Friday, May 22, 2015

Josh Duggar The Real Scumbag Steve

The Real Scumbag Steve
(5/22/15) Tampa, Fl --- Only in America you can molest underage girls and if you are white you can get your own reality show along with the freaks you call family.

It's just fascinating to see how an illiterate scumbag as Josh Duggar is in the center of a position of power all thanks to the reality show of 19 Kids and Counting where he along the people he call family earned the attention around the United States middle class because essentially he is a reflection of the desires of the people who watch the show.

To understand the center of the controversy we have to understand that Josh Duggar is a reflection of his own parents as well the product of a poor education and role models that he saw at his own home. The center of his life was and it is still around the Quiverfull, which is a movement that positions the male in the role of absolute patriarch of the family and the women as just mere submissive objects who are there to please the male as well to give birth and take care of the house needs.

Albeit the perception of the Duggar's over the last decade all due the efforts of edition of TLC had shown them as Christian nuclear family that can relate to the demographics of the channel. I am not placing any blames but the parents of this scumbag of a man get all the blame for being such assholes as an example to not only him but to the rest of his siblings.

Probably the worst of this case is that they essentially bought the silence of the women Joshua Duggar molested and because the laws in Arkansas if the crime is not reported in a three year period there is nothing it can be done; but the biggest douchebag move come from Jim Bob himself than instead throwing his child to the authorities he took to his church and spoke with State Trooper Jim Hutchens who by 2015 is facing 56 years in jail because of child pornography.

We have to remember that also Josh was lobbying for the Family Research Council, we all know that the F.R.C. is a hate group that had been hand in hand with violent acts to the LGBT community over the decades, not to mention the Duggars themselves had shown some violent tendencies towards the LGBT's.

On 2014 the matriarch Michelle Duggar campaign on a robocall paid by FreeFayetville in which after an ordinance was planned to protect LGBT individuals on public spaces and let transgender individuals use the facilities they feel that matched their identity. Michelle Duggar on the calls called transgender women "as males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female" but if we analyze their logic - because they asked forgiveness to the Lord then they are OK and can be forgotten of any actions.-

The actions of the Duggar's as a family are just filled with bullshit as if they pretend they are higher than everyone than anyone else, just by acting pious. This action was just to hide some family shaming because the parents where more concern about their perfect family image as well any public perception people had about them when the show was in development,

Yet some people who share a similar value in their ideologies with sympathize with the Duggar's and will attribute as if there was a prosecution on their beliefs only because the Duggar's had created a venomous opposition to the LGBT community and they can correlate that they are only being defamed even if Josh Duggar confessed about his actions.

Another problematic on this case goes on how the Duggars as conservative Christianity (or if we want to be more specific Independent Baptist) is as whole there are no open conversations about sexuality, gender identity and the taboos about sex which in the Christian doctrines are seen as a sin and we could analyze into further on how if the precepts aren't fits towards the doctrines then is just an immoral act.

We have to think also that Josh had expressed publicly that "gays are a threat to children" but in his hypocrisy he never said that was doing any damage by molesting underage girls and probably some of his sisters; the lack of transparency even continues by his own father saying that his son sexual abuses draw them closer to God.

What kind of God wanted an act of sexual abuse to be placed in his or name.? None but only a crazy and deranged individual will said - That God forgave him for the abuses because he apologized to the victims.- You just don't apologize, a void apologize won't ever erase the damage as the victims have to live with that damage. At the end not only Josh is the real Scumbag Steve but so as his parents and much of his siblings, they are just mere scumbags of human beings.



Monday, May 18, 2015

Monument Valley and How a Game Can Show the Beauty of Arts and Physics

Intro Screen
(5/18/2015) Tampa, Fl --- The beauty about Indie Games are that they defy the conventionalisms that you can find in the mainstream market. The beauty of Monument Valley lays on the exploration of forgiveness and infinity, all through the eyes of an unnamed princess that travels around a set of scenarios that go on the Art-Deco, Infinity Constructs and Tessellations.

