Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mohammad, Dylan and Joshua Feuerstein

(7/21/2015) Tampa, Fl --- This is just a small entry, many of you probably realized the same. Why the media and people tend to focus on the ethnic background of a criminal.?

Because it sells, hate towards different ethnicity's sell as well to different ideological and religious groups. Watching around Facebook as well Youtube, I found mostly that the conservator sector became offended after the actions of Dylan Storm Roof made that on several places on the South that the Confederate Flag or War Flags were taken down.

Then from the same sector they had blamed that Islam is just filled with terror and should be banned from the country, even if that idea goes against the constitutional right of practicing and worshiping freely, denying the same First Amendment they shelter dearly whenever they want to justify their hate through the use of the Bible.

There is a double edge of theology but also on the attitudes that people handle towards their fellow neighbors. I can't understand why the media is so focus on hating one religion, creating a xenophobia as well preferential treatment.

Then we have "pastor" Joshua Feuerstein, a man who doesn't believe in evolution but doesn't mind driving on recording himself while having a tantrum on marriage equality and why evolution is not real but probably he never heard - That driving when your senses are impaired is not smart; or saying that Christians should attack gays with firearms because gay marriage is an attack on Christianity up to the point he recorded a video threatening people with violence but we haven't seen any media outlet saying that the man is a domestic terrorist, just because he is white Evangelical who probably is professing his faith through some hate.

There are no differences between these three men, all of them are criminals; only one of them is dead, but one of them was called domestic terrorist on the spot while the other two had been called a man of God and a very disturbed individual.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventure Time Card Wars Game Review

Card Wars Intro Screen
(7/20/2015) Tampa, Fl --- This game for the iPad is quite amazing and I regret that I discovered it a little bit late since the launching of the game by almost a month; but I have no regrets the game is just a jewel for the tablets or the phones to play.

As many of you who are fan of the Adventure Time cartoon; on the fourteen episode of the fourth season of the show, the idea of the game came within the eponymous episode. The episode was centered around Finn and Jake playing a card game that is similar to many current fantasy card games but mostly settled in the environment of the Land of Ooo.

The episode is focused mostly on Finn's and Jake sibling interaction on how they spend an afternoon just playing a game, but also the viewers discover on Jake's competitive nature and why not many of his friends enjoy playing with him. On a mercantile point of view, the episode can be seen as a platform to sell the card game to the viewers as many of you know that these days is almost impossible to watch a cartoon that is not aimed to sell a product.

Card Wars Menu
The game itself a parody of games such as D&D, Yu-Gi-Oh, Weiss Schwarz among others but is so fun as it's just silly to play and it fits with the myths of Adventure Time. The IOS version have a simplified version of the in real life game in which the players can move faster on the board of the game and face different characters from the show.

Card Wars future a similar gameplay as Candy Crush, in which the player moves among a board but only has a certain number of opportunities that are represented in hearts and after a certain amount of time they will refill.

BMO Playing the Game
The rules of the game are simple, we have a set of spell cards (which can be count as magic and traps), then we have monster cards which much of them have effects and lastly we have field cards which represent the type of monster that can be played in.

Matching the field within the number of monsters can be tricky as not all monsters can be played in all fields, which leaves the player with the Rainbow Monsters but they tend to have a lower attack point than the matching monsters and the player can end without having any on his or her field.

There are also competitive option named Deck Wars where the players are matched between each other based on their levels, is a good way to earn valued cards or other trophies. The game is currently on the iTunes store at US$3.99.


* http://cardwars.wikia.com/wiki/Adventure_Time_Card_Wars_Wiki

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


A Patio Filled With Broken Dreams
(7/11/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Two days ago, there were loud noises coming from downstairs, the neighbors were screaming and throwing the doors. As they were some teenage kids who used to live there and bring some friends at first some thoughts passed my head that there could be a fight and I felt tempted to call the cops.

When I opened the door my surprise it was that there were around 20 people helping them to move. As many neighbors I had over the last four years some of them move to go to a place they ideal or because they seek better opportunities, some they can't afford paying for more than a month and leave everything behind and some had to face and some other they are just evicted.

Of course there are plenty of reasons for an eviction, and is better to not make any assumptions. At the moment I realized they were leaving it was around PM. As I went out to the baranda to finally put some of my doubts to rest, I realized how many people they were as I mentioned earlier. There were three vehicles all parked near each other and all of them full of people filling the vehicles with items. As one vehicle left, more came, and it became almost the norm until AM.

What did got my attention were the scream of the little girl that lived there. Much of her toys ended up left behind, but at the same time it was the end of of the innocence for someone who was just young. She screaming for some of her Barbies and movies got stuck in my head, Probably the crying lasted about two hours before she was finally took out in one of the cars.

