Friday, January 12, 2018

Queer Characters In The Legend of Zelda Ghirahim

Demon Lord Ghirahim
(1/10/18) --- Many of us had enjoyed the Legend of Zelda franchise for over 20 years, is a good franchise with several different solid titles but even if there is Zelda 2 on the list, there is also Skyward Sword (Zeldawiki - Skyward Sword) which itself is not bad, but the controllers can create a really annoying experience during the gameplay.

What I am going to focus is on how the normative of video games is changing to include characters that reflect the sides that are beyond of the hetero-normative, but that also can be represented as mere stereotypes and cliches of the tribes that they belong.

Ghirahim is one those characters that clearly is inspired in the glam aspect that can be presented on rock n' roll such as David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" but also the way he speaks to Link, Zelda, Groose and Impa is just over the top and dramatic, such as saying as saying "This news has just filled my heart with rainbows!" and bringing drama to Link and Zelda's mission but not as the classical villain but rather always entering in such a dramatic fashion. (Nintendo Wiki- Ghirahim)

Hyrule Hystoria
Ghirahim was born to serve shade in a silver and to be as fabulous. From his clothes, his pose and speech, Ghirahim is the ultimate queen in The Legend of Zelda of franchise, which is one of the reason Zelda would be a princess forever.

A problem that is linked with Ghirahim is that his representation is not necessarily a positive one, he looks more cartoon than any actual villain, is almost as his over the top persona can shadow his own accomplishment and can take some of the credibility; but yet his personality is what it makes him really awesome.


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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The History that Can Be Found in Pokemon Part 2

(12/06/2017) --- Hello everyone, lets talk about Pokemon Gold and Silver; with the release of them in the Virtual Console during this year. One aspect that changed drastically on Gold & and Silver was the re-tooling of the universe setting of Pokemon itself, it was how history was rewritten to fit more the narrative of a fantastical that could be ours but it was reshaped by the events on how the Pokemon's affected the ecosystem and socioeconomic settings of that "Earth".

Burned Tower
The  Burned Tower (1) is one of the iconic locations on the second generation as it parallels the Kinkakuji or Golden Pavillion (2) in which the mythos of The Three Legendary Beasts take places as they were resurrected by a Phoenix after they perished on the tower which mimics on a certain extent Kinkakuji that burned numeros times but opposite to the tower in Pokemon, the Zen temple was reconstructed several times.

Structural and interior wise both locations are far different from each other; if we analyze the interior of the Ecruteak City there aren't any clear similar points, at least on the First Generation and Second Generation; but if we see the designs that were used on the Fourth Generation we could have an idea that the Shinden, Samurai and Zen styles were heavily influenced towards the design of the towers as if they were placed as monuments where enlightening can be achieved.

An idea of religion can be seen again, there are mostly Shintoist and Buddhist influences on the Johto region, which there is a connection towards nature and some of humans from that Johto seem to find a connection between themselves and nature, which seems to be a focal point during the gameplay of Generation 2.

Japanese Castle Plans
The towers look more similar to a castle; the evidence are more prominent on Generation Four, the main difference lies within the lore of the game that mention the towers were built to foster friendship between people and Pokemon (3) but structural wise, the tower could be seen more as a castle due the different levels, design in the hallways, the basement and exterior structure.

The towers concept remind me more of the Matsumoto Castle (4) due the content of several levels as well the last level being held by the lord of the fortress; at least in my opinion the design of the games reflects a mix version of different holds beyond the Gold Pavillion but it contains Ho-Ho on the top as the Phoenix that is seen in Kinkakuji.

One aspect that is quite interesting to see in the second generation of games is butoh (5) and kabuki which we can say is a complex form of dance theater can be seen on Ecruteak City Dance Hall and with the class trainers: Kimono Girls who handle the Eevee's as part of their dance routines but also to execute battles with any challenger.


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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Times Will Be Worse, Don't Give Up

We are in tumultuous times, the damage that the current administration (GAO - Washington Post) tax reform will do to the economy, will be catastrophic as there is no way to pull the debt out by making the middle class and students pay taxes based on their income and educational grants; cutting human capital from company's payroll will bring consequences to the U.S.A farming industry just to name a few.

The main issues with Trump's rhetoric involves that he has feed the egos of the white nationalists, the youth insecurities to project racial superiority as a norm in the land; the idea every news outlet is fake with the exceptions of Breitbart, Fox News and the White House press releases are the real ones are an attack to freedom of speech and mixed that net neutrality is the enemy of freedom of speech and business will bring a destabilization to the country's prosperity.

