, because there is always some kind of revolution, artistic, sexual, social, whatever, there is always going to be some kind of revolution that will keep the flame on, but what is amazing about this piece of art it's the treaty of the characters, where behind all the glamour they try to project they show an alienated side where they don't feel appreciated by the society they live because they are not white, straight and successful; they feel that in order to fit in they have to be white but their alienation comes in part of the elitist society that was sold during the 1980's because of shows as Dallas or Dynasty where white Americans were shown as successful, thus leaving on a side the minorities. Probably one reason of the alienation comes with the media, let's take a note on television shows: Dynasty, Dallas, Charles in Charge, Family Ties, Growing Pains where they were popular with the mainstream and they showed succesfull white Americans; now let's take a look on Good Times, Charlie & Co, Gimme a Break, Diff'rent Strokes among others who were in the mainstream but showed weak black Americans who were mostly located on the ghetto or being employed by affluent white people. Thus showing a normative where made several Afro and Latinos excluded and trying to find the examples on how to be successful on a very hostile society. 

The flames are always there; but, it's amazing to think even after all this time, Paris it's still burning because there is always going to be someone who create a chapter in the history of the underground culture of the balls and LGTBQ rights, but overall characters, people such as Angie Xtravaganza, Venus Xtravaganza, Willi Ninja, Dorian Corey and Pepper LaBejia are always going to be there because of the influence they created through their lives, even if they ended in tragedy because of phobia, AIDS, murder. They showed a reality that even 26 years later still exist and not matter where it is, there is always going to be a Paris that is burning.

Monday, April 23, 2012

In the Rain of the Morning

In the rain of the morning we tend to sleep,
just holding hands each other,
I don't want to wake up from bed,
because it's another rainy morning,
work seems so far away,
and any responsibilities will come later,
Let's stay in bed, doing nothing,
while the rain just pours away,
it's so easy to do nothing,
yet is hard to wake up from a dream;
I wish that the rain will last forever,
we found an excuse to lay down just you and me and do nothing;
as the rain just wash the morning.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Fragility of the Law System and How the Media tends to Publish What they Want

Zimmerman, George
So, with the Zimmerman/ Martin case we have seen how really fragile the justice is in Florida; to the point we can validate our opinion through the case of Casey Anthony that justice is just a mere game in the Sunshine State; it's difficult to blame any government of that last decades but the system in the State is quite bland or quite harsh but no only that the media around the State tend to be biased regarding certain issues such as racial crimes, immigration, LGTB rights, minorities rights, women rights as well approach in local politics where they tend to do propaganda; it's a big oximoron but it's true, the justice system is not perfect and the media aren't being honest with carrying the message. What really happened the night Trayvon got killed? Sure the kid is dead and Zimmerman ruined his life but at the end this is only a story of loss and grieve.

So what really happened?. The news haven't give any information, they only show the sides they want to project, justice is being week with George Zimmerman, and so far he is the only whose criminal record has been shown to the public because he is 28 years old, and there are not going to be information released about about Trayvon Martin because he was 17, so what was this? Another example of racial discrimination between two ethnic groups? A really angry man who shouldn't be carrying a gun? A problematic teenager who was probably doing something else and the skittles are the red herring? What really happened and why the media really don't say anything that could give a real clue; because they need to sell and the family members of each victim won't say anything about the real personas but the thing that's been bothering me it's the sensationalism of this crime as a journalist I wouldn't be selling the image in a morbid way of a dead teenager who there is little to no information about his backgrounds and a man who has emotional conflicts.

The media is not handling this case well, the justice system is not showing itself as strong as they like to think they are and as a Floridian it really creeps me out that justice is divided on how to execute the law without the magister and the jury controlling their emotions and experiences to create a fair trial.



En los vientos que se oyen por los Andes,
pequeña flor de primavera,
princesa Inca que camina por las veredas recubiertas de nieve,
y las sombras del Amazona,
pequeña flor de los Andes que has resistido la más dura de las tormentas,
por donde el tiempo pasa
y el Imperio del Sol no ha muerto;
Las eternas noches al lado de las cordilleras
donde tu pequeña flor canta una tonada que mas nadie oye en la rivera.
Dime, ¿Porque la soledad abunda tus pétalos?,
¿Donde está el amor que da vueltas a tu firmamento?
que pasa por el Mar Caribe, y se pierde en las noches Patagonicas
mas alla de las Islas Malvinas,
pero tu canto no queda mudo,
aun a lo lejos se puede oir tu cantata y tu lamento;
Dime pequeña flor de los Andes,
dime que jamas dejaras de florecer aunque la vida quiera demostrar

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beyond the Whores, The Political Scandals of the America's Summit

Obama at the Convention Center in Cartagena
Beyond the prostitution scandal in Cartagena de Indias; that became a point where show the weakness of the Secret Service of the United States, lust and power by the hands of a group of prostitutes or as they are called prepaid girls, but at the end that's what they are just plain old prostitutes.