Imagining to lost your most precious possessions, the things you cherish the most; I had experience something similar towards the lost of some belongings I treasure and I couldn't retrieve when my parents kicked me out because of my gender identity and sexual identity. There is a part of you that dies when there is a traumatic event that you don't have a chance to grab your belongings or at least some of your precious memories such as photos.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Quest Keeper a Charming Yet Frustrating Game

Intro Screen
(7/11/2015) Tampa, Fl --- As many games who found inspiration on Crossy Road; The Quest Keeper appeared on the lights of the tablets, androids and iPhones formats, besides that reference this game is standalone on his own category because it can be extremely difficult to play but the replay value is there and is just amazing.

You play as a peasant who is on a quest to become a powerful dungeon master and your mission is to retrieve all the dungeons as well the powerful artifacts that will help on your quest.

The Infinite Dungeon
The game difficulty relies on the every changing aspect of the maps that you encounter besides the little blocks and visual perspective that is a major element that is used against the player in order to create a difficult challenge. Overall, the main difficulty that this game present is that the character never stops walking unless it bumps into a coffin or any other physical interference

The Infinite Dungeon probably could be the most difficult one of all due after 300 steps the configuration turns into a very chaotic panorama full of spikes, lose tiles and chainsaws, but that is the fun to see how far away you will reach.

You Will Fall
The gameplay is actually quite compelling and fun, not many games for the tablets can be quite entertaining as well enjoyable. There is a reminiscence of old school Nintendo games where simplicity was the key of success within the  gaming community.

Probably I repeated the first five dungeons ten time each and a 100 times the infinite one in order to get the money to open the new quests, all of this because my character kept dying over and over, because it fell on a hole or it got killed by spiders.

I never gave up because the replay value of the game is just amazing, you can keep for hours until the iPad battery life is completely drained. Now I am heading on my sixth dungeon and I feel I could finish the game in about a week from today. I  recommend this little game that you can obtain on your iPad or Android devices, and support the independent developers such as Tyson Ibele and his company Zombox.

Friday, June 26, 2015

#Love is What Makes a Family #Equality For All

Equality for All
(6/26/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Love has won one battle within a great victory, equality in marriage is officially the law of the land around the United States. The country is in one piece and there wasn't the apocalypse the right wing had predicted.

God hasn't abandoned the country but by fair treatment of your neighbor and placing compassion without expecting anything to be given back except love is the very first step to reach a civic co-existence.

The nation had survived the rainbowcalypse and is almost 8PM as I am writing this entry; tomorrow will be another day, just a little big better day for many of us. That on a federal level we are recognized as individuals but still the goal for peace has to be won. This day has been about equality but not only for the LGBTQ, is a day that equality has to be for all where there is no racism, no hate and no prejudice to any individual who is trying to do good for their communities without expecting anything back but just to know that there is a time that it will be peaceful for everyone.

Today is the first day that for many of us the future looks peaceful here in the United States but there is a moment that the idea of equality has to be worldwide. To my parents if you are reading this: I forgive you for all the 25 years of mistreatment until the day you guys decide to kick me out when I introduced you my better half; you call me a mentally disturbed individual, someone who was going to rot in hell and die from AIDS. You always gave preference to what other people would say about you without even looking at yourselves and loving yourselves, you were so focused hating that you lost your son.

I forgive you because there is no need to fear against the world and I see in you two people who are fearful to face it. The last four years had been difficult, I cried every night until I fall asleep because I couldn't understood how you acted as that but then I understood that you weren't happy with yourselves as a couple and you shielded in a hate projected to your dogma.

I cried for a long time but then I realized that I am my own persona, my own self and I am strong enough to survive. Your words were ignorant, you have no idea about the suffering people have when they get HIV, is not a plague send by God is a virus that created a pandemic and is still a major issue because of lack of understanding in sexual behavior that is linked through sexual education. People with HIV are people and you treat everyone with a good heart with dignity until the very end.

I forgive you because after all this time I understand you don't like each other and you pretend that everyone around you have the same attitude; I am not as you, even if from the last four years, the first two were a process and then I realized I wasn't alone.

What if I wasn't that lucky, what if I was as many other LGBTQ whose family shun and they died.? What if I committed suicide as I planned because I was tired of living as for a long time I saw no Hope.? Many people had died under those circumstances and I  am lucky enough to have a good circle of friends that had acted as my family as well a soon to be husband who helped me to go through the hard times.

You made me see the world as if it was a difficult place, as if I couldn't trust people, while in reality you were the ones who couldn't trust anyone else and had no friends. I forgive you even if you cut ties with my grandparents and made me think that everyone else in the family were terrible people. Guess what if you are reading this.? You were totally wrong, extremely wrong but your pride blinded you.

Love is what makes a family, being there for the time in needs, equality and communications are basic components, and this is a not only a victory for the LGBTQ community in North America this is a victory for people who practice and preach equality. This is the first day in a long time that I do not feel as a second class citizen and I am not the only one around.

