Friday, June 29, 2012

Immigration - Latinos, The Hidden Majority in Red States. - Latinos x Obama
(Tampa, Fl) -- There is a moment when a minority becomes one of the majority power groups in a country and it  can make the status-quo to tremble down. Immigration has played an important part in the economical and social development of the country to the point that deny the possibility to someone who is running away from the place he or she was born because any external causes it's unconstitutional as many people who are immigrants are the ones who go out and fight for their new homes. Latinos after the big exodus of the 60's and the 70's after the rise of the populist guerrillas in the different south and central american countries fled on their majority to North America and Canada in search of a new hope, the hope of freedom of expression.

The immigration reform can become a pivotal move into Obama getting reelected for a second term on the states that are well known for their wide different ethnic groups that are trying to find a legal way to stay in the country they call home; but, also the reform is going to give the people Obama is trying to convince to vote for him the power of the vote for upcoming elections in November and that doesn't mean they are going to vote for him but the tactic of formalizing the immigration status of thousand of people has generated a positive boost on the sectors he left behind since his second year. Hispanics were a pivotal sector in key states such as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia in the 2008 elections, having a 2/3 of the Hispanic votes according to the exit polls.

According to a poll conducted on the  17 - 30, June of 2012 week by the Quinnipiac University showed that Obama's support in Florida went up sharply but there are still different sectors divided regarding about job creations as well performance with the economy. According to the poll in Florida voters say that Romney would do a better job with the economy on a 48:44 there is a schism on the decision as 49:44 that Obama would veil the economical interest of middle class.

Probably the reform on immigration can sharp the interest of the Hispanic population as it's been on the decline since the last election four years ago, according to a recent poll held by NBC News and the Wall-Street Journal which place a margin on a 57% over a 5.7% point margin of error.

While Romney's campaign hasn't done anything clear to clarify their position on immigration laws after the former Governor had a complete fiasco on his home State of Massachusetts, there's been a national debate regarding what are the policies of the former Governor if he is going to though the immigration laws for worse or he is going to lose them up if he gets elected to gain more adepts as well to boost the economy. Probably if we follow his last trends on immigration policies up to the Arizona Law, we can see a man who slowly is digging his own grave by blaming his own mistakes on Mr. Obama.

There is another point regarding Romney's speech against his contender, it is true Obama was extremely passive regarding many social issues on the last three years as well the double digit unemployment around the Latino population, but there is no doubt the strategic plan of Romney is being condemn to a failure because he is creating an oxymoron in desperation of his failed politics when he was a governor. Now he supports the idea of unifying family to not separate family units; to give green cards to military service as well green cards for those who are earning advance degrees in the United States; it is amazing how a man can contradict himself in order to win even if he has to betray his own beliefs.

Latino's can become a decisive point in the upcoming elections if they any of the candidates knows how to play their cards but right now at the moment even if the Latino population show an interest toward Obama over Romney, they still remain a low-turnout group.