But, the real problem doesn't lie exactly on the fault of the men of the Secret Service but rather a mix of bad politics because of the W. Bush administration in an 8 year period where deteriorated the face of America in a region as Latin America where is composed by mostly populist governments around different countries as well the anti-sentiment propaganda left by the populist movement who are not fanatics to see the intrusion of the market economy into their fragile economic systems.

Quoting an old phrase, is not the fault of the Liberal media agenda; there is no such thing as the liberal media; just a bunch of conservators who can't see beyond their egocentric noses as on the moment of making politics and choosing always the same line of candidates into their ranks who end up destroying the reputation of the country. Yes, I do blame the hegemony of the Republicans and their decisions at the moment of showing America a a tentacled beast instead of showing the opportunities the country business oportunities in the international grounds.

Obama was a saint on that meting, specially because much of his political opponents on an international level where there with the exception of Hugo Chavez. Legalization of the drugs, probably is hurting some parts of the continent such as Mexico and where Vicente Fox is a major supporter due the actions of the different cartels around his country as well as Evo Morales, the leftist but jolly Chief of Bolivia where he lectured Obama about a simple solution of demand and offer and how that solution can put a rest to the major problem of drugs in the Americas.

And as quoted by the Guardian Then, there is trade. Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos also announced that the US-Colombian Free Trade Agreement would take full force 15 May. Colombian and US labor leaders decried the move, since Colombia is the worst country on Earth for trade unionists. Labor organizers are regularly murdered in Colombia, with at least 34 killed in the past year and a half.
When Obama was first running for president, he promised to oppose the Colombia FTA, "because the violence against unions in Colombia would make a mockery of the very labor protections that we have insisted be included in these kinds of agreements." That year, 54 Colombian trade unionists were killed. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said the announcement "is deeply disappointing and troubling". Republicans, on the other hand, are offering grudging praise to Obama for pushing the FTA.
On Cuba, Obama took the globally unpopular position of defending the US embargo. Even at home, polls show that a strong majority of the American people and businesses support an end to the embargo. The US also succeeded, once again, in banning Cuba from the summit, prompting Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to boycott the meeting this year. 

Sad Whores of the Secret Service of the United States

Aka Dania
While there are many men who had fallen by the charms of women, I been wondering what the hell happened to the Secret Service that decided to act extremely unprofessional in the margin of an important political meeting. Dania Ramirez is just an over glorified whore and that's it, the men of the secret service are just losers who couldn't appreciate their families and their jobs to lose everything they had because of a group of call girls.

While is true, there is a major problematic in the city for sex tourism, (I know because I am from Cartagena) yet the problematic flourished into the surface one more time because it was in he hands of a few foreigners who had also the luck to be working to one of the most powerful man in the entire world. Yet, I hope the problematic won't go into the oblivion because the city itself has been overshadowed many times in the last 3 years by the scandals perpetuated by foreigners who went only to have a good time in shady business and some of them died because they enjoyed themselves way too much.

The whores are just sad because they couldn't get the money they thought they were going to get but the men of the Service are just sadder because they didn't got everything they wanted but me as a Cartagenero I am just sadder to see how the city's name get tainted one more time by this negative publicity, which I hope the local Government do something to improve the name because with every exposition of the call girls, the city is just drowning a little more into deep waters. 

Peter Hollens and Evynne Hollens

While navigating through Youtube and watching the Lindsey Stirling Channel's new tribute video to Skyrim videogame; I opted to see Peter's work in his channel and I personally, he and his wife Evynne are amazing in the art of creating beat-box, Capella sessions of different songs. Personally, I love their style, it's really cool what the do and worth to take a moment and leave your support on their videos.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cartagena, Entre Bazurto y el Centro Amurallado

La Joya de Colombia

Tengo muchas memorias de Cartagena, y últimamente las he estado escribiendo, de pronto mi temor es en olvidarlas, en recordar las experiencias que me llevaron al sitio donde estoy.  Siempre me he preguntando ¿Como la ciudad ha sobrevivido tanto? Un centenar de gobiernos corruptos, empresarios desconsiderados y falta de conciencia ciudadana. Realmente no lo se, pero un tema que siempre me ha llamado la atención es la división de las clases sociales y como Cartagena es una ciudad que contiene dos ciudades en una sola.