I hope you are happy with the life you created, because for the first time as a Queer individual I am happy with who I am and my achievements, this is a long battle but is not a lost battle. is a battle that everyone face to conquer the struggles and to live with dignity. I hope you are happy with your own lies because here I had been living with freedom.

I wish you the best for your future and I am gladly requesting you to please do not contact me as I have no intentions to be part of your lives as you weren't part of mine and I won't hesitate to call the cops; I have a family here who loves me for who I am, and some amazing co-workers who are just there. I wish you the best with your little "perfect" family, because from the bottom of my heart I need to say that there is no perfection and that image you try to protect is more than a joke.

I wish you the best back there in Cartagena, to all of you and my brother. As as Spock said "Live long and prosper."

There is still a long way to go, to the newer self-identify queer youth who are in risk of abandonment they need to know that there are people around who aren't blood related that they care about their well being, that they aren't alone. To the people who feel abandonment in their families because they couldn't be accepted for live who they are. Whenever there is someone who is suffering there will be someone else that will be willing to help.

Today marks the first day for a society that shouldn't be plagued with fear and discrimination, today is the first day for many couples and families, for many individuals who can start living their lives fully. Today is a day where we can keep fighting because love is love and love makes a family.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

9 Lives Had To Be Lost In Order To Start Talking About Racism And the Confederate Flag as Relic

(6/25/2015) Tampa, Fl --- So on June 17th of 2015 it took the attention of the nation through the death of 9 parishioners at the Emanuel Church into bringing the attention that on 21st Century in America we still honor symbols from the days of the Confederacy.

As some of us are aware, politics tend to be cyclical and what we describe as one party today is not even the same party of 45 years ago or even 150 years ago. Also, there is some complexity towards cultural and regional identity and the appropriation of symbols.

The idea of the Confederate Flag as a still "valid" symbol shows two aspects within the Americana culture ideology - 1) Under the pretense of the First Constitutional Amendment that it can involve as a sign of free speech, 2) We still don't live on a post segregationist society, 3) The appropriation of this symbol as "Southern Pride" left to reevaluate the concept of Southern Identity.

Within the First Amendment we can say that free speech is valid while there are no symbols or hate speech. What is the South today shouldn't be represented with the flag of what was one held towards pro-slavery but yet we have to held accountant the division of the Democratic party within the war and peace sides.

By now you probably will call me an ignorant that I should learn my history or that I should go back to my birth or home country; but it's not only my history but the history of who we are as a society. We can't let ourselves define by a symbol who doesn't represent who we are as a collective of individuals who live in the South these days.

Cultural identity as concept itself should be tied for who we are and who we had evolved as social individuals, but denying the past it shouldn't be prohibited albeit we shouldn't bring it to the present as we in the contemporary we live in a multicultural society and not in a place where there were no voting rights for women, minorities were send to camps (still happens within immigrants) or send to work on inhumane conditions.

In order for this issue that we as a society display symbols of the past that are linked to racism and slavery, shows that as a societal group we haven't evolved much on the last 120 years and we are still divided by socio-economical issues that seem to be stuck in time such as human rights, immigration, international market and international image.

I75 Confederate Flag
Itself the debate that shouldn't be a no brainer take on a more complex aspect within - what if someone on their private property wants to expose any symbols.? -

If they don't create a public disturbance or nuisance there aren't many cons towards as they can be used on private property but who would see this symbol as a modern symbol of a rebel.? I know much of the local story where I live and still think why people keep stuck on the past.

The issue is neither about banning but learning from the mistakes of the past. We can't either become "political correct" because that essentially lead to no where and renaming certain places into a more political correct one doesn't lead to anywhere either; but we can learn and place the history where it belongs and as we say it should be in a museum because we can't deny the history. 

Every time I pass through the I75 on Brandon Area and see the Confederate Flag makes think - Do I am really welcomed to travel around the Seffner-Brandon area.? What about the tourist who are aware of the image the flag represents worldwide.? How much are hurting our own economy by keep placing these symbols around.? Florida strives on tourism and we have to learn on how really capitalize that potential beyond Magic Kingdom.

I had read much of the debate online about people posting photos of the flag and why to associate yourself with the Civil War whenever we are living in a more complex world.? The symbol itself shouldn't be taken with pride but what the people can do to improve their communities.

Go ahead and call me whatever you want, as you I am protected by the Free Speech and I had kept a respectful tone. I firmly believe in equality, I firmly believe in learning from our experiences as well I firmly believe in tolerance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

1984 and the Orwellian Influence on Our Brave New World

John Hurt in 1984
(6/23/2015) Tampa, Fl --- There are moments where reality mimics fiction, there are plenty of times I had written about 1984 in part because it's my favorite book since I can remember. In part I am mentioning this because at the moment the book was written in the years after World War 2 and in the beginnings of the Cold War where the international political scenario was thick, probably almost 60 years the tensions aren't as bad as they used to but still there is a lingering tension that the next war will start, especially with the cyclical aspects of politics and economics.

