Friday, April 17, 2015

Why I shouldn't vote for a Presidential Candidate who Profess more of their Religion than their Public Work

Bobby Jindal
To whom want to know how to define or forecast a political race, that person should analyze the data and statistics of the churches, as well what and who are promoting. The main reason, why I would never vote for a candidate, it's because the candidate will be in favor of the socio-economic interests of his church as well his donors.

One problematic with politics and religion is how the faith changed the candidates; whenever it should be that the candidates had been molded through their experience of interacting with people and serving their communities.

One example it always come to my head is the case of Jeb Bush towards his exploration on politics as well switching from Episcopalism to Catholicism on his 1994 campaign for Governor of Florida. Arguing that - He didn't wanted to raise his children on a mixed marriage; as well he was motivated by his wife faith.

On a certain degree it was a form of propaganda towards his persona, but what many people didn't realized that his conversation, was to shown  him as a family man towards the Hispanic demographics in South Florida, who form the strongest conservator set of votes in the entire State, and valued him as a person who was doing a conversion in order to be close to his family; but yet what many people didn't thought was " Why he, after more than ten years of marriage,? and his children being on their early twenties and late teens.

Why he was showing his children as if they were younger,? as if they were affected by the mixed marriage. The answer beyond any psychological complex reason, it shows how intrinsically politics and religion are related in North America.

There is also an oxymoron, because Jeb Bush as a politician and as a public figure, doesn't talk about his personal life openly; which just the idea of a candidate being affiliated of a certain faith will gain him more voters and acceptance than a person who profess none.

So, when a person is elected on their public offices, there is an oxymoron, a mere juxtaposition of the beliefs versus the secular environment that politics supposedly protects. Considering, that they lay their hands on their sacred book of choice, but is completely forbidden to pray on public spaces, to pray on the public schools because as the constituents aren't necessary Christians on their vast majority.

Albeit; still the idea of an atheist, humanist or a non-believer seems to be of a taboo on the White House or any public seat of power (not considering the senate or the house.) Even so, in 2011 a Gallup poll reported that the views are more favorable considering if the voters would elect a non-believers, only if they are well prepared.

On 2014 there was a Pew Research Survey on Leanings; and the views towards what would the voters would chose, isn't far different from the Jim Crow laws era. There's still a dose of racism and hypocrisy, showing that even if equality is spoken openly, is still not practiced as it should; because the perspectives of people see other people aren't favorable, unless they are from a similar enthographic group.

A case of assimilation that always strike my attention is Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, the current Governor of Louisiana, who is the son of two Punjab's that emigratted to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he was born. Discrimination can be experienced by anyone who don't fit on their social environment, and as Louisiana is predominately Catholic, and as Bobby Jindal described he experienced an epiphany when he started to read the Bible, and today he is a theistic Catholic.

The idea to fit in; plays an important role on how religion fits with politics, because it involves a dynamics between people, the expositor and the audience; where trying to convince the audience is the goal. Also the complexity goes into appealing to the voters, that you are one of them.

First generation immigrants as well second generations, and descendants who bare any Pacific, Iberian or Trans-Siberian family name can experience certain forms of discrimination towards their integrity, such as social shunning. Probably Bobby experienced some form of that, and he became ashamed of who he was; or fearful of being attacked.

On a side story many Latino immigrants, even if they don't speak the language; they, deny who they are and where they came from; up to the point they deny their own heritage; but, if you are an aspiring politician, then "is OK" because you are selling your image to a population that are looking not for who can represent their social issues but mostly that they are similar to them.

Those are the reasons on why I shouldn't vote for a presidential candidate who profess more of their religion than their public work; is a popularity contest, and if I have to define on what is my patheos, I am a Humanist who is keen to Theravada Buddhism; yes, there is no God but I don't care about religion itself, I care on the change on what a candidate can do for their community and how he or she can motivate his people to do their best.

And at the end; is not that I have a choice, because there is always a mode on the elections.     


* Newsweek; April 10, 2015.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I shouldn't be quoting John Lennon, because I have an image about him on his personal life being a terrible father and husband; but then there is the artiste, who in his later part of life he preached some form of non-violent manifestation.

But, - Imagine, there is no heaven, no religion thou.- sometimes I wonder, what would be the world without religion,? Probably a better place, because our ethos wouldn't be based on divine principles but rather on a human approach.