Son muchos los recuerdos que tengo de Cartagena, demasiados diría yo; pero lo que siempre recuerdo cuando cierro los ojos aun puedo ver el Mar Caribe, pero cuando los abro veo un pocotón de rascacielos que no se asemejan a las imágenes de mis memorias, pero hay una imagen que jamás olvidare y es la de los diferentes viajes que mi familia y yo hicimos por avión en diferentes ciudades y siempre veía lo mismo, una ciudad dividida en dos no solo socialmente pero con una frontera que no es difícil de ver. Pero, es una contradicción, aunque haya una división de las clases pero aunque la haya no es difícil de ver una ciudad maravillosa

Mis memorias comenzaron cerca el mar, y espero a que terminen cerca el mar, como toda la gente que nació en Cartagena. Pero es el mar, las playas el factor unificador entre las diferentes ciudades que existen dentro de la misma ciudad. Pero, ¿que son los estratos?. Los factores, los cinco factores que dividen la ciudad en dos. Imagínese el sistema de castas de los Hindúes, un sistema de elite que te dice que eres mejor que los demás por tan solo tener dinero y vivir en cierta parte de la ciudad. Técnicamente es la explicación sencilla de los estratos y mucha gente se enorgullece de dicho sistema que en lo personal debe ser abolido porque pone en tela de juicio la Constitución y el primer principio de Democracia Donde todos los Hombres somos iguales, y con los estratos realmente esa igualdad no se demuestra.

Uno puede ver esas diferencias con solo coger un avión, o solo ir en carro, uno puede ver como entre el menor el estrato mayor las diferencias, y eso sencillamente no debería estar ahí, pero las diferencias están y llegan hasta tal punto en que cuando va un personaje importante a la ciudad, sencillamente el Gobierno esconde a todos los indeseables que no son de los barrios afluentes porque las diferencias están permitidas y la ciudad no debería estar dividida en dos, debería estar unificada.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shakira y el Himno: Una Iconoclastia Nacionalista


Hace un tiempo atrás oí un dicho muy sencillo, errar es humano, pero perdonar es divino. Siempre he pensado que el arte del perdón es un arte de los mismo Dioses ya que la mayoría de los humanos carecen de este don que proviene de las alturas pero ¿cómo perdonar a alguien que es de Colombia, nacida y criada pero que no pueda entonar el himno?, Ni un anarquista por mas desligado de las normas sociales que este, siempre se sabrá el himno de su país, pero el problema de una persona como Shakira es que su significante yace en su exposición a los medios y sus laborales como cantante y filántropa, adicionando que es Colombiana y que debe predicar quien dice ser, pero al final su significante yace en su significado, ella es un oxímoron que tiene problemas en aceptar su identidad nacional; pero el problema es aun mas complejo ya que se demuestra mucho el nacionalismo que es en apoyar un tesoro inmaterial como es el himno y Shakira demostró una vez que ella practica la iconoclastia social al demostrar que sencillamente no predica quien dice aunque tenga obras sociales en el país.

Podría decirse que esto es El Síndrome de Colombia es Pasión, donde el orgullo nacionalista los están predicando con las mofas por medio de Shakira en no saberse el himno nacional; podría ser ignorancia de parte de ella, su iconoclastia en negar su herencia cultural, pero no es tampoco para dejarse llevar por la pasión porque un país no se puede significar por la pasión darle un significado a un país es un asunto complejo, pero se puede resumir en diferentes medios como una canción, un poema, un dibujo, una foto o un himno; hay diferentes formas; y destrozar un patrimonio cultural como lo hizo Shakira demuestra que hay gente que les avergüenza decir su origen cultural y nacional. No de manera verbal pero si a traves de sus acciones como lo hizo ella, pero así como Shakira y mucha gente que se mofa de ella hay un pocotón de Colombianos que carecen de conocimientos sobre su propia herencia.

Yo soy Colombiano, soy Cartagenero y soy de la Costa Caribe, igual que mucha gente, igual que Shakira el mar Caribe lo vi cuando nací y espero verlo cuando muera; no tengo acento  Colombiano, realmente no lo hay, hay diferentes acentos y el mío esta más ligado al acento y los modismos Costeños. Se la historia de mi ciudad y las fechas básicas, pero el amor por mi patria no lo llevo de una manera burda y vacía donde adoro la iconografía, pero la respeto y respeto lo que mis antepasados hicieron por ese pedazo de tierra que es tan mágico y que Macondo el pueblo eterno para que yo, que nosotros estemos acá viviendo en una tierra como esa, que aunque no es perfecta tiene un encanto único en el mundo; uno profesa con sus actos el amor a la patria, y Shakira demostró su duda con solo abrir su boca una vez mas, pero acaso ¿su duda va con su identidad? o ¿está demostrando que de verdad siente su identidad Colombiana a través de sus ONG?

