Saturday, February 6, 2016

PJ Lequerica Nessun Dorma Cover

PJ Lequerica
(2/06/2016) --- Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a nice weekend, first of all thank you very much for reading me as well it makes me happy to share the music and indie artists that make me happy.

I had blogged about PJ Lequerica before and here you can find his Youtube Channel, as you know if you are a Pokemon fan he was also part of the Pokemon group called Johto, also PJ has a Smule channel which is a nice surprise because his voice is actually quite amazing.

Below there is the link for his rendition of Nessun Dorma, I can't create a direct link here because I do not have any widgets at the moment but you can click on the link and it will open into PJ's link. Please leave a comment and enjoy:

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Legend of Zelda and How the Many Worlds Interpretation

Official Zelda Timeline - Hyrule Historia
(2/05/2016) --- Lately I've been thinking on how the concepts of physics as well biology are applied on video games towards their own cosmology rules. Instead of going through a hypothetical lengthy explanation we can use the concept of involving pop culture to analyze and theorize some of the theoretical scenarios towards video game universe.

On this first entry let's going to talk a little bit about The Legend of Zelda and how through over the last 30 years has offered different games in which they set on a kingdom known as Hyrule but there are multiple divergences on the actions the character Link takes towards personal decision or the external influences of others.

The Many-Worlds Interpretation is not a relative concept that is linked towards the Legend of Zelda, at least speaking on a pop culture level. Companies as Marvel and DC Comics had used the Multiverse and Many Worlds theory to explain the different approaches of the different reboots or shifts in reality that their heroes face.

DC Comics New 52
In the DC-verse within the current New 52 universe where it is explained that the multiverse created 52 different parallel Earths (Hyde, 2011). In part that decision was to create a new line-up for the comics but as well to give the readers a complex story line on how the universe through the wave-function collapse can in theory regenerate itself or through the course of certain beings.

This concept itself was at first proposed by physicist Hugh Everett in 1957  (Byrne, 2010) in which he termed as the "relative state of formulation". The theory itself can be described as an ontological and literal interpretation of the creation of other worlds just by mere interaction with the universe.

It is simple but yet complex to describe it in one simple entry, but as well is fascinating to think on how much physics and astrophysics towards their literal speculation towards philosophy and nature can give to the mass cultures so much influence and entertainment.

Many-world implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each one of them representing an actual "world" or in another case an actual universe. The hypothesis states that there is a very large number of universe, even so maybe infinite, leading the possibilities that any actions that didn't happened in our past but there was a chance they could, has occurred in some other universe. The theory itself has links to the Copenhagen Interpretation as well to the Schrodinger  Equation in which everything at the end could be a correlation paradox.

The many faces of Link
Each of the time-lines (3 in total) until divided by Ocarina of Time (Zeldapedia: Ocarina of Time, 1998) give outlooks on the decisions each of the characters had taken as well on how the world adapted after each action and war.

One example goes on the "Downfall Timeline" in which Link is killed after failing to stop Ganondorf and Ganondorf eventually is sealed on the Sacred Realm which due the evil influence it turned into the Dark World.

Then on the timeline known as the "Adult Timeline" in which Links defeat Ganondorf, the tragedy mirrors what happened in the "Downfall" one and because of the actions of Ganon eventually Hyrule is flooded and later a new continent is discovered where the Kingdom is reborn. Each of these two timelines goes into a correlation in which there is not a physical description of reality but rather similar scenarios that are destined to mirror each other all based on actions.

The idea of the different worlds could be applied to the metaphysical concept of reincarnation that is known as reincarnation and is applied to the game. The most specific example is with Demise course in which he set an endless cycle of suffering for Link, Zelda and Groose descendants in which no matter what generation they are, it will be a new world and a new time where suffering is linked to all of them in order to achieve glory.

The different worlds are created just by mere actions and odds in history. Giving the player the chance to explore different hypothetical scenarios about Hyrule and the adventures of Link.

It is matter of time to wait to see how the game known as Zelda Wii U will fit on the chronology of the franchise.


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Donald Trump and Hugo Chavez, Two Faces of the Same Populist Coin

Two Faces of the Same Coin
(2/3/2016) --- Every time I see on the television the image of Donald Trump I can't stop thinking the similarities these man has with the former and deceseaded President for Life of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias.

