Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paul Pixel the Awaking Game Review

Paul at the Gas Station
(9/26/2016) --- First of all, thank you everyone who has read me, or at least read me by accident. Second, I will give some spoilers about this retro styled game for the iOS; so if you haven't finished playing, please come and read me later. Thank you very much.


The game starts in a very innocent way, almost as a picturesque movie in which aliens start an invasion plan to take over the Earth; but the surprise twist comes that the aliens are actually zombies from outer space and the way they plan to take over the world is through a pathogen that can be spread through physical damage from an infected or another alien.

Then it comes the scene where the main character, an average guy named Paul Pixel is about to save the world. The game within a general analysis of the structure of the gameplay, plays a homage to the old-school LucasArt games such as Loom, Monkey Island, Grimm Fandago and others. The menu is extremely similar in terms of use as of the old-school point and click games, but it has been adapted to be played within the touchscreen.

The use of the items is all located within one point, which is the hand located on the right corner of the screen; opposite to the SCUMM (SCUMMVM - Wikia), the menu only contains one item per use and the items can't be combined to be used in the game. Thus making certain parts such as finding an electrical connection near the sewers somewhat difficult as the player has to navigate through a dark screen.

Paul and his future wife/girlfriend
The game as whole plays with cliches that are found in zombie movies (Saathoff, 2012), such as everyone is an idiot, police are corrupt or useless. women are always in distress just to name a few of the cliches that are placed on the game; but, the story takes in a light way how the apocalypse is taken, it's show how the tragedy in reality is, is just surreal and cartoonish much as some scenarios sold in movies and television shows.

Probably the biggest cliche placed within the game narrative is how useless politicians are in which at the very end of the game is exposed towards when Paul reach a similar building that looks suspiciously to the United Nations, in which also it gives the idea that game is set on the upper New York State Area but also Manhattan.

Is that you Hillary?
While playing within the last chapter of the game, it is difficult to not see that one of the characters is similarly modeled to Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the pantsuits can be seen to the players but also in another nod, the player will find a similar character that looks a lot like Mario from Mario Bros. hiding in a toilet stall from the zombies.

The nod towards politicians being useless and or bureaucrats towards  tragedies, it is probably well treated as politicians and state leaders see the tragedy as a way to boost their images, but also place money first on their pockets rather than giving assistance to their constituents much as when Paul has an antidote to the infection spread by the zombies; but, there were no assistance from any public figure.

It's me Mario
The music and ambiance they are actually quite engaging, really easy to enjoy and they have this reminiscent of old school games where the use of MIDI was very common. Another aspect in which the players can find overwhelming is the use of random items in order to go outside the designated play areas.

Also, it can be difficult to know to what to do towards the use of certain items. One example is the overflowing of the urinal stall in the bathroom which is difficult to know where to aim to cause the sequences.

I totally recommend the game, is actually fun. Really enjoyable and is actually affordable on the Apple Store for US$1.99 which is a nice price for an iOS game.



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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nostalgia Trip The Secret of Monkey Island

Intro Screen
(8/20/2016)---- One of the games that marked many of us during childhood was the games with the SCUMM engine. We all know remember Maniac Mansion to Indiana Jones, Sam and Max, Loom & Grim Fandango just to name a few. The games not only marked a generation of future developers but also gamer's from the decade of the 1980's and the begin of the 1990's.

During those decades, the idea of high-end games with fully functional 3D graphics were strange concept that didn't showed up almost until the mid of the 1990's. Technically the first game being released in 3D was 3D Monster Maze by Malcolm Evans (Barton, 2006) in the 1980's which by today standard's the game seems to be archaic but also we have to consider the moment this game appeared the industry was on is diapers and it was one of the many that created a revolution. Slowly during the decade, Lucas Art started to develop games and created immersive story-lines for the players as well including a dose of humor.

The Docks of Melee Island
Many decades passed, entertaining technology developed but nostalgia itself it always been a factor towards the selling point on the gaming industry as well the hobby and collectors niches.

On 2009 LucasArt released an updated version of The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasArt 2009) in which an update version of the graphics as well sound was present within the game, even a new interface in which a mouse/keyboard interactive menu became the main interface to let the players interact with the map.

SCUMM Menu - Classical Version
The new update itself was actually quite decent, nothing spectacular albeit the recreations of the dialogues with voice actors gave a very sitcom-esque enviroment but the appeal that the 1980's version gave the players couldn't be measured with the remastered version. Albeit within the game an aspect that was marvelous done was the synchronization of the new version versus the old version of the game in which it offered certain enchantment because of the game looks with the story and how the game also reflected the trends of amusement of the decade.

Talking about the Secret of Monkey Island (Lucas Art, 1980) as a game that influenced solely by the looks it would be unstained as the game was one of the first ones of is kind to involve a good script, lovable characters and a intuitive game-play but the problem was on the sequence of the puzzles as some of them look ridicule. I.e. The Curse of Monkey Island almost entire game play; but games as these ones were the ones with little they had gave new elements to the gamer's and developers community that mostly today are found towards indie-developers.

The Voodoo Lady
I have to confess after a series of unfortunate events in my life; I stopped playing for a while and essentially I forgot my Steam account that I had since 2009 as much of my physical copies of the games where lost including Monkey Island series that I used to own fully; but finding the remastered versions and playing the games with the classical views gave a me a reason to smile.

I had never been a huge fan of the idea of nostalgia, because it involves a time where things weren't simpler or happier we probably were too ignorant to notice but there are somethings that we had used to escape reality; for some is to cling on the idea that times of the past were better and for others like me video games and the saga of Guybrush gave a form to escape some of the times I wouldn't want to remember.