Even so, talking on a economical level we can always recover but the vulnerabilities that we were exposed were that we were open to foreign govern interference (Russia) and the idea that the Cold War is continuing it's still lingering as we can see how the Commander in Chief gives appreciation to Vladimir Putin on several occasions (USNews) but the worse was when Putin expelled USA diplomats and Trump seemed to be jolly and the second issue is that Neo Nazis such as Steven Bannon gained a voice.

It's not much I can say, but to the people who are fighting "please don't give up, don't give up and keep fighting against the tyrants" 


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Brother's Husband Volume One Review

My Brother's Husband Vol.1 Cover
(11/28/2017) --- This piece of manga is quite heartbreaking, and only in America was released in 2017 (Anime News Network), one aspect that is fascinated about this manga is that it was created by the most prolific bondage and sado-masochism mangaka Gengoroh Tagame (Wikipedia).

What it can be a catalyst of the story is the rejection of one character identity and orientation and how it turned to transform a family dynamic. The story centers around Yaichi, a divorced, stay-at-home father who runs a business of leasing apartments that he inherited from his parents while taking care of his daughter Kana.


What we learn through the reading is that Yaichi is far away from being the perfect father or even the best brother; as he shunned his late estranged brother Ryoji, but his life turned upside down when Ryoji's widower a tall Canadian "bear" named Mike Flannigan; Yaichi's interaction with Mike are quite strained due Yaichi's internalized homophobia which he tries to channel to his daughter, but his daughter seem to be more open to idea of having an uncle in her life than having none.

End of Spoilers

The story itself is quite heartwarming and even on volume one shows some of the dynamics that LGBT+ families face on a daily, the story's setting can be set in Japan but they can be seen almost anywhere in the world. Much of the art within the character designs aims towards Gengoroh preference of drawing beefcakes (Wikipedia) and bears (Wikipedia) which can be seen towards the archetypes of Mike and Yaichi; there is some connotations about homo-eroticism and repression that are aimed to Yaichi.

There are more elements towards the Bara genre but they are quite subtle, almost imperceptible as they are shown as implications but not rather as profuse as how Gengoroh showed them on his seminal work The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame, in which there was bloody violence mixed with some hardcore gay sexy; mostly the style of the design is influenced by Gengoroh's unique approach towards the creation of his cartoon that has an influence taken from Bill Ward.

The family dynamics in certain way are complicated but are extremely lighthearted, as not all the time there is acceptance between the partners and families; especially when there is a deceased family member who never met acceptance from his family (Renna, Cathy), even the outcomes for young LGBT to find some stability become grim without any proper support network, whenever there is incidence for depression, risk of HIV and the use of illegal drugs as well suicide.

There is some symbolism as well some really open scenes in which Yaichi can't hold his curiosity for Mike, as well hesitating about his own sexuality; such as moments where Mike and him go to the gym and found each other attracted to each other but Yaichi doesn't know how to cope with the feelings about that he can be possible a closeted gay man,

Some moments in the story of the first volume, there are hints that Yaichi could be closeted as he had a tumultuous marriage, but also within the epigenetics there could be an incidence and Yaichi was repressing himself up to the point that he expressed homophobia towards his own brother due social factors (Balter, Michael).

Ryoji is probably the central figure on the manga, could it be set as the unseen narrator in which he sets the events that happened after his death but also how homophobia influenced the last 10 years of his life, such as family in Japan and Canada and how died. His story itself is quite tragic as it seemed to be aimed to reconcile with his brother and go back to Japan to meet his young niece but the idea of traveling never happened.

How the tragic story between her uncles probably influenced Kana to look personal relationships in another way, as she seemed to be excited but homophobia also took a toll on her when her friends didn't wanted to meet her uncle due their parents interaction after she mentioned him being a gay man (Chamberlin, Shelby).

Another emotional aspect seen within the content is how Mike copes with the lost of his husband, trying to know the places he and Yaichi used to hang out when they were younger. The context of homophobia could be placed almost anywhere outside Japan, mostly being set in a conservator society in which it can lead any person to leave their country and their family in the sake of finding something better for themselves.


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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Youtube is Outdated

Probably several of you had heard that content creators are loosing revenue because of Youtube is re-structuring their outsource marketing base, it's not difficult to see why the business is not being profitable as advertisers are moving away from the company due the the inconviences their brands could be affected as Youtube tends to host terrorist content such as KKK, Breitbart, Neo-Nazis and ISIS; of course Youtube and Google mentioned that they are removing every single content they can find but that doesn't mean that an advertiser would "love" his product to be affected due the channel of exposition (Snyder).

Not only bad publicity, but also the infrastructure of Youtube itself is collapsing such as younger users not buying anything from the advertisers, too much trash content around the platform which is one reason the monetizing-bot is not functioning towards aiming content creators revenue but rather making them lose.