The gameplay offers little to no dialogue about what is happening around the story, the only implications are through the intro screen of each levels as well within the dialogue of an old spirit that seemed to be acquaintance with the princess that is seeking redemption.

The story of the game can be opened to interpretation but it is easy to infer that the princess is trying to reconstruct her civilization  after a certain incident that could be attribute to her, the reason to think that it was her fault it was because she has more relations to the crow that hang around as well they never display an antagonistic behavior besides being angry at her.

Analyzing the themes of the game we can see that the game plays within the concept of reality as well gravity through the use of the impossible constructs. On the mainstream media many people are aware of the works of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher(1) and his lithography named Relativity which depicts a world where there is no gravity as well much of an idyllic community.

A similar concept is seen through the game on some of the earlier levels albeit beyond the deconstruction of gravity, there is also a paradigm on what time and space applies because there aren't connections on how the time flux on the different worlds the princess visits, she tends to be trapped inside a tesseract that let her travel from point a in space to point z without any repercussion of her actions.

Schelegel Diagram of Last Level
Talking about time as a measurement property, there is no transitive quality around the game much as if the Theory of Relativity is broken due the Princess constantly traveling between moments of horizon of the puzzles mostly going forward and backwards in order to achieve an answer.

Is essentially impossible to reject and break the speed of light, even if we all are time travels we follow a very specific that if we need to break it, we should travel outside and beyond the light-speed in order to negate our own existence and place ourselves as paradox but on a continuum that can exist outside the parameters of any given universe much as the Monument Valley, there is no need to reject your own fate and become a paradox because you are already one due the hypothesis you don't really exist and you are traveling around mere memories. (2)

Essentially the Princess could be an illusion, a person trapped in the event horizon of a black hole where the player only see her from the background of her journey but she is in a continuous state of fragmented existence.

The Memories of Castrovalva
The game itself has an element of Dr. Who of the nineteen season, episode 1 "Castrovalva" where a city folded into itself and was lost forever. The Princess she is trapped in a similar nightmare, where her world had collapsed and she tries to place an order to the chaos and try to find some entropy to the chaos that surrounds her.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dad Bod or How the Bear and Chub Subculture Influenced the Mainstream

Bears from Wikipedia Commons
(5/16/2015) Tampa, Fl --- After reading that dreadful entry on The Odyssey Online I realized how shallow the author can be, she is essentially justifying her insecurities of her body images by the people she dates or better say men within the bigger size.

I guess the author Ms. Pearson is just a chubby chaser in denial but at the same time she had found a new terminology for an old one within the Gay Community to be used among straight women who like bigger men aka The Dad Bod.

The problem with the Dad Bod goes that the simple meaning has several connotation such as an implicit Androphilia Complex(1) as well some fascination towards finding a father's replacement figure in terms of sexual attraction by idealizing a type of body you are familiar with.

Then on the Bear and Chubs subculture we had an appreciation towards the masculinity that is not sold on the mainstream media, as mainstream media portraits an unrealistic approach towards the male body image as much it has been done since the last century for the female body within fashion magazines.

We can say that the appreciation of a more au-natural approach to beauty is not new, as on the world of art artistes such as Renoir, CarreƱo de Miranda, Botero just to name a few had an approach of beauty as the way it is over the past millennium. It is difficult to advocate for a magazine body because there is not enough Photoshop to create an ideal image that is almost impossible to achieve in the real world.

According to historian Jack Fritscher there is a celebration of male secondary sexual characteristics about masculinity such as hair, body proportions and baldness; which itself had a problematic juxtaposition where even if there has been a media exposure about a body realness there are also a subdivision of counter cultures and discrimination between the bear and chub subcultures.

Where there is no perfection to the ideal image of a bear but yet it shouldn't be but there should be a celebration on the complex facet of humanity that is biological attraction or the lack of it; albeit there has been more attention to the dad bod, chubs and bears type beyond the Rosanne era as is good to mention that musicians such as Tom Goss who had expressed in his song Bears about the diversity and body positive image and they are also fun to be with.