Pero, de pronto yo puedo estar equivocado; pensando en unas palabras dichas por mi amigo Diego que pueden resumir toda mi diatriba en unas cuantas líneas ""Mira bro para mí la identidad la obtienes según transcurre el tiempo, y ya que estamos hablando de patriotismo, creo que a ella le falto quien inculcara tan valiosos valores en su niñez, que ella sienta amor al prójimo, al desamparado a la niñez que sufre en un mundo que va en crecimiento, eso creo es muy aparte de los valores cívicos y morales que obtienes gracias al aprendizaje"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Get Here, Capella Sample Get Here

Check this neat, short video, it's sung by Mike Beaver, a local bartender in a popular bar that is in New Port Richey, Florida. Enjoy.

Pamela Calvo ~ Una Vez en Diciembre

Me encanta Pamela Calvo; tiene una voz fresca, y es una de las pocas cantantes que usan Youtube que he podido tener el honor de seguirle su evolucion casi desde cerca. Espero que disfruten su nuevo  cover Una Vez en Diciembre.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Song by Courtney Rice

I can't deny, I do adore Courtney Rice, and I love every time I see a new video from her. This is an original song, called Your Song. I hope you all enjoy it.

Reconocimiento e Informacion, Mas Alla del Paperstorm


La protesta es un derecho, pero para protestar hay que ser sagacez y un simple paperstorm es solo un recurso cuando hay mas metodos para transmitir el mensaje, pero para tener una seguridad total en la transmicion hay que hacer reconocimiento del terreno, ya que una protesta va mas alla del Internet y al momento de llevarla en vivo puede ser un problema cuando se quiere ir mas alla del paperstorm.

Muchos dirian que esto es vandalismo pero si vamos a organizarnos, lo primero que hay que hacer es tener un mapa del lugar, con el nombre de las calles y callejones, en el caso de Cartagena no es tan dificil ya que es una ciudad pequeña y decentralizada y conseguirlos se puede hacer por la biblioteca o los registros publicos, cuando ya los mapas esten listos, el siguiente paso es localizar las camaras de vigilancia en cuadrante de 10 a 15 kilometros, de nuevo usando Cartagena como ejemplo no es dificil localizarla ya que es una ciudad pequeña y las camaras estan a simple vista, cuando ya las camaras esten localizadas se necesitaran grupos de cinco a ocho personas para vigilar el cuadrante donde se quiera dejar el mensaje, protegiendo a los que lo van a depositar en caso de que la policia aparesca y comunicandose a traves de conferencia por los celulares o mensajes de texto para evitar llamar la atencion. Esto en caso de un ataque nocturno, pero tambien aplicado en caso de un ataque a plena luz del dia donde se quiera dejar un mensaje.

En caso de una protesta, la violencia jamas es la solucion, simple y llanamente mantener la voz en alto sin usar ningun icono de violencia, pero cuando hay un evento de gran magnitud que se quiere protestar, no todos los miembros deben estar en un mismo sitio, de nuevo diversificandonos ganamos mas terreno, vigilando a cualquier entidad que quiere acallar con la voz de los manifestantes e informando a los manifestantes donde ponerse para ser vistos por los medios y el personaje en cuestion. En el caso de Cartagena, hay diferentes puntos como en el centro de convenciones esta rodeado por restaurantes como la Casa del Socorro donde se puede vigilar al igual que las murallas a la distancia, de nuevo el uso de mensajes y celulares es la mejor idea para mantener la comunicacion.

El tercer y ultimo caso en la vida real es mas complicado ya que siempre un miembro no va a poder escapar y es el pastelazo o lanzarle un objeto a algun famoso. Pero eso lo hablaremos en otra ocasion.



By: Gus Calvo

The virus ravaged the Earth in matter of weeks; much of the humanity was destroyed and turned into mindless creatures. A small group of hunters known as the Shinobi located in the Bay Area of the South, made a settlement in the small area known as the King's Way. There they found an old supermarket who was perfect for a fortress because it only had one entry, two emergency exits and the unloading area was located above the ground level so it was perfectly save.

Wooten was the de-facto leader of the group, she was only 22 at the time they settled in the King's Way but she suffered through the six years interval of the plague and she organized the group to find different survivors but their luck and odds were minimal as they only found a few people through the Bay Area of the South. Them were walking as usual, and the Shinobi were trying to keep their whereabouts hidden from them because when they organized by a mere force of causality into a horde they could turn into a problem.

The little supermarket had a bunch of canned food, as well water and soda; electricity and gas were there because at the moment of the outbreak everyone just died and no one from the facilities had the time to shut the power to prevent any emergencies. Roosen was another of the survivors and he was found by the Shinobi during a search for supplies near the main public school of the city, where Roosen was hiding in the student center with other survivors that didn't make it out because the group got overwhelmed by them.

While doing his security rounds on the rooftop, Roosen realized that one of the hordes was walking alongside the main avenue. He hold still his binoculars to see if the changed their direction but suddenly he realized what they were chasing, a small group of people who didn't had any weapons, they were moving slow as usual but the survivors were going to get mauled, he went to the main floor and woke up the runners to see if they could gather and save the three people who were trying to escape the horde.