The similarities between Donald and Hugo are quite remarkable and not exactly on a positive light. Both have some egomaniac tendencies in which they believe they are above the law as well that they are the bests on their own respective fields; beyond that one amazing similarity is that both bragged about their military services while in reality non of them really served beyond being failed students on the military academies they attended.

Military Academy of Venezuela
With Hugo his probably biggest achievement and yet he was a failure was to become a counterinsurgency officer in an already defunct Marxist-Leninist group which for being against the dominant party and conspiracy lend a stay in jail several times.

Eventually Hugo formed the ELPV or Ejercito de Liberacion del Pueblo de Venezuela which became the majority political party. At the moment when Hugo rose to the power he became a some sort of charismatic leader in which up today, 3 years after his death.

During his reign he became the center of international jokes around South America because of his lack of knowledge on anything; he would said any strange comments out of place such as the ones exposed on this website (Hugo Chavez Quotes) and much of them could be heard on his television show Alo Presidente. The television show was mostly seen as a propaganda tool by the Chavistas in order to position the image of the party; making Hugo mostly of a pop culture figure on Venezuela due his incursion on the audiovisual media.

You are Fired1
On the other side of the spectrum we had Donald who had been in the public imagery as far as almost anyone can remember, making appearences such as shows as The Nanny, The Fresh Prince and even having his own roast at Comedy Central. Not only that he has appeared on television as well being nominated twice for an Emmy but also he had licensed his brand making his exposition bigger but not always positive (Donald Trump, Wikipeida, 2016).

Besides both media personalities, they also had spilled a lot of racist tirades on different times of history such as Donald Trump proposing a model to discriminate against Muslims and Mexicans that is vaguely similar to the Japanese Interment Camps on World War 2 (Scott, 2016) Chavez tirades went mostly against North Americans without any specific targeting as well Colombians.

Chavez relations with Colombia became extremely tense during his lifetime that even after his demise, the idea of Colombian being "evil" around the right wing and the idea of a fair treatment can be a difficult scenario in a country where being Colombian is as equal as being a Muslim in the United States while surrounded by rednecks.

One creepy aspect that I found within Donald recent remarks about "Shooting someone and not losing any voters" is something that already happened in Venezuela; the only exception is that Trump hasn't reached the power yet in order to shot the opposition (NPR, 2016)

That same situation has spreading around the United States but the populist wave took over 15 years in order to arrive to the country, due mostly the influence on the social media to achieve and conquer information around the globe. It was inevitable that a similar phenomenon wouldn't happened in the United States mostly because of the rise of the Tea Party as a grassroots movement that aimed towards moving the middle uneducated masses in order to achieve power.

Albeit the idea has been dormant within correlation on the practice, there is always a possibility that the silence majority would vote go on the streets as the Chavistas did on the very beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution and help position a megalomaniac on the White House, then the United States won't be very different from the countries that many conservative citizens critique that we are reaching a similar status but we aren't even there.



Monday, February 1, 2016

Caleb Hyles, Youtuber with a Fantastic Voice

Caleb Hyles Cover 
(2/1/2016) --- His name is Caleb Hyles and I have to confess I stumbled up on his Youtube by mere accident, it was the cover of Defying Gravity that got my full attention (you will be able to see the cover on the bottom of the entry).

As my interest grew up I started to watch much of his other videos and in between a weekend I had listened to his entire channel; where he covered songs from Fall Out Boy, Disney, Broadway and several different genres.

His voice hits the tenor range which adds a dramatic and theatrical overtone to his videos; he is also a really great impressionist and voice actor in which some of his Disney videos he sings on different tones varying from Simba to Alladin and is just fantastic and fresh to see a musician enjoying what he likes to do within every piece he creates.

Caleb also has a Patreon in which fans can support their favorite independent artists through the use of monthly contributions or per product that is uploaded. Please enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to Caleb.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys Game Review

Intro Screen
(1/30/2016) --- This little game for the iPhone is actually quite amusing as it follows the similar model to the Pokemon franchise, albeit with less versions of Morty which there are only 52 on the first version versus the first 151 of the first generation Pokemon.

The game has that amazing quirk that is seen on the eponymous television show, as well it has some voice samples that are from the Justin Roiland. The players and fans can even see that quick-fast-pace humor that is characteristic of Dan Harmon works.