The two movies of Bearcity also show a different face of the gay community towards the dating scene where there aren't really many men with six packs but there are plenty interaction between men of all sizes. Maybe Ms. Pearson on her entry on why girls prefer her men with a more realistic body or a dad bod is not far away from reality, taking out much of her personal fears that women need to hang out with men who will make them look pretty, she achieve on little but big personal realization "guys with a belly cuddle better" as well they value more time with their significant other rather than the people who spend much of their time at the gym trying to achieve an ideal personal image.


(1) ISBN 0-9764035-8-7

Beneath a Steel Sky Twenty One Years Later

IOS Intro Screen
(5/16/2015) Tampa, Fl ---It has been twenty one years since Beneath a Steel Sky appeared on the market and since then it has became a freeware since 2003. The game itself presented some novelty concepts towards the incorporation of Steam Punk elements as well cyber punk into the gaming world but as well appealing into masses who enjoy a nice decent story telling.

The game itself appeared on 1994 and it was developed by Revolution Software who created several classic games such as Lure of The Temptress and the Broken Sword series which by many critics is considered their magnum opus. Yet, their games where quite simple back when they started just Point and Click games that were quite entertaining to play, they were as really graphic novels where the player could interact with the environment.

On 2009 the re-release on the Apple Store the IOS version of the game. Which 15 years later was still charming and captivating as the launching the mid-nineties. By today standards the game could look quite primitive but the game itself contains literary elements that aren't found in today's games. Two of those elements are the dichotomy of technology on a daily life as well how much we lose ourselves between assimilating to a technocratic environment that can be ruled a corporate state.

Foster on the Suicide Emergency Exit
I was twelve years old when I played a demo of the game for the first time. It came on a CD-Rom that my father got on some place I am not so sure almost 21 years later. It was a small demo as I remember, it ended not long before Foster threw himself down the chute to the furnace.

One image that always stuck in my head after 1994 was the one on the left. Much as the imagery of Blade Runner and some Pulp Magazines that I found on my paternal grandfather's apartment, this was a close as I could imagine the dystopic future if something went wrong on the past.

A simple image where there was no nature, an endless maze of building of concrete and steel, there the protagonist is almost on the verge of death because there are no protections, and it let the player to imagine what is beneath that steel sky,? and the void that is separating Foster from dying.

The eye of LINC
The game offers an interesting glimpse to what is life 20 something years later and how technology had intervened with everyone. There are three examples during the game that can be seen today. A small security card that offers the information as well money from the dead security guard that you can see on the right screen; a terminal that can be used to navigate through the city's intranet as well how can be observed remotely through the use of a camera system.

Lets start with the number one technological advance. As of 2015 we can essentially transfer monetary currency and use as a personal identification device our smart phones. The idea 20 years ago that we could do and interact as with our phones beyond our homes was considered an improbability but today the vision of technology can be seen everywhere.

We can essentially use our phones for almost anything that 30 years ago would had required at least six different devices and of today many companies on the physical world are accepting applications such as Google Wallet in order to submit payments, yet we can use our phones to send our location, record videos and do a lot of interactions.

LINC Interface
Along the phones we have the tablets that can be connected to a Wi-Fi system or just data that is linked through the satellites in order to navigate inside the Internet. Some companies around the world they have on a lesser extent small tablets where the people can order or check information about their services.

Airports are companies that offer the services of the information through tablets as well the possibility to give free internet access to the visitors if they offer some sort of identification or if they pay for the services, much as Foster did after taking the one from the corpse of the security guard and accessing LINC's system to know what was happening around the city.

The third and last aspect goes with the concept of the Big Brother, the idea of being monitor by someone else and you don't even know it. Something as that happened to a family in Minnesota where their baby monitor got hacked from Amsterdam. In the game Foster is always followed by a mysterious entity that use the LINC intranet system to know about his whereabouts.