He only could woke up Price and Costas, they were the only men who felt comfortable driving the Humvee as well shooting with precision. Wooten was asleep and didn't noticed anything. The three men drove carefully to the RT 60, the main avenue of the town; on the south border of the King's Way the noticed that horde was bigger than the description of Roosen, about 2,500 people composing the horde and chasing three individuals. Price stopped the car and said he wasn't going to risk the life of a larger group if they failed. Roosen was hesitant after watching the horde, but Costas grabbed the wheel and drove ballistic against the horde in order to save the three people. They almost fail, because they only rescued a young girl who went by the name Brianna but they guys had to took a long detour to confuse the horde and to go back to their fortress.

Brianna, told the guys that her group was totally killed by the horde and that they were hiding not far away but that she regretted that Einsmann and Nichols couldn't be saved as they promised to each other to escape beyond the Bay where they heard that the infection was under control. After driving for more than an a hour and directing the horde to the south side of the town into a small swamp they were returning to their hide out.

Wooten was extremely piss that they could put in jeopardy all the group and let themselves be absorbed into the horde but also she was happy as the 18th survivor was found. She quickly explained to Brianna that they were a group of hunters and so far from the 18th individuals, only 7 were located in the remains of the store and the other eleven were located in a 5 miles radius around the area doing surveillance to the horde and independent groups of walkers.

Brianna was confused as nobody from her group knew what caused the plague that devastated humanity but the only clue that Wooten gave to her was that it was a virus spread in the water that turned humans into mindless beings after they die; but there was a catch, if at the moment of their death their head was destroyed or eaten by the others they wouldn't regenerate into one of them.

Everyone in the Shinobi group had some knowledge regarding them but no one knew exactly where they came from as they roamed endlessly around Earth, without breathing or dying, because they were already dead, dead as they could be, but yet they walked and yet theywere there. They were human once but yet they were bodies walking without a soul or a life force, just walking endlessly.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

¿Acaso soy Un Criminal por ser Blogger?

Esta es la primera vez que escribiré directamente, que terrible que un idiota como Germán Vargas Lleras se saliera con la suya. ¿Acaso soy un criminal por escribir en la red? ¿Acaso soy un criminal aunque copie fotos como material les de crédito?. Que injusticia tan grande que un ladron como Lleras se saliera con la suya.

No puedo creer que ahora el Gran Hermano del Estado decida vigilar cualquier cosa en la red, y como la justicia en Colombia es tan endeble, puedo apostar a que el Estado se hará su quincena a diario poniendo infracciones, o como dicen ahora porque la palabra infracción es prohibida partes, esa palabra no se puede aplicar a esa manera, entonces todos los Colombianos seremos culpables de semejante injusticia.

Que día tan malo para los cibernautas, pero puedo decir algo, no soy un criminal, me vale mierda semejante ley, y que el Ministro se prepare porque la gente lo va a devorar vivo.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Boys who Like Boys who like Girls who Like Girls who like Boys who like Girls who are Wild

San Francisco Downtown Night
Sometimes I feel life is much like Tales of the City mixed with a little dash of Sex and the City; but, sex attitudes are far away more complicated who show on television or on any books who tell the sex life of a group of people. Life is more complicated than that, as well try to find your perfect match on a world that has lost some of the values regarding courtship, dating and eventually finding the person you love the most and you love to see him/her naked no matter the looks. That's probably an easy way to explain it, you know you are attracted to your only one because it meets your criteria not only on a physical level but on an emotional one; and the emotional part can satisfy more than just a mirage of "perfection" that will disappear  over time.

Girls who Like Girls
For girls who like girls, for boys who like boys, for boys who like girls and for girls who like boys; I can tell you all, that love is simple, it shouldn't be complicated, but as humans we tend to complicate, but we tend to grow up from every relationship, every date and every moment we spend alone trying to discover who we are and who is that person who will love; sure that asexuality is not strange in human beings, but also sensuality it's not strange either but more for me love it's actually simple and as I told my friend Karen love for me it's to be happy to see the person I love the most, not getting kick out from bed even when I have my night terrors and be able to sleep on the top like a cat. It's kind of a simplistic view but it's my own view.

