Thursday, April 25, 2024


I'm writing again and is been a slowly but steady process, I spend 2 weeks in the hospital last month due pneumonia and having fluids in my left lung. I turned 40 also three days ago and between all the madness it gave me a perspective in life towards the paths I had taken within education and painting.

I haven't paint or create anything in two months, part has been money to keep the subscription of Adobe valid and the other part I was really sick that I couldn't sustain the idea of enjoying my hobbies or even get clean shaven. Those two weeks in the hospital took a toll on my health where I lost weight in a short amount of time and lung capacity.

When it started I woke up gasping for air on the first day of Spring Break, I couldn't breath and had to ask my partner to take me to the emergency room as quickly as possible as I was having respiratory issues. In the ER, it showed that I was having a tachycardia and my hearth rate was extremely high.

From the ER I ended up in the hospital, I have to confess I remember some of it because much of the time I was asleep due it was difficult to stay awake. Is interesting how much you can care about your personal hygiene when you are sick and how much you care about you being clean after you start feeling better.

I didn't showered for 12 days and when I was back at home I took a long shower and shaved, I couldn't stand the beard being long and I was happy to be able to bathe finally because I was smelling after two weeks but also because I was feeling capable of doing something after loosing muscle mass and not having energy.

One thing about loosing muscle mass in such a short amount  is that the bare minimum tasks such as driving or picking up groceries in the supermarket are almost impossible to do. Around a week later I went to Aldi's and tried to pick up some groceries, I drove there and it felt wonderful but grabbing the basket back home became a problem because it felt heavy and I was out of breath with something that never bothered me to do.

Is been two and half weeks since I am back at work and it still a struggle to grab the energy but is not as it was two weeks ago and every day it feels somewhat better.