On an architectonic tone it's difficult to predict how long the world will look as the Corporate State that is shown on the game, at least on two case scenarios the idea is not strange because we can have an idea on how New York space can evolve as well some planning on Kyoto, Japan. There will be a moment that unless space is thought on a more efficient way we are going to be trapped beneath a steel sky.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? On How Social Media Has Turned into Hypocrites and Had Exposed not Only Police Brutality

Who watches the Watchmen
(5/8/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? "Who Watches the Watchmen.?" This question had been floating in my head because due the complex social issue about if we are really in a post racial America is true, then we shouldn't be saying that statistically speaking minorities will be the first one will be punished while Caucasians will have it easily.

Some conservators will say that "when a white person dies the media won't create a fuzz but when a black person dies then entire media creates a fuss." We have to understand that beyond the point or paradigm of information there is an entertainment, shock and bias values towards what we know today as the different channels of communications are there to sell or to satisfy their different audiences.

All Life is Sacred(1) is a basic principle of Christianity as well other religions, that seems only goes and is applied by convenience but yet is a principle that has been lost over the centuries in which there is no respect for any life at all. Let's analyze how human we had become egocentric as well how channels and portals such as Facebook or Instagram had contributed to this descent into a lack of integrity in between the ego and ideologies of different individuals.

When he have all these channels and a demographic of individuals with little to no formal education who believe that any media over-exposition on their personas is a good publicity in order to create some instafame, they also forget that the "Internet doesn't forgive the acts of anyone." Because of the innovation of technology we had a glimpse on how some abuses of the power had gone through unnoticed over the years but we are going to talk about that in a moment.

On March 12th of 2015(2) James Stuhlman died in the hands of two African American youth named Tyfine Hamilton and Brandon Smith. I do not know how much the media did on the coverage as I refuse to watch television at any cost but there were several searches around Google about his case and that he was murdered because the two teenagers decide to simply rob someone.

A really random act took the life of an innocent bystander who was in the way of a group of bored teenagers who decided to do a random act of violence. On the other side of the spectrum beyond gang acts we have brutality in the hands of the law enforcement and just by searching around the Internet there are roughly three million cases around the world.

Because of the access of technology we all are seeing some faces we never saw before so openly such on the modus operandi of the corruption of police force with the latest victim being Freddie Gray (3) but yet Freddie wasn't too much of an innocent bystander according to his criminal records(4) but yet even if he was a criminal and was already under arrest and on his way to the booking center, no one even suffer and meet a cruel demise especially whenever there was video of him walking and on his way he ended up suffering a fatal spinal injury.

Then, who watches the watchmen.? The people are the ones who watch the watchmen and technology had helped to uncover the side that they don't want anyone else to see. Probably with technology itself there will be a change in the racial attitudes as well personal attitudes on towards who we are as humans because we can't be defined by the tone of our skin but rather by our own actions.

1) Genesis 9:8-10

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Erica Walker You are a Disgrace

Dear Erica,

I will be brief but I will say this as a minority also, - you are a disgrace, - why I am saying this.? I read your pathetic post, your inflammatory post.

Why are you angry,? It seems you live on a nice neighborhood, you essentially belong to the privilege class that you critique so badly on your little speech. Do you think you are going to change the perception of racism,? No.

You are just tainting the work of figure as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and just to name a few. You are showing that you don't know anything on how to create civil disobedience in order to create a change, you think that America was built on the back on your ancestors.? Think again, African slaves were the second group to suffer the same fate as the aboriginal population and think again twice, the Native Aboriginal suffered a fate worse than yours as they lost their lands and their people to diseases as well to every single immigrant regard their color of their skin or ancestry.

You think this is will undo the damage.? No, think on all the people who are fighting for you, to keep your shitty little act, think on all the people who fought for the liberty you are desecrating. Yes, there is racism, we are not in post-racial America, we are in an America that the minorities are still being seen as third class citizens but there are different channels to put your voice without acting as little mother fuckers who think are bad-ass by doing something stupid.