Beyond the Pale: Kissing Bears
It's just that human relationships can be complex, but if we look beyond any point that can create a problem, if we learn to grow up as a couple, as well persons, also as friends; then we can have something wonderful, because the human ability to evolve and adapt is amazing; but if you close yourself in a bubble then you will deprive yourself into realizing how diverse and amazing humanity is.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Make Me Strong - 15 seconds Preview

On a small note, as an avid fan on Indie artists, Adam Baranello is been on my of my favorites for years; check his new preview of his new song Make Me strong. It's cool; also check his website and below is the new preview, enjoy:

A la Protesta Pacifica

Hace un tiempo atrás, alrededor de dos meses volví a oír dos dichos; las armas no matan personas, las personas matan personas; el segundo comentario que oí es uno un tanto contradictorio la violencia es producto de la violencia. He venido pensando en dos diferentes cosas, respuestas a dichas máximas Un arma mata a una persona, es un conducto, sea una pistola o una mina, es un conducto dejado por una persona para asesinar por lo tanto las armas matan al igual que la gente y la violencia para mi es solo la ausencia de la armonía producto de la inconformidad de mentes que no vieron otra alternativa más que agredir.

La paz se puede lograr a través de las buenas acciones; no hay necesidad de ser violentos porque realmente no vale la pena ya que con la violencia no se consigue nada. Cuando hay una protesta, el principal problema de la protesta es que carezca de mensaje, el segundo problema y de pronto el más problemático son que algunos de los invitados decidan tomar cartas en su asunto y violentar el mensaje, o solo ir por el simple hecho de ir, haciendo que la protesta pierda su significado y la validez del movimiento. Las protestas no deben ser una moda, una tendencia, deben ser radicales pero sin llegar a la destrucción, la protesta es un elemento creador y de cambio para la población.

Pero al ser un elemento que transgrede el statu-quo de unos cuantos, de los caudillos económicos y políticos, la fuerza pública estará a favor de sus jefes económicos y no sus jefes que son la población; al estar a favor de ellos traicionan todos los ideales de la Democracia y de proteger y servir y ahí viene el momento en que hieren a sus verdaderos jefes, la gente; cuando estos protestan contra un pequeño grupo de hombres y mujeres que tratan de buscar el dominio económico y político del país, y ahí es el momento de violencia que uno como protestante no debe responder porque estaríamos cayendo en el error de los agresores, en ser violentos y eso no es una opción cuando se protesta.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Tears of Jupiter

The Tears of Jupiter

By: Gus

There I saw you cry;
Flooding your tears in the firmament,
I thought I saw a tear on the milky way,
tears that drop in an infinite space,
where the planets used to float in a perfect circumference;
and death was just a mere idea,
in your tears there were gems,
sparkling gems from Jupiter
that in a moment traveled in the blink of an eye the Milky Way;
and your eyes ended as two flaming suns in the firmament of Earth;
heart just vanished
in that moment were moons collided with earth
and the desired of the planet was extinguished in an eternal darkness;
that was how those tears emerged from Jupiter
and turned to be my eternal treasure  

Las Lagrimas de Jupiter

Por: Gus

Ahí te vi llorar,
derramando lagrimas en el firmamento,
me pareció ver una esquina de
la vía láctea,
lagrimas caer en un espacio infinito
donde los planetas flotaban en perfecta circunferencia,
y la muerte era más que una idea;
en tus lagrimas habían joyas,
brillantes de Júpiter
que en algún momento recorrieron la vía láctea en un abrir y cerrar de ojos;
y tus ojos quedaron como dos soles en el firmamento de la Tierra;
El corazón se apagó
en aquel momento que las lunas colisionaron con la tierra
y el deseo del planeta quedo extinguido en una oscuridad eterna;
así como esas lagrimas que brotaron de Júpiter
se volvieron mi tesoro eterno.

Op #AbajoJuanValdez Contra La Torre del Reloj, Abajo Juan Valdez

4Gatos Foto
De todas las ofensas cometidas por las inescrupulosas gobernaciones de Cartagena, esta es posiblemente la peor; ¿Como se les ocurre a los idiotas hacer un Juan Valdez en un monumento nacional? Es inaudito y estupido, no es ningun atractivo poner un simbolo de la decadencia nacional  en un sitio historico, ni siquiera los Americanos ponen un Starbucks en un sitio nacional porque todos los ciudadanos estarian protestando por dichosa ofensa.

Por eso digo a todos los que creen en el baile de las mascaras, los invito a protestar si estaran en Cartagena del 10 de Abril al 12 de 10 A.M hasta las 4 P.M donde bloquearemos y ocuparemos todas las mesas sin comprar nada, solo sentados ahi sin apoyar el negocio, para protestar contra dichosa ofensa, asi como hicieron en Occupy Wall Street. Que viva el orgullo Nacional, que vivan los monumentos que son parte de nuestra historia, abajo Juan Valdez! y abajo la POLITIQUERIA!.

Friday, April 6, 2012

In The Name of The Father, And the Humanistic Way of Living Through the Lent

It's Easter again; and, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Ghost many crimes were and still committed; I don't really understand but at the same time I do the objective of Penance, maybe I am not spiritual, I really hate using that word, but overall I dislike the fanaticism that many people try to impose to people who don't believe in any precept of Christianity because they practice a different kind of theology and ideology but yet the most intriguing part it's the objective of penance, why to do penitence for 40 days? and  not a lifetime?. It's kind of strange, 40 days every year won't assure you are going to heaven, or that you are a good Christian, 40 days every year over a life time means nothing and yet, these seems mostly as a tradition rather than an act who can create a change.

