Monday, July 30, 2012

Paya and Pollan - The Heroes in the Silence of Cuba

Paya and the Pope
(Tampa, Fl) -- Many people in America always complain that they don't have a voice, some people fight Anonymously, heroes without a face, heroes with a million voice, yet the heroes are only human and yet some people tend to complain that they don't have a voice, these heroes are the voices of many because when there is oppression the heroes will rise. Now imagine living in a society where you don't have a voice and if you dare to speak the government will try to silence you because you are daring to speak against the regime.

There is nothing pretty to live in Cuba and for the dissidents they have no choice but to keep fighting; between nine months two of the top figures in Cuba, Oswaldo Paya and Laura Pollan shook the political scenario because their abrupt deaths in which Pollan died from a sudden respiratory illness in a Cuban hospital and Paya died after a what is suspected to be a sabotage in his car mechanism but not evidence has been shown from part of their families regarding if the regime played dirty on the leaders of the opposition.

Even if the struggle for freedom of speech and democracy is going in new directions with the access of the internet, blogging, poetry in the streets or whatever they can find to express themselves, the legacy of Paya and Pollan is steady as they traveled in the imagery of the collective. Paya was the founder of the Christian Liberation Movement or Movimiento de Liberacion Cristiana in which they called for peaceful civil disobedience against the Communist Party of Cuba as well being one of the few dissididents who stood opposition on the Black Spring. Pollan was an amazing lady, founding the Ladies in White or Las Damas de Blanco, a group which protested for the liberation of the political prisioners and as Paya's group they also preached pacifism but the Cuban regime couldn't express any tolerance regarding any one oppose them because they are that a totalitarian regime and nothing more.

Yet, people think democracy is just a mirage, people just complain for minimal things, bitch for unnecesary things and yet they never go out and fight as many black radicals from the sixties call, the man; people who complain without knowing why they are complain show an ignorance but the people who go and fight for a change deserve respect because they are outside trying to make everything better even for the ones who have no clue what is happening outside.

Friday, July 6, 2012

In the Pursuit of Happiness, It's Difficult but It's Gets Better

(Tampa - Fl) -- There is something I always believed it's unfair that people have to say who they love and a narrow segment of society judging. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to love the person they treasure without any taboo. The problem is when people try to impose and any imposition of character is wrong, let them live and live, as some people say every now and then.

I recently spoke with my parents about my own sexual orientation, I am bisexual and I can say that my better half is a man, the chat became a fight in less than 24 ours and I am experience twice the life of someone who decided to become an honest person with his own self in order to achieve happiness. We can't lie to our personas, it's impossible and denying who we are can cause stress to our own mental health as well physical bodies. I really think is wrong that a simple matter as love people judge it, but then again that people will judge and ignorant individuals who have no other weapons will use religion as the maximum truth even to explain pseudo-scientific facts even if life is more complex than one reality as it is composed of million different realities under one world.

The only unnatural thing it's celibacy, there is no such thing in the world and yet humans are the only ones to say it is a natural behavior. It gets better but the path is painful much of the time for much of the people who decide to be happy even if that means to defy the status-quo.You are never alone, there will be always a friend who will support you even if they are n the distance, and there are several hotline such as the GLTB National Help Center who will assist people in despair, I can say thanks to a friend I discovered how these hotline's can really help you.

Sometimes it's difficult, it's never easy to come in fact with the terms, I have to say it's been an emotional roller coaster with so many different factors to analyze and think, one thing I was debating in my head if I should do it was the economical factor, many young people who come at peace with their life think that as they rely on their parents and probably that's the biggest fear, being alone and without a penny and that is a situation that happens to many people who are cut from their families because their sexual orientation varies with their values.

Values is a strong word, a really treacherous word that usually separate individuals, duality, good or wrong. There is no duality in the universe even for shades between black and white there is always grey. What is good or wrong.? The ability to discern what can destroy you or to make you happy, the tears.? Who knows, for is just the ability to discern what is the best from the wrong according to your living experiences, there are times where we can't pretend, where it's you or them, a moment to take a decision but you will have to pay for the consequences the good one and the bad ones.

It takes a lot of courage, I am relearning certain things such as about life, friendship and love and what you can do to survive. It's not easy, but there is always hope and strengths to continue off, because if you keep fighting it will get better.