Every Lent and on occasions on Christmas I get the same thoughts, why religion keeps going.? Is not the work of God, Devas or any other deity; religion is just the mere tool of the past to explain reality and social interactions between people of the same social group. Every aspect of religion is a primal and primitivistic aspect to please a being or series of beings who live in heavens; but by now on the 21st Century, we now that heavens is the composition of the atmospheric layers and beyond is the vast and beautiful cosmos. 

It doesn't matter to be pious, if you do penance for 40 days but your are an asshole for 325, you are still a sinner and just a person in self denial of your own human nature. Do I am a really bad person, for thinking outside of the common majority,? just to say, I do not need religion in order to be a decent human, that the simple act of penance is just as strange in my perception because I do not see heavens as the ultimate reward, but just the legacy you can leave for future generations.

Who knows what is after the death.? We know that the ultimate truth is that we will die; but yet, the idea of the mythos that starts on Ash Wednesday it has different interpretations just for the 33.000 sects of Christianity as well the endurance of the savior as a personal example before he was sent to his Crucifixion, albeit the last temptation was before the ministries started.

As any holiday that has religious roots, for any LGBTQ whose family is away, apart, or half of the relationship is not out to his or her family  it means loneliness; but at the same time is not unidirectional, as the feelings of anxiety and separation can go in both ways. Religion itself, is the cause of separations between families; just because of the set of ideologies can be indoctrinated into someone's mind and they will be there unless the person decides to defy them.

So, if according to the gospels Jesus didn't rejected people,? Why a bunch of fanatics do.? Why families tear apart on the celebration of unity.? Why people have to die in God's name.? Because the concept of religion is outdated, and in the name of God a lot of barbaric events had happened.

As well, the acts of devotion such as flagellation, are worthless, if you want to show the kind of person you are, do something for the people who love you and your community, don't be selfish and don't do anything for personal gain, because if there is a God, he or she wouldn't be an asshole much as we as humans are.

Friday, March 27, 2015

How Liberalism Became a Dirty Word and Yes my Friend I have a Liberal Ideology

It's difficult to position on how Liberalism became an adjective to denote a link of a person that is more of a parasite; of course, the denotation of the word is wrong but yet I never expect too much understanding of semiotics of middle-class Americans, not as a whole but on a segmented population where some individuals have a lack of critical thinking and reasoning.

Yes; everyone is entitled to believe on what they want to believe; but at the end opinions are just opinions and unless you are a "leader of interest"then your opinions will have some weight value. Yes, I can be considered a liberal, I do not consider it a bad term, is a part of who I am; but yet the consideration we have to take on why the word is used as a dirty adjective could be with the division of the Democratic, Republican and third parties; where there is no a balance of power.

One early contemporary examples can be traced to the 2008 presidential race, where Hilary Clinton self description wasn't taken very fondly from the hands of the conservator and the emerging grass-rot movement know as the Tea Party; but yet the concept of shaming one or another tends to have more complex roots that can go between bashing the most vulnerable person in order to make them affiliated to one party or the other; or in another example, where religious interest collide and one party tries to shame the person they try to convert, by making them accepting "the one truth one" whenever there is no real truth beyond that all of us will die.

Then there is the point, due Fox News illustrated proselytism, and the lack of interest that a certain demographic gives to this channel , - in which the word became something dirty among conservatives;- but yet, as today with the issue of Marriage Equality, the Grand Old Party and their followers had forgotten and in almost a reverse play, that it was a majority of the GOP that were inclusive in the secession of segregation and it was the Democratic Party on the Southern States that started on the 1870's the infamous Jim Crow laws, in essence to control the free-blacks and the former slaves.

Which today much of those laws had found their way in order to attack immigration as well minorities, within the most conservative sectors. It is matter of perspective as on every political party there different spectrum's. Imagine how vast the human population is, is almost as vast as the visible starts in our side of universe. That is one reason to never classify ourselves within one current of thought as we need to form our own criteria far better than one line.

I found this image quite annoying, it's from the Comical Conservative, which I can't laugh at all due political humor can be subversive and not as bland as this one. - Much as my maternal grandmother used to say "Gringo's sense of humor." - 

The image itself present some stereotypes, but at the same time shows a classical confusion that middle class has towards the terms - Liberalism, Socialism, and Utopic Marxism. -

There is almost a juxtaposition or a link in between all three terms, and is just a rhetorical fallacy in which there is a confusion between Marxism and progressive liberalism, in which Marxism and not socialism, there is no free will on the proletariat but only for the dominant classes.

