Monday, October 8, 2018

Playing Online Massive Multiplayer Games Half a Year Later

So recently I decided to give a shot to online playing again, I only maybe tried WOW for like two weeks around ten years ago and it was fine but it didn't really got my attention until maybe around 2015 when husband bought Final Fantasy 14 and a little bit after the Elder's Scrolls Online and also he got FF14 got for my birthday this year as he wanted the two of us to play together but my attention to these types of games was completely out of my focus.

Since we live in a small apartment I probably set my attention watching him play, as the computer and the Playstation are in the living room. Out of nowhere, I just mentioned that I would like to play together and he got the card and got the game without thinking, at first I only played when he was near, but also with time I found myself immerse in the game atmosphere and I wanted to know more about the experience.

Elder Scrolls Online was maybe the game that put some ideas on my persona about playing further these type of games, the game itself contained some of the essence of the Elder's Scrolls but it wasn't the same as many aspects diverted from the source; graphics was one of them and how the interaction with the NPC's was executed, but the biggest disappointment for me was nothing compared to the same immersion given on the stand-alone games, I was honestly bored and probably played for around 2 months before dropping the control and continued with something else.

I know ESO has people who enjoy it, myself on certain extent included as not long ago I decided to give a small game play and see if there were any changes. During the last year another two games I had the chance to try were Fortnite and Player Unknown Battleground.

 Fortnite is quite interesting, it's a game that doesn't require too much memory and plays quite easily with almost every computer besides being multi platform, PUBG is not far behind only with better graphics and a more realistic scenario.

Player vs. Player games seem to be on vogue lately, and it attracts millions of users per year and it generates a decent revenue but is not a genre for everyone, there is no chance to enjoy the enviroment if you get executed quickly and even if you survive the objectives of these types of games tend to be extremely limited and is usually oriented to what person or teams can win.

As any other game to chose, the best way is to try them first and see which community you feel you fit the most. At the end six months later of continuously playing even if it has been longer but it wasn't until 2018 that I finally made my mind into what new community I want to be inmersed and I had enjoyed playing Final Fantasy a lot as it's perfect as a couple's activity.

At first Final Fantasy can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are joining late on the game's story development as myself. It's a world of is own with is own lore, writing system, races, technology, etc. It's almost even a vision to another universe in which you can explore based on the level you gain.

It's interesting to see that almost every NPC has their own way to talk, the fauna and flora differs from every region and customary traditions; I am enchanted with the game as it offers what I am looking for but also it has helped to connect with a community that essentially role play with the characters they develop and they become one with their online personas.

Friday, October 5, 2018


Last July I had the chance to go to Metro-Con in Tampa Bay, it was the first time I was also going for the four days of the convention as last year I only went for Saturday and it was also the first time I was going to a con which was a fantastic experience.

This year it was amazing, not only because I had the chance to finally meet several cosplayers that I've been following but for the first time I had the opportunity to meet him thanks to Metro Con in Tampa Bay, Florida but also besides the meet and greets he was playing for the first time in a live show and it was incredible.

The first moment I saw RichaadEB it wasn't on the concert itself, it was on the first day of the convention that myself and my friend Kim who we always go together to these events.

My surprise was that he was already there also, he was walking along with Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young, among Caleb's wife and Thundersque. All the people I admire were walking not far away from where we were sitting listening music as on the first day there aren't many forums as well many cosplayers.

They passed and say hello, I couldn't even muttered a word because I was excited to see them all, much of the reason I like Metro Con as a convention is that you as an attendee have the chance to see the guests walking among everyone and posing for photos, from all the conventions I've been you never get a more one-on-one experience as is Metro Con plus the cosplayers are just awesome.

RichaadEB is just the epitome of smooth but also extremely cool, his style on stage is just smooth as the chords on his guitar but also his stage presence is just unique, I am trying to think someone who Richaad reminds me of but there is no one.

His demeanor is just smooth and calm much as the audiovisual content he create, his stage persona translates perfectly on the stage as well on the interaction with his fans but listening to him play live is just a unique experience because his hammers, his pinch harmonics is just flawless, I can go on and on on his technique because honestly it really impressed me.

The first time I heard about RichaadEB it was when YouTube was on is first years, I was trying to find covers of Final Fantasy but also find music that I never found in Colombia, at first I found the channel of ToxicxEternity and from there some of the channels that YouTube suggested was eRock and RichaadEB back when Richaad was going by his non artist name and I got stuck.

Over the years Rich has dangled between nerdcore, hard rock and metal; his fusion of styles is just so cool, he can make you rock to the Tetris A Theme or Kirby's Gourmet Race and add humor to his videos which the production values are extremely good but also catchy. Probably one of the aspects that made me a life long fan of RichaadEB is his humor, is just subtle but also that nerds can relate.

The meet and greets were quite nice also, great way to speak with the guests and take photos. Probably could be because of the intense schedule, but I noticed that Rich is a man of few words but also extremely eloquent and really pleasant with his manners; it was also fun to see a musician that I been following for almost a decade for the first time.

