Monday, October 14, 2013

Fuck the Tea Party and GOP

Tampa, (Fl) --- As simple as you read, fuck how selfish these groups of people can be. Is just amazing to see how the fucking selfish some people can be. Yes I am not even going to go on a xenophobic argument towards on why the African American President is incompetent, my grinding of gears goes on how much people are oblivious on how the government works and how much power the house has. Is amazing how a few angry white men just fucked up everything.

The GOP is dying and slowly turning into the Tea Party, the next big "so called conservative generation" where there are no traces of what the Republicans were. Probably a professor of mine was right, the populist wave that started with Hugo Chavez found its way to the United States and is slowly going into the people's imaginariums because they can feel a relation to the grassroots ideals of the Tea Party.

As it happened in South America as well Central America with the raise of populism, charisma had played a factor towards how the leader of the caucus had aimed to get more followers or in another case scenario make the politicians look as glamorous but with the same shitty personalities of the characters of Dynasty or the Ronald Reagan Era; and, then you can win the audience and possible voters through a media circus that everyone will enjoy.

The selfish act of a few angry white men who are representing the constituent, shows how much politicians are there for the business, so many solutions such as a dialogue table to find a middle point on all the crisis the country is going through and yet this motherfuckers opted to shut down the government, screwing thousands of people who work for them and aren't going to get pay as them, but yet they won't care as they will get pay anyway because they are just fucking politicians.