The problem lies within two parameters: the algorythm in which Youtube uses to discerns what is worth spending money on and what the competition is trying to achieve; Youtube in ten years opened the idea of streaming videos as a form of entertainment and recently with Youtube Red is trying to reach the demographics Netflix found a niche, but is not achieving the same success of promoting fresh content, instead Youtube is quite of a "hot mess"in which due the problem with the algorytm and lack of interest of supporting creators is essentially losing money and visibility (Bates).

The lack of support of and videos being demonetized is not new, it has been going for at least two years because the infrastructure of the network is not suitable due the lack of content and repetitive violations such as third party individuals stealing fresh content from original creators; besides that potential advertisers such as Nintendo, just to name one, had placed a hold on creators using any of their products even if it's for review unless is pre-approved by them/

As in the content and audiovisual business, advertisement is what it set the key to success and YouTube if failing on that. Patreon could offer a solution towards giving the content creators a space to show their products and take out some of the Youtube source of content generation; one thing that is good to think is that an artist or someone who wants to create something fresh, shouldn't starve and should have a platform in which they can show their trade without fears of losing money.


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Monday, November 20, 2017

Middleton High Could be the Key

(Tampa, Fl) --- The serial killer knew the victims, is difficult to know if there is a connection between them but at least the killer studied their habits before striking, as well the selection of the routes.

All the killing has been in a one mile radius, while is probably good to notice that in between the radius of W. Osborne Avenue and N. 15 offers different routes of escape and ways to camouflage as is a heavily urban area, but also it gives clues about the possible murder, at least towards his knowledge in the area, the person in question works within the close proximity, probably around on of the schools that is in the district such as Middleton, it wouldn't be weird to assume that he was a school bus driver but also someone who is familiar with the area.

One assumption I can take, the killer had access to the victims records, not as much as social media but that he knew where they go and mobilize, he did studied the patterns and even sat down with them; I can assure he went to the restaurant where Monica Hoffa was working and probably even spoke with her and sat down on the restaurant she was working.

The killer probably sat next to Benjamin Mitchell as he was waiting for route nine, he probably went on the bus with him and tag him, same with Anthony Taino and Ronald Felton; he knew where they lived and how they lived on a daily basis, but overall one aspect I suspect is that the killer is operating not far away, that he is within the school district and has volunteer or worked at the Adult Community Center of Middleton High School, where he could have access to information and meet any potential victim.

I don't believe the killer is going to go outside his comfort zone, at least to not analyze any areas in the city with potential escape routes; he is going to keep operating on the area as Seminole Heights and East Tampa offers enough escape routes not mentioning the highway; if the killer strikes again, I suspect it would be around Middleton, giving him enough chance to commit the next crime if he hasn't fled the area.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Doctor Chapatin Time Lord

Dr. Chapatin
Tampa, Fl --- Esto es una mera teoría que se me ocurrió, ¿Qué tal si el Dr. Chapatin es un Time Lord? similar a la serie Doctor Misterio o Doctor Who como es conocida mejor a nivel mundial; es algo descabellado pero las similitudes son siempre comparables.

El Doctor Chapatin (1) vino primero en términos de usar la chaqueta y la bufanda, en comparación con el Cuarto Doctor Misterio (2), que el personaje de Chespirito apareció en los años 60. Ambos personajes son excéntricos y siempre tienen diferentes acompañantes, a lo largo de la trayectoria que aparecieron como las enfermas, Doña Nieves y Sarah Jane para el Doctor Misterio.

Ambos personajes de por si son impredecibles, realmente no se sabe lo que piensan y tenían en cierto punto una falta de empatía con el resto de la humanidad; lo esencial que se ve en comparación con el Doctor es la premisa que ambos personajes nunca mencionaron su verdadero nombre y ambos guardan celosamente artefactos que podrian destruir civilizaciones.

Lo que me parece curioso que el Doctor Chapatin podría ser un Time Lord es que la bolsa que guarda con recelo es un artefacto que puede estar disfrazado para ocultar un espacio mayor del que aparenta, es más la pequeña bolsa es una comparación con la Caja de Pandora (3) en donde el Doctor guarda los rencores, envidias y defectos para que no escapen, es más, es como un guardián que puede proteger al universo de una bestia que puede acabarlo.

El hecho que el Doctor Chapatin no se acuerde de su nombre y su edad, pueden hacerlo más viejo de lo que es; casi un ser milenario que ha vagado por el tiempo y el espacio y ha olvidado su propósito a un nivel consciente pero sigue actuando de manera inconsciente para proteger el universo.