Probably the world has changed a lot in the last 65 years, not only talking about geographical borders but as well the mentality of the individuals. We are talking about how technologies had affected the borders of the land as well the social ones, as within communications we had been able to make friends regards their location.

The idea of technology as an unifying factor can be used as well as we are aware to spy, much as the State of Oceania survives to the outer and inner parties as well the proles through the use of the dual telescreen, in which of there is one installed per house on Airstrip One. The idea of surveying the population today is not strange at all because within the use of technology as we have i.e. smartphones, web cameras or even a simple computer; anyone can spy into any one by hacking into their location if there aren't proper measures

Lets take a look on the Patriot Act that was instated by George W. Bush and extended by Barack Obama in order that will let the government spy on their citizens, just arguing that it will be justify to stop any terrorist attack. Yet there are just flaws as with the recent attack of Dylann Storm where he on his natural personal and through the use of his faculties as a competent adult left an array of racist tirade and manifestos related to white supremacy but the government under the surveillance didn't detected or did anything to stop it.

Hacking or spying into someone's activity has a legal edge on if it should be really allowed under the idea of a perpetual war. Give some distrusts to the population in order that the population mistrusts themselves and trust an absolute party. Let's visualize as North Korea, where the idea of the government implementing a charismatic figure that is always there and ever watching the population is a reality.

Within North America is extremely difficult that something as North Korea will happen, especially with the division of powers as well the mentality of the people, we also have to not assume that North America is not excempt of any phenomenon that could rule a totalitarian theocracy under the arms of the Tea Party and their double moral towards religion as well anyone who is not a Caucasian individual who is a third generation born in the United States and definitely not a Muslim.

To analyze the spectrum of the term of - Big Brother is always watching you -, we have to analyze that the context where the term came beyond the work of fiction and there was an inspiration within the rice of the Iron Curtain in which the charismatic leaders were the mascots of the propaganda of their respective government.

Within the context of the timeline of the book, nobody knows who in reality is the Big Brother or if he already existed because of the continuity as due the constant edits of the Ministry of Truth nobody outside the Inner Party knows if he really exist or if he is just a mere machination produced by the propaganda.

There has been certain comparison between the Democratic Party as well the rise of an African American President witting the conservative circles that due Obama's extension of the Patriot Act as well the incursion of SOUP had placed him on a secular exemplary of the almost fanatical image of the Orwellian concept of Big Brother.

While the conservatives who try to do the analysis between Obama and the enigmatic leader forget that Big Brother punished everyone who went against the policies instated by the Party. Some people had argued that today the First Amendment is being contested through anyone who dares to defy the government but then talking about within the contemporary context we are living, we can't go between anarchy and go to violence in order to justify speech; because no one who in the context of civil co-existence had been sent to jail for dare to defy anything against the legal parameters.

By Swoboda (Unkown)
Probably one of the most complex elements of the book is the Ministry of Peace of MiniPax according to the newspeak that it is within the cannon. The reason of the importance of the MiniPax it correlates a small but very important element we'd seen on a daily basis at least here in North America - Ignorance is Bliss - but there are enough educational options within the country itself, programs that foment critical thinking and analysis to the current reality without sacrificing any career investment.

There is enough knowledge but then this is not because the government needs the people dumb as some people place it or as is in the book an entire ministry dedicated to keep people ignorant on what's happening around them or to explain them how their country works (I guess Fox News works on this paradigm.)

We can correlate the Fox News functions much as the MiniPax within the 1984 universe, as both function to keep a status-quo towards a biased truth that fit the interest of the corporation as well the political party they endorse. Keeping the masses at bay about the complex international dynamics as well on how a national - regional level we function within the multiculturalism just by placing fear on the slogan if the person is different than you is an enemy. In a macabre way Fox News just perpetuates the idea of an eternal war that keeps going and going against the United States but never says any shadow interest that are being pursued whenever there is a new enemy of democracy.

Probably is true - War is Peace - and keeping war it keeps certain peace towards the population; such as the War on Christianity, War on Terror, denying that on a national level we are still far away from a post segregationist society (I refuse to say post racial as the term is extremely wide and not precise) and minorities keep getting segregated not only financially but as well socially from breaking the circles of poverty but as well engaging with people who share a different set of ideologies or world perception as well cultural level. As if is seen within the State of Oceania.

The influences themselves are quite more complex and longer than the ones mentioned on this short reflective essay but there will be more time later to continue on how certain social and international trends that are reflected on literature or art are seen every quarter or half century.