Yet, calling the first African President by any name and confusing universal healthcare which other countries such as Holland has it, or Marriage Equality which so far a 0.7% of the world has it and even our neighborhood Canada hasn't bring the apocalypse in almost a decade; it shows how much people will believe any cheap ideology that can be sold through Facebook without an sources, but overall it shows people still need to learn that the world is not as their churches or cul-de-sacs paint to be.

We still need a lot to learn about understanding how complex but yet simplistic humanity can be; we tend to point at each other mistakes without analyzing our owns.  Yes; I know the previous mistakes of the party, and we all should know that political opinions tend to be biased but at the same time it could be a door to debate.

We have people as the Comical Conservative, where he plays on the imagery that all liberals are scumbags who live on the government shadows and are part of the many problems that go around the United States, as well as it was said two paragraphs ago a confusion between different forms of philosophies but probably is good to say "that for the average American, the idea of a nationwide program that will allow healthcare to everyone, is just a form that disrupts their system and by default is socialism, without even thinking that their idea of socialism is just a form of Leninism and Marxism that can be associated with the iron curtain era."

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Transcendental Aspect of Simoun

Simoun Logo Card
There are plenty of anime every year, and almost every single one of them tends to be crazy enough and soon forgotten. Some anime's deal with different emotional and social aspects through the use of allegories within science fiction.

What is interesting about Simoun are the LGBTQ themes that are presented in every episode, beyond the core of the Yuri thematic that is core to the series; but there are also present some steampunk and coming of age elements that can catch the attention of the people.

Simoun is settled in a planet similar as Earth named Daikuriku, where all individuals are born female within the three nations of Simulacran, Argentum and Plumbum. All of the nations have different set of cultures as well traditions, but on every single one of them all the citizens transition or have certain control on the gender they want to be after they reach certain age. In the nation of Simulacrum, all the girls when they turn 17 years can go to a fountain where their permanent gender will be assigned; but if they can't decide what person match their inner self, then they will assigned aleatory any gender that the priestess who control the fountain see as the best for the character.

There are no signs of hate towards gender or who you love in the imagery of Simoun; there is no trans-phobia whenever the character decide to transition into their true selves; which are aspects that in the real world aren't seen and people don't really try to understand that the world is far beyond their cul-de-sacs and the churches they go every Sunday or Saturday.

With the increase in rates of acceptance of the LGBTQ community, and predictions aiming that Marriage will be equal for all the people in the land around April; the right wing sector had found different ways to keep the stigma of continuing discrimination to different segments of the population.

One aspect has been different laws of "religious-freedom," which essentially anyone can discriminate to anyone based on the utopic premise if their so called religious beliefs are being attacked; which lead the Federal Constitution of the United State as a piece of paper that is as worthless as two dollar bill.

Why the reason to discriminate.? Because there are certain pre-conceived notions that dangled within the ignorance of how people see individuals that aren't related to their social groups. It's difficult to imagine but it can be a reality for trans individual who will be if this laws passed, scrutinized just for their appearances as if they were criminals, when they are just in the need of the use of the public restrooms, because we all have two necessities - to take a shit or to piss; and denying a safe environment, keeps showing that not all men and women, are equal; because, there will be always a bunch of self-righteous assholes who think are above anyone else.

I can't imagine the horror of not finding a place to pee, if my exterior didn't match the facility I am using; I wouldn't feel safe to leave the house and use any restrooms at all. If there are people just looking on the way I do my basic necessities, I would feel uncomfortable putting a foot out, but we need to face the world because otherwise the abuses will continue.

In the world of Simoun there are no traces of what we see of hate in our world; there are human emotions such as jealousy as well love, there are different wars but there aren't traces of homophobia, transphobia or gender discrimination because those notions doesn't exist.

Even on the religious aspect, the only part where discrimination follows are towards the idea of being a foreigner of the land but even so they present exception to the rules where inclusion are shown.

Albeit the question towards all the characters is about their personal identities, and the journey of self-discovery towards the cold war between the different countries, and the complex relations they have as sisters-in-arms. Who you can be, takes a lifetime journey for some people, but no one deserves to be shunned for trying to live in accordance to their identities and looks; as part of the transcendental aspect of Simoun is not matter the circumstances, you should be who you are.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Right To Die with Dignity

It is such a sensitive topic, yet it shouldn't be difficult to realize, that everyone who is suffering a terminal disease or in a case of convalescence in the health, under the proper circumstance if they chose by themselves, or leave an order of will to whenever their lives should be terminated.

Some people said all life is sacred, but is also mundane, and the beliefs are way to linked into the Christian doctrine that only God can take lives but humans can't decide when to stop the suffering or they will go to hell.