Menu Selection 
  • The Problem With the Game

It lacks of cohesion and replay value, it turns incredible monotonous after the tutorial ends and offers little to no intuitive value to let the players figure it what to do next and how to make the Morty's evolve into new form and gain new powers.

After the tutorial the game turns into a repetition of events in which there is no really a sense of adventure through a vast world, instead the player controls Rick and his Morty's through the Rick Citadel (which acts as the central hub of the game) in which he can travel to different zones and after acquiring a certain number of badges he or she can challenge each of the Ricks of the Council of Ricks in which they mimic the eight gym leaders of the different countries of Pokemon world.

Nurse Rick
  • What to Find in the World of Pocket Morty's
If any of you had played Pokemon or almost any RPG you will know that on each city or hub you will find certain spots in which you can buy items (on this game you can't sell any) heal your characters and get side-quests. All those elements are found within the game but only on the central hub.

Also each hub on any game will have the bosses you can battle to gain experience, fight against other NPC's and capture creatures to add to your team and make them stronger. The game in essence mimics Pokemon to the very core albeit the developers took some liberties in which they game focus on the capacities of the phone systems or tablets in which they can be played.

One of the exception is that the player can sell item for money, the money has to be earned through battles which it sucks. Albeit opposite to Pokemon there is a nice feature, if the player fails to win a battle he won't have his money depleted and will keep any Morty that he captured on any of the extra-dimensional zones.

Two Morty's Make Better Than One

  • How to Evolve Morty's?
Opposite to Pokemon the game borough the concept of evolution from Digimon World Two in which evolution consisted mostly on fusing two similar Digimon of the same family in order to improve their stats and reach them to the next level.

It is incredible similar to Digimon in the aspect that there is a (let's call it) a Rookie Morty, Champion Morty and a Ultra Evolution Morty but this doesn't apply to all the cases as some Morty's as the Prime Morty don't evolve and some others such as Bean Morty don't have any evolution at all.
Self Defense Makes Karate Morty

So to initiate the fusion or evolution process the player has to capture two Morty's of the same type, i.e. In the image we have two Self-Defense Morty's one of them is level eleven and the other is level twelve. The player has to take them to the Morty Day Care Center and talk with Rick that runs of the operations.

There will be an option called Combine in which there will lead to the next Morty in the line of power.  As a side note, it seems that when the player "evolves" two Morty's into one there will be a rise on the level within five points as well it can give a previous ability that it wasn't found on the previous forms.

The idea itself is not bad but finding two Morty's can be problematic as they only spawn on several scenarios of the 10 possible combinations that are within the extra-dimensional zones.

  • Crafting Items and Other Observations
The game offers the possibility also to find items outside the battle, some of them can be used to improve your team of Morty's stats and some others are there for the mere purpose of finding them in order for you to advance within the side-quests.

This process can be tedious as it goes mostly on trial and error until you find the right ingredients and the correct combination; some items will be blocked by enemies which you have no other choice but to fight in order to claim it. The side-quest activate as soon you defeat a member of the council of Ricks and they offer rewards after you finish crafting them. One important note about crafting is that it can be used as a cheaper alternative instead of buying anything from Salesman Rick but the process of finding the correct items can take a while.

Overall the game is actually nice to spend a moment of leisure without doing nothing as you can play it without even spending any money; it makes me wonder what the developers would do within any future updates to bring more players such as making more side quest outside the crafting idea and let the players exploring more scenarios related to the show besides the Citadel.

I recommend the game as is not bad itself but it still a long to go and my final score is 3 stars of 5 stars to Rick and Morty: Pocket Morty's.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ammon Bundy and The Terrorist Group He Called Patriots

Ammon Bundy
(1/27/2016) --- He is not a hero or a protester, he is a traitor as well the people from the rump militias he has formed and had become participant of. There are methods to counter protest the government that are legal and under the law statutes; but militias aren't and they aren't sheltered by the constitution.

The main problem on a long term with the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is that the belligerent actions of these people will only reaffirm that extremist behaviors are OK when there are no legal dangers coming towards federalism. They are just perpetuating the stereotypes of invisible enemies as well creating martyrs for the extreme ring wings on the political spectrum.

