Saturday, September 3, 2022

Ducktales 2017 a Retroactive Entry

  DuckTales (2017) - The Big Cartoon Wiki  I finally had the opportunity to start watching the reboot of Ducktales after the cancellation of the show a year later. Part of it came with using the student discounts I have access to some services, and I decided to use it with audiovisual entertainment, so I got the bundle with Hulu and Disney + which I have no complains.

    The reason for my interest in Ducktales 2017 was mostly Nostalgia, but also because a lot of mid-thirty something Millennial's and Gen X were saying the show was too woke, without even thinking on how the 1980's where made exclusively to sell merchandise instead of focusing on the writing of the show, I guess is the same applied to the Nickelodeon teen aimed comedies and even so the ones that were in ABC and NBC every Saturday morning like California Dreamin' and Saved by The Bell.

    Looking at the episodes through Disney Plus, is interesting to see more closely related aspects of the characters that were in the original Barks/Rosa works in which the family were dynamic and less television archetypes of infantilized version of their own selves which is refreshing to see a product that is more focused in the writing and less in the idea of selling merchandise.

    The departure of what the 1980's was it's clearly there but it brings elements from the old version adapted to contemporary times such as the evolution of Gizmo Duck or even Gyro as a character with more depth than the absent minded professor from the 1980's. It's easy to see that the generation that grew watching the 87's version brought their own ideas tot he reboot for 3 seasons and that's what make the show fascinating.

     It's interesting to see the characters re-imagined but also adapted to contemporary times in which there is an emphasis in the scripts instead of selling toys, and that change gives a depth to the characters such as Webby in which she wasn't the damsel in distress but an assertive character that had depth, same with the triplets in which each weren't a carbon copy of each other but overall it was so cool to see Donald and a connection to the comics that wasn't able in the 1980's show.

    Going on the writing the nods to the original they were everywhere, even with Gene the Genie in the Donald's fantasy episode where everyone is transported to a sitcom setting after being trapped in an scenario that looks extremely similar to the 1990's movie, but been able to keep the series own pace and own mythos such as introducing the Rescue Rangers as a science experiment and Darwing Duck been an actor turned vigilante.

    Which all of that add a component of dimensional within the characters and the show itself. Good writing is the key within making a show interesting regards if the animation is avant-garde or Hannah Barbera style. Writing where there is representation lays, when there is a well written show even if is on a superficial level, it can bring fans and amass fans from different generations.