We tend to be individualistic on certain extent of our persona's, we chose or follow a system of beliefs; could be theistic, atheistic or completely neutral. The debate goes on respecting God's gift or letting a person suffer and leave their last days in a complete miserable state. Why is perfectly fine to apply the euthanasia to pets, and not to humans on a national state level.? To give some dignity on the last days of the persons who have no choice and the pain is too much, why is so difficult to accept that reality.? Because we think, we will go to hell if we commit suicide, even if is assisted; and since much of the religious doctrines, argue that animals who aren't men have no soul won't go to hell is OK for them to die.

The religious imposition which turn into the words religious rights, try to be superimposed into the well being of a population that probably thinks different of the Christian right majority that have certain beliefs about life ad death but disrespect other peoples' decisions.

It should be a separation of church and State between the well being of the people, we don't need God on our schools or anywhere, the country is not facing the end of days if we take a more progressive approach on human rights. We need to think what we can do to improve our lives until the very end, and what we can learn from other countries in order to improve the index of living in the United States of America.

Give me Liberty, Give me Death; can say a lot within such simple words; imagine, you being completely independent and after a series of event you are just a shadow of your being.? Or if you are suffering and there only exit is death. If you have the chance to end it all under your own terms, it could be an alternative to keep the dignity until death.

Lets take an example of the Netherlands, where 1 in every 28 deaths and triple the number of people who died assisted by a doctor since 2002; where if the patient can convince two physicians that the pain is unbearable, they can chose to die. (Newsweek, February 20th - 2015 Edition); albeit it was illegal, but the government put their people first instead placing their own personal ideologies, by honoring the public views and on 2002 they decriminalized euthanasia, as long if certain condition were required and met.

Analyzing the case of Switzerland, that this situation had been legal since 1942 it had bring a tourism of death where individuals who aren't nationals can go and die there; it can bring an industry to the country that adopt this model into their health system; albeit in theory the repatriation of the body could be a problem, it shouldn't present any inconveniences as the expenses would go on the holder's insurance as well investment on the trip.

In the U.S. the taboo had been long enough, than much of the actual generations can remember. In certain way, we still influenced by some Puritan and Evangelical precepts on public policies, such as respect life because suicide is wrong but yet the country has a murder rate of 4.7, but yet a person ending their own life is just wrong.

Jack Kevorkian
In the U.S. the idea of an assisted suicide is probably embedded in the imagery of the people with the image of the late Jack Kevorkian who claimed on his lifetime that he assisted 130 patients to die; albeit today assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington and Vermont; and, in Montana and New Mexico, doctors are permitted to prescribe medicines that will end with the patients' lives.

Such as Brittany Maynard which she became the center of the controversy about a dead with dignity last year, before ending her life on November 1st due a terminal cancer, gathered enough controversy in which several people called an absurdity but her mother defended her daughter decision by saying nobody knew her daughter, and people a continent away shouldn't critique her decision without knowing the suffering.

Albeit for doctors around the world, the idea of assisted suicide can be scary, as is conterintuitive to the Hippocratic Oath as the results are irreversible; but what if part of the oath is to help people in that way too.? As dying peacefully and with dignity is not a crime.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Las Mentiras de Neru y el Por Que Uno Puede Negar Quien Es Solo Para Encajar

Siempre lo diré; no soy religioso, respeto hasta cierto punto respeto las ideologías religiosas pero cuando comienzan las personas a imponer su religión sobre otros, y a causar daño por hablar mierda, ahí mi percepción cambia.

El tema de la sexualidad e identidad de género puede ser complejo; parte de la experiencia es en experimentar para reafirmar la identidad, pero la negación en orden para complacer a otros o negarse a ver quién es uno, puede ser extremadamente dañino.

La religión no ofrece una solución para cambiar parte de la identidad, uno nace, y uno no deja de ser quien es por convertirse al Cristianismo o cualquier religión. El problema es la negación y pensar que siguiendo ciertos rituales uno puede cambiar quien es, pero se puede confundir con comportamiento no deseado, pero al final es solo simple ausencia en algunos casos en otros es ser víctima del ambiente.

Es algo complicado pero al mismo tiempo se puede trazar como una línea de abusos por parte del ambiente; negar quien es uno y tratar de cambiar una parte inherente del ser puede llevar a la depresión y al suicidio, y en un menor caso puede llevar a un comportamiento en donde se hiera a más de uno.