There is no difference between these "patriots" and the FARC, ELN, MIR, Ejercito del Pueblo Paraguayo, Contras just to name a few. The most horrid aspect of this situation would be that the militias are seeking political power, which in a far-fetched scenario is not far away from the reality because of the association these people have with the current militant Tea Party and their hatred towards the rest of the world.

There is no need to get alarmed by the idea of "big government" as if  the government reduce in size within the powers there won't be an equal exercise of powers, and it will centralize the powers within the predominant party that rules the government within each electoral term. The association between Ammon and his militias are no different between the acts of any other crazy man who had been called by a "spiritual call" indoctrinated by religion in order to fight a certain "evil". (Simon, 2016)

They aren't "patriots" they are just insurrection moved by a religious doctrine that is not part of Mormonism but rather a separatist extremist branch in which all this violent action was moved by God himself instead of knowledgeable individuals who don't have to resort into appeal to emotion and play with the imagery - Where a group of cowboys moved by their doctrine and their own economical interests while fighting against a tyranny that is not there -

Bundy and his patriots are no different from the Davidan Ranch in Waco - Texas back in 1993 as well much of the intentions David Koresh had over the time of his short life frame. Where there were shootings in Mount Carmel in 1987 as well the shot down in 1993 which let the ranch burn down to the ashes killing 79 people and himself all because they saw "visions of God and how the government was being the enemy."

A problem with these people is that they receive national exposure plus access to technologies that weren't available in the early 1990 and their message to reach more people. If in those days the Davidians and even so Heaven's Gate had more power beyond the limited servers of Geocities and Yahoo, if they had social media on their disposition they probably could had generated a negative impact on a mass level towards attracting people to their apocalyptic causes.


  4.  From the Ashes: Making sense of Waco (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1994).

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Companies Who Sell Nutribullet Should Stop Selling it

(1/20/2016)--- Much of supermarket patrons or people who go to WalMart probably had seen this little overpriced blender on the home-good aisles. Itself the Nutribullet don't look different from any other blender, except of the prize and the size; the other aspect of this product is that it is sponsored by a well known "New Age Guru" named David "Avocado" Wolf (I believe his nickname is just self-given or part of a marketing strategy).

Why in theory by boycotting a product that is a blender just because it is sponsored by a "New Age Guru" would be beneficial for everyone else? The answer is simple, David Wolfe has a long history of discriminating against people with autism, arguing that vaccines are poison and will turn anyone into an autistic individual as well giving medical advice's without medical licence.

There is no other biographical information about Wolfe outside his own website; but users can see how much of his ego is

David “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe. The world’s top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of this planet—Moms—all look to David for expert advice in health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate!
David is the celebrity spokesperson for America’s #1 selling kitchen appliance: the NUTRiBULLET™ and for He is the co-founder of online health magazine and is the visionary founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity ( with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on planet Earth.
With over 20 years of dedicated experience and having hosted over 2750 live events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs.

He has created his public persona as a Hippie-guru inspired within the Flower Children movement as well with some elements of Contemporary New Age. The only information is just spread around and from his behavior there are no differences between his persona and a cult leader. The analogy between him being compared as a cult leader is not new, and any viewers can see that his speech and logics mimic the contradiction of almost any religious extremist.

How does he affirm that you can cure diseases just by mere "healthy eating", you can't cure an emphysema, AIDS, pulmonary infection just by mere eating; yet "Avocado" believes that food and natural cures can cure anything. If we analyze the words natural cure, or even natural from a selling standpoint they have no meaning at all, they are just a gimmick but yet companies see more of a profit into his Nutribullet than anything else even if the item is a low velocity item because let's face it, who would like to spend money on an overpriced blender?

There is no customer with a median average income who can spend US$88 on a tiny machine that is equally as any others that are sold in the same section; but overall do companies research the information of the products they are selling? Probably not, because at this moment I had found that Nutribullet is sold at:

  1. Target
  2. Publix
  3. Walmart
  4. Bed, Bad and Beyond.
  5. Windixie
  6. Best Buy.
The list can go on, but much of these retailers offer free or relative cheap vaccinations to their employees as well their relatives and this below are to entries, where you can copy and paste on your browser's bar and see what David thinks and preaches about vaccines:

The guy doesn't believe in vaccination and is public about giving health advises without any medical studies or license; but yet because of his charisma he can be profiled as an excellent salesman. Companies as the aforementioned above should reconsider their sales practices in order to be honest with their clientele as well employees.