You have to give on something, to get something back, or in other words don't eat meat because it's Good Friday; someone close to me told me that before Good Friday or otherwise I will be acting against the Lord, so if I am going to act against the Lord? Shall I believe in the principles of Christianity and Catholicism first?. Some people can say my ad-hoc because it can be related to justice, so if I don't believe in justice and kill someone I can say I am not a criminal? No, I can't as there is a difference between not believing in a dogma and just breaking the law; so, no I am not going to hell because I ate meat for 40 days during Lent, I will be going to hell if I kill someone, but I don't need to make a sacrifice either as I already sacrificed too much to be in the place where I am as well I don't need to do a sacrifice because I am not an adherent of the Christian faith but yet the 1% of the world is dedicated to make the world Christian.

The world can be bizarre as there is no really equality in certain areas of the daily living and that's the saddest part because if you are not part of the majority, or go to a church then you are technically excluded even with the basic rights, or as some people say, if you are not white, Christian and a man then don't expect too much. Probably that was my epiphany that Easter it's just like any other day and personally I don't give too much or any importance at all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hacia una Nueva Vieja Revolucion

A veces me pregunto si la vida es cíclica?, pero luego me pregunto si el principio de la entropía y caos puede ser totalmente cierto, pero luego me pregunto, porque los atropellos siguen sucediendo?, luego me respondo por la concentración del poder en las manos de unos pocos y la capacidad de estos pocos para manipular la ignorancia de las masas. Ese es el problema con ciertos aspectos de nuestra sociedad, donde la sociedad de por si esta narcotizada con una tanda de novelas y futbol. Hablando con una conocida mía, ella generalizo que a todas las mujeres les gustan las novelas, yo le dije es como si yo dijera que a todos los hombres les gusta el deporte; me hubiera encantado llevar la conversación a un extremo pero luego me puse a pensar, es tan extraño que un país que tiene tanto potencial, todo esté controlado a través de especiales de televisión que no tienen calidad, como los noticieros que fueron recortados para darle cabildo a las secciones burdas de entretenimiento y principalmente, el principal causante son la falta de educación y bebidas alcohólicas puestas a un bajo precio para mantener a la gente idiotizadas.

Ese es el problema, la capacidad de controlar a un territorio, pero cuando estos pocos están viendo que muchos se están alzando y no en armas, ahí les entra el temor porque los que se están alzando, estamos buscando un cambio, no a través de las armas pero a través del conocimiento, pero no es una lucha perdida, es una lucha que tomara tiempo porque no es imposible cambiar el statu-quo, solo que es difícil abrirle los ojos a la gente. Esta revolución no es nueva; es una vieja, nueva revolución que si fuera como la Francesa, rodarían cabezas de los mandatarios; pero para que rodar cabezas? Cuando el internet tiene todo para destrozarlos, ya que no hay nada peor para un político o un empresario corrupto que exponer su ignorancia al mundo.

No es fácil olvidar, jamás se olvida, y ese el principal punto, el pueblo ha olvidado quienes son, ha olvidado las raíces de Colombia todo a cambio del alcohol y las promesas baratas del deporte; el pueblo es una legión que no debe olvidar los pecados cometidos por unos pocos contra la población, jamás perdonar, porque al momento que se perdona a los que han atentando contra la sociedad y contra la humanidad ese el momento en que todo se puede olvidar.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Colombian-American in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, Downtown View
It's been three years, five months so far and probably 8 days. I stop counting a while ago, it's probably a little bit more but I don't mind, I stop counting a while ago when I realize how lucky I am to have the chance to grow up and live in two different places that have one thing in common, the views of the Caribbean and the winds that go North to South are the same ones that washed my tears when I was younger.

I am from Cartagena, then I am from Colombia, also I am from Brandon, Florida; and, also I am from the United States. I am in between, the best way I can describe it, but overall I like to say I am a guy, with a sexy accent who has no nationalities but two places that he can call home. I am a Colombian, an American living in Tampa Bay but overall I am Gustavo, Gus or Gus-Gus for short, I am who I am.

Starting over with you life it ain't easy, specially being a foreigner, living outside where you grew up can be challenging; language is another factor as well certain attitudes of people toward individuals who don't share certain traits; names, a long non American can be a problem toward finding a job if you don't have the right credentials, it's a process that no one is really prepared for, it's a hell in the best way possible, but things get better, they get better eventually if you work hard. You know dear reader, the American Dream is not dead, it's probably dead in the heart of the people who gave up, but not in the hearts of the people who go outside and fight for their dreams and to see their communities better, that's the American Dream, to go out and fight for your beliefs.