El problema en Colombia, al igual que en ciertas áreas de extrema derecha en los Estados Unidos es que en las sociedades donde los grupos religiosos influyen en el desarrollo psicológico social, y pueden ser participes de violencia intrafamiliar debido al rechazo parental pero al tiempo insolando a los individuos. Tal como fue en el caso de Leelah Alcorn a finales del año pasado.

Neru como figura central de la derecha religiosa, usa la excusa que ser víctima de un abuso sexual siendo niño fue la culpa de sus males, y que en Dios se puede cambiar quien es uno, en orden para conformar una familia. Uno nace, uno el ambiente lo moldea, pero desde que uno nace uno ya tiene ligadas a quien uno va a amar; y hay diferentes formas de conformar una familia sin la necesidad de la clásica interpretación Bíblica, en donde la mujer se tiene que subyugar.

No culpo a la religión como un total, solo a una partida de fanáticos que denigran a la comunidad LGBTI, y a Naru Martínez que todo lo que ha hecho es hablar mierda sin analizar lo que le está pasando y el camino que está tomando; porque si analizamos en la escatología Cristiana, Cristo no odiaba, es mas por los seis versículos en donde se condena la homosexualidad en el Cristianismo, hay otros 36 mínimo para los gentiles y los heterosexuales.

Un caso que siempre me resuena en la cabeza es el de la Evangelista Tammy Fae, se volvió un icono de la comunidad LGBT en Norte América cuando se divorcio de su esposo Jim Bakker; perdió todos los beneficios cuando se aparto de Praise The Lord Club (el programa fundado por su esposo) y termino en la calle, en donde la comunidad LGBT la acogió, sin importarles que esta haya sido una de las fundamentalistas del reavivamiento de los años 70 en Norte América.

Los Baker dieron a luz a dos hijos Tammy Sue Bakker y Jamie Charles Bakker; el cual sigue los pasos de sus padres, pero tomo un paso mas alla del conformismo de la derecha, y tomo mas un punto en la lucha social e igualdad de derechos; hasta el punto en que celebro con un pan teñido de arco iris cuando en Minnesota paso el matrimonio igualitario.

Uno no deja de ser homosexual, uno siempre es quien es, hasta el dia en que uno se muera; pero en el caso de Neru hay esta su ignorancia mezclada con un problema de identidad en el cual no se puede aceptar quien es, y culpa a un supuesto abuso sexual. "Lentes de contacto, aretes y demás. “Me escondía sobre una máscara, utilizando  lentes de contacto, pelo largo, colores”. "Un abuso sexual cuando niño lo indujo a seguir “ese patrón, no conocía otro”, anotó sobre su homosexualidad.

“Ni mi familia sabe esto. De niño, yo tenía 6 o 7 años, cuando asaltan tu niñez, abusan de ti, y sigue ese patrón, eso fue lo que conocí, seguí el patrón que no era el mío”, señaló. El abuso sicológico, viene en gran parte de la familia, en cómo te tratan y en como uno aprende a manejar el dolor, y en saber que uno no está solo, pero las declaraciones de Neru no ponen a la comunidad LGBT en ridículo solo ponen a su persona en ridículo, ya que esta jugando con sus quince minutos de fama para que se extiendan a veinte.

Y si mi quieren llamar cualquier nombre, resentido, o lo que se les venga a la cabeza; adelante, pero si quieren usar debate como herramienta, usen algo mas allá de - Dios dijo, - porque ese discurso se hace aburrido

How Far Away Is It.?

How Far Away Is It.?
By: Gustavo Simmons

Sometimes I look at the stars, and I wonder where you are,
It's so hard to find you, where the skies tear us apart.
I still try to define myself, into the man I want to be.?
There were a million pieces shattered around the globe,
and my elastic skin melted  into a new being.
Another life that was perfect,
and I was broken;
You didn't broke me, but you helped to fix some of me.
A thousand lights come from my electric skin,
who traveled along the unspoken road.
Why I can't seem to find you,? There has to be some power in your heart.?
I was broken;
You didn't broke me, but you helped to fix some of me.
A thousand lights come from my electric skin,
who traveled along the unspoken road.
Does love bites the dust.?
I don't want anything; because I can only trust you.
A hundred frames per second,
where my hands move as in the days we were used to know;
let me close my eyes,
and just remembered I walked through fire just to save my life.
It's hard to lose a chosen one.
I'm still fighting in my being,
there are no words to say how I miss those moments with an elastic heart.
The car stops,
I stop wondering where you are.

I am still trying to find myself, I got in a electric cross.