Besides all of that, one aspect I love about RichaadEB it is his involvement within the Undertale music, not only on the official soundtrack but also the covers, his cover of Death by Glamour with Family Jules is just even better than the one in the game, is full of energy and the two personalities contrast in an release of energy which make the final audiovisual product incredibly dynamic.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Caleb Hyles is Kawaii

Property of Gus Calvo (Metro Con 2018)
I've probably been following Caleb's career for a long time, I can honestly even remember the first time I heard him while I was looking for Full Metal Alchemist covers and I ended up becoming a full fledged fan with his rendition of Defying Gravity.

Albeit his biggest assets besides his incredible voice are his charisma and that his authentic, what you see on-screen within his music videos or his streaming's at his Twitch account is him, an incredible genuine guy who can make anyone feel welcome.

Last year on 2017 I had the chance to see him for the first time along with Jonathan Young at Metro Con, I missed the concert but I made it on time to check their Disney Sing-A-Long, it was fun, and it was also my first time going to a con, I couldn't honestly believe they were there.

They sounded as they were in the music videos, people in the sing-a-long room where going euphoric, they were excited to interact with their idols and be in the same stage as them but they were happy to see them live; a year later, I had the chance not only to be back on Metro Con  but to see the concert of 2017 and it was awesome, the fans were happy singing along and repertoire was incredible.

Myself and my friend Kim who was the one who introduced me to the world of the cons we sat down outside the auditorium, I was happy just to have a chance to see them in person, when my friend saw they were leaving the auditorium surrounded by fans she was excited too as it was myself who passed their music to them, she knowing I am a fan of Caleb Hyles said to me you should go before you lose your chance, I only replied "there is always a next year, but I am happy just by the chance to see him and Jon live"

After the fans were asking for photos and autographs, an improvised session happened just in front of us and they were there near room 23, they ask if it was OK for me and my friend if they could the session there, they even ask the Metro staff and they didn't objected. My friend again ask if if I was going to say hello but the nerves collided and I was there watching but being happy.

A year later, or summer 2018 I went back to Metro Con, after seeing that he and Jon were invited I bought the ticket as soon as possible and as always when it reached July me and my friend we went again, we even made a tradition to go as many cons even for one day but Metro Con has become the it event for events, cosplayers and music.

The first day I was excited, we saw each other and we spend a good chunk of the day listening to music and going to a few panels. Yes, on the comic cons you have people outside any events playing music on the hallways of the con, again at a certain time around 3PM on Thursday we saw them, Caleb's wife was there too and RichaadEB who got invited was along with Thunderesque, I panic one more time and it was something that never happened to me before as I am usually not a nervous person but there was a group of people I deeply admire in real life.

On Saturday after shopping some items and I didn't wanted to hang out on them I took them to the car, on the way I inbox Caleb as I wanted to say hello before the concert started, in the mean time I was also getting messages from a friend who was also going and they were going to the concert and they were waiting for Caleb also, he was going to let them in, when I was heading to the second floor in between the communication, I got another message from Caleb that he was heading to Kelsan but he was also on the second floor.

I never imagined meeting someone I admire as much under those exact circumstances, chasing each other and chasing another person. I saw him by mere casualty before taking the electric stairs for the first floor, out of nowhere I let my voice create the most loudest but bass tone I could generate and in between the noise he heard me, there was this big smile in both of our faces and there was an honest hug as if we knew each other in real life as long as memories could take us.

After we met with the other person, Caleb took us inside before the concert started and we sat the sound check and met with RichaadEB and Jonathan Young, neither myself or Kelsan we couldn't believe it, we were there before everything started and it was an unforgettable experience, the sound it was incredible and the show was extremely entertaining and funny

The last day I had the chance to get a few merchandise items getting signed, in between those items those items there is one of the CD's with covers, the cover itself is extremely kawaii and it follows that style of Japanese form of animation that the characters are bishonen in which the characteristics are made to be as cute as possible.

The album is a series of covers to Anohana, Naruto, Yuri on Ice and One Punch Man, which make the album have a great feel good vibes, in which you can enjoy on a quiet afternoon.

Much of the songs can be found also on Caleb's channel for free, the only exception but I am not even sure is the Unravel - piano version as I never heard that one before on his channel.

The essence of the album is just pure and wonderful, it's enjoyable as it has happy tunes around, it really uplift the spirits of anyone; but, also it's a reflection on how music that is aimed for nerds can reach to anyone; in 20 years I wouldn't imagined people singing along to anime intro's and lesser gathering to celebrate nerd culture. Kawaii is a testament on how one person can gather so many people through music, make them feel they are friends for a long time but also to let anyone find friends within his community of #peaceloveandmetal.

Kawaii is one big celebration to the conventions where people can gather and be their authentic selves; Kawaii is a celebration to friendship.