Do you want to create a change Erica.? Go outside and lobby, protest on public grounds, show your discomfort and help the families of the victims of police brutality. We all are humans being and we all had suffered but stepping on the flag won't create a difference go and hep your community and don't associate yourself with any extremist movement, there are so many ways to change the peoples' perceptions without resorting into some cheap trick.

If you want to create a difference in your community as well in everyone's else life help the victims of violence, do something for your community, assist the families who had lost their children and loved ones due the hands of brutality regards if it's police brutality or gang brutality. There are so many ways and yet there you are acting as a that as someone who shows no knowledge about the world and how to create a positive impact.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Civil Right Cycle How Conservators are Becoming the Democrats of the Post Jim Crow Era

A Right Delayed is a Right Denied

(4/30/2015) Tampa, Fl --- I barely read anything from the National Review or any other inflammatory media but what got my attention was the cover of the 4/20/15 edition, which on big white letters and a Photoshop puritan with a hat that had some rainbow stripes. The article was written by Kevin D. Williamson  where he essentially denies that the LGBTQ Rights can't be compared with the African-American Rights, there is not a single valid argument on Mr. Williamson that I can agree with towards what is injustice, all because he shows a misunderstanding on what is how to be discriminated and alienated from society.

Imagine a Sign as This Across The States
 tend to be cyclical and some people recycle some thoughts of the past into the present; imagine seeing a graphic as the segregation that is shown on the right side of the screen today? You probably would be shocked, but the imagery of the Jim Crow era is still present on the South.

A few days ago my and my husband we went to see some apartments on the "nicer area" of town and as we went back to our current place we took one small detour as where we live is the same avenue on where I work but the avenue connects to a side that is not well pleasant to the eyes or safety in general.

That neighborhood is just below Busch Gardens Tampa, and goes for around 8 miles wide passing from Hillsborough East (close to the casino) to a little bit further of I-275 in close proximity with the Colombian Neighborhood. That section of town showed how much segregationist is still there, not even hiding, where you can see it on plain sight.

East Waters Avenue
The difference between social classes in the United is still divided by the color of the skin and the family origins of the person, as well there is the perpetual sterotype of the abuse of Food Stamps and how some people discriminate against the users.

The idea of - that one race is superior to another -, has been and still in the minds of many America and the perpetual stereotype that the people are at the mercy of the government if they are a minority but as well that America is only for white people and not immigrants.

As the idea of discrimination based on religion had turned into a legal ground because of the different "Religious Restoration Acts" give not only a legal ground but also it's a reversal back on the first sixty years of the last century where men and women where separated because of the color of their skins, except now these laws are in the hand of the Republicans, which right now the party should embrace the idea of protecting civil rights as well when they did back on the sixties.

The dichotomy of the religious acts not only goes toward the LGBTQ population, where the legal grounds to discriminate base on the religious beliefs of the persons are legal but also it opens a hell to discriminate against anything the individual perceive unholy, much as it happened with how Hobby Lobby manipulated the contraception issue and discriminated against their female employees.

If as Fox News is reporting as right, on what the Christian right will do civil disobedience if same sex marriage goes legal on a nation wide level, then it will show how much hypocrite a religion who profess love and understanding for the neighbor have become, where the idea of them seeing themselves a the chosen people gives them the right to do whatever they want in order to humiliate anyone who doesn't belong into their sects or ideologies.

The idea of legalizing same sex marriage won't fracture the nation but it will show how some individuals are towards the population; think on how several European countries had progressed towards civil rights and God hasn't punished them and the nation are still there; but there is an idea about that the institution of marriage has to be defended, yet people on the right wing circles are on their second or third marriage and yet promote the idea that marriage is saint but yet they don't mind fucking with different people or having multiple wives.

It doesn't matter at the end because every number of years the trends reverse and who knows with the next frontier what will happen.