Culturally, there are different factor as well basic differences, such one between Colombia and the States, people do respect more public spaces and you can walk on more space as driving is far more safer than driving in any street of Cartagena. How you deal with people it's another aspect; in Colombia is far more easy, people are more informal but use more honorific while in the States people are less informal but you have to be careful with personal space as well with vocabulary. Those small differences can be problematic if you are not careful or know the cultural ethic codes which they vary from region to region.

It's been quite a process, do I regret living it? No, I don't, even in the worse moments of my beginnings I realize how much wonderful the process was because I was learning and I'm still. 3 years ago I have to be honest, I barely spoke the language, or knew anything about being independent, but between tears and not tiaras, I learned how to become the man I always wanted to be before moving my from my grandparents house.

Monday, April 2, 2012

La Represion y La Libertad


El principal problema es el statu-quo, el segundo problema es el miedo y el tercer y último problema es el legado dejado por los Españoles, un legado de clases que hemos llamado tradición a lo largo de casi 400 años. Son muchos los problemas que tenemos en Colombia pero al mismo tiempo tenemos el potencial para ser los mejores y crear un país donde se viva tranquilo, pero entonces porque no lo tenemos? o hacemos algo para cambiar la situación?, sencillo, el status quo esta en la mayoría de la gente y la gente está ligada a vivir los roles que están ligados a las clases sociales o las castas como deberían ser llamadas.

Si empezamos a organizarnos, la mayoría de los Colombianos son clasistas, hay un 1% que no lo son, un 1% que no tienen nombre, anónimos por completo pero que están funcionando como una colectividad para hacer un cambio; que, no debería ser un 1%, debería ser la colectividad absoluta, porque cuando la masa absoluta se revele entonces ahí vendrá el cambio político y económico que el país tanto necesita.

Realmente odio el termino estratos sociales, es un término que no debería existir en absoluto porque vulnera el primer concepto de la Democracia en que todos los hombres y mujeres somos iguales pero con los estratos no lo somos, siempre va a ver una diferencia para justificar la intolerancia entre las personas y tampoco eso correspondería existir porque reitero todos somos iguales.

La primera vez que oí el termino de estratos sociales probablemente fue cuando estaba en 9 grado, al igual que el racismo que tenemos incrustado cuando oi a un par de personas llamándome lavado; yo realmente no puedo ver eso, mas allá de la piel o de la plata, son factores que jamás me han influenciado con las personas que hablo, las dos factores que me influencian son los modales de la persona y la habilidad de mantener una conversación sin ser vulgar o grosero. Pero aun así debido al status quo mucha gente no puede ver mas allá y los que están el poder tratan de mantener todo igual como endogámicos, monstruosos de la monarquía Europea, donde no se abrieron a las posibilidades de crecer genéticamente porque tenían miedo que alguien fuera a purificar la raza.

La represión viene con eso, con la endogamia y el uso de las clases, donde las familias que han dominado por años siguen rigiendo por eso, porque no ha habido un cambio y una apertura, y esas familias son las que controlan la información y el poder en territorio, cuando no debería ser así porque lo que hay es un monopolio y ese monopolio habría ser derrocado a como dé lugar para que no haya represión y de pronto algo de libertad pero la libertad también incumbiría comenzar en las manos del común, aunque de pronto mis palabras estén algo retrasadas porque ya ese común está dando los primeros pasos para un cambio.

Memorias que no Son de Nadie

En algún lugar de la costa, de cuyo nombre siempre he de acordarme, siempre me veo envuelto en sus callejuelas en lo mas profundo de mi sueños, donde las infinitas puertas del Callejón de los Mártires solo me llevan a recuerdos que no tengo memoria de ellos.

Mis memorias no son de nadie, pero tampoco son mías; son memorias de una colectividad, y yo solo una sombra que se mueve en tiempos que pasaron pero que aún siguen transvasando el flujo del espacio y tiempo. Estoy viviendo mis recuerdos todas las noches pero no sé son míos o si son de ellos?.

De pronto mis recuerdos están entrelazados en una colectividad de gente, yo soy la fracción de muchos otros, y de pronto yo soy un recuerdo de alguien mas, existiendo vagamente en la memoria de otra persona. De pronto eso es lo que soy yo una memoria y nada más.

El conjunto de nuestros recuerdos está basado en las influencias de nuestros sentidos, la parte sensual de nuestro sistema motor y al mismo tiempo la influencia de otras personas en nuestra vida, así como Dulcinea era el punto central de la sanidad del Hidalgo. De pronto todos afrontamos los molinos de viento que representan nuestros demonios, igual con una lanza, pero más que todo con la fortaleza de vivir el día a día, y saber que aprendimos de nuestros recuerdos.