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Monday, July 25, 2016

An American Dream and the Importance of Voting

We are the people, for the people. We are dreamers, students, people who came here with a dream and goals. We left a life behind a life in order to achieve what we didn't had, or to escape from a life that we couldn't avoid. 

We are different but we are equal, we are part of a multicultural society; we can stride for greatness in a land that has given the opportunity to so many people on different lifetimes because we are a group of hardworking individuals who come from different backgrounds and nationalities.

We came here with goals, we started to work in our future and the future for our children and families; we started to grow as people and groups and we became part of this fantastic society, we became Americans over the years but we never forgot our culture, where we came from and where we are going to. The American Dream can sound as a very distant concept but to people who we came here in search for a better life, we had never forgotten that this is The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and we hope the people who are born here will never forget that either.

There are goals that form part of a democracy, in which we all can fight for it, there is a process in which we can create a momentum that can change the social and fiscal panorama forever; we can't forget our history, we can't hate the neighbor because they are different the way you look. We can't go backwards by justifying hate and by gossip, we can't fear the future as we need to create it. Life isn’t easy and there are obstacles, but those obstacles can be conquered.

For immigrants, for the LGBTQ, for women, for people of color, for anyone who struggles to live with dignity and respect. The dream never dies, the dream still there and for the people who have the right and privilege to vote, that is a treasure they must keep and a right they need to execute. Many people can't vote because they don't have the legality, many people can't vote because of their immigration status, many people will refuse to vote because their candidate didn't make it and think they can create a form of protest.

Voting counts, not voting is not a protest is to surrender as Senator Keith Ellison mentioned on the 2016 DNC. Voting is a must and we need to think on how so many people can't even go and let their rights be validated and to think that Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the Republicans are focused into discriminating anyone who wants to make their legal status just legal, they want to discriminate against any minorities or ethnic/ cultural groups, it is wrong and we can let our voice heard as that is not the American Dream, that is just a nightmare.

We can't vote for the status-quo, we can't let time to go back, we need to see forward. We can't believe this country is not great, we can't let Trump triumph over hatred and let us believe this country is wrong and that we should make it great again. There is nothing to make great again, there is hard work to be done towards social and economic justice; we are a great country and we are a great group of people.

We can't let hate win, we need to keep progressing towards equality, women's rights and financial equality; child development, fair economical trade, free market, citizens of the world who want to live at peace, children's right; LGBTQ; we can't let discrimination win, because the American Dream is not only from the immigrants but is a dream set with goals the we all as a society we need to construct.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Theory of a Game How Many Timelines are in the Mario Games Chapter 1

(7/25/2016) --- I have theory, in which we are going to play a game. Two games to be precise, Mario Bros and Donkey Kong; why? Both games are intrinsically united towards the narrative of the characters but is the Mario timeline that unifies all the main games together until the appearance of Mario Galaxy (Mario Wiki - Mario Galaxy) in which the timeline essentially splits into three; but the idea of three timelines itself can be more complex.

The reason goes that after the recreation of the universe (yes, that is a spoiler) the timeline got diverted into three and joined by the the 8-bit era. The start of the timeline comes toward our world, a timeline where the first Mario or better known as Jumpman adventure takes place along with the first Donkey Kong.

The Second Mario
The first timeline could be considered the home-console era in which the second Mario among his brother travel to the Mushroom Kingdom and becomes some fort of a champion, here there are no more references of Donkey Kong with this Mario, but rather they still with the Jumpman, the progenitor that resides in the home world (Mario Wiki-  Mario NES)

The second and last era is the 2000 in which the Galaxy games show up and opens to the last timeline which is the one that appears after the recreation of the universe and opens the possibility of the multiverse in which different characters from franchises not related to Mario compete between each other and is also on a time placement where WaLuigi exists, mostly as an extra dimensional being in which he has never show up on the main time frame but only on the ones towards competition.

The third and last timeline is the most depressing in which Mario finally retires and conquers an island in which it could be considered the timeline in which Wario appeared for the first time and lead to the events of Wario World amd Wario Ware.

We are going to speak about the multiverse in another entry and how the different universes collide into the Smash Brother's series of games. Each timeline or era is marked by an event but overall, the main division comes with the end of the universe, that exact moment is where it can bet set as a new moment of events in which Mario continues his adventures and in another option he just finish his life in a lonely island where the events of Mario Land take place after the fight with Bowser was over.

To understand where everything began, we have to set the timeline in a place where we can see it and that is in an Earth similar as our own, it has some minor variation in which oxygen is a little bit higher because a giant gorilla rampages through the city of New York in which he kidnaps a woman named Pauline, the woman is the girlfriend of a man named Mario.

This Mario has black hair, is also short while his girl is brunette with blue eyes; a trait the second Mario would inherit but his brother Luigi got some of his father's look. The siblings didn't followed their father's foot steps instead they went and formed a plumbing business, but before that they were kidnapped during their birth by an unknown force.
The twins ended up in Yoshi Island soon almost after being born, of course there is an allegory of the storch that we can say it didn't happened and it was a mere kidnapping act by an unknown force, that unknown force turned out to be Bowser when he was a child, thus setting the age gap between the twins and Bower in between five to six year apart, as Bowser when he was younger seemed to be already capable of speech and walking by himself, but the Koopa physiology hasn't been explored on any of the games but it looked as Bowser was highly inteligent to create a plan on stranding two infants in the middle of an island with dinosaurs.

We have to understand that what we see on the Yoshi's Island versus the world where the twins were born are two separate places and probably two separate dimensions, who flows on the same time-stream; parallel worlds in other words.

Back in NYC, a desolated Jumpman not knowing what happened to his kids takes the blame on Donkey Kong, and this is where the events of Donkey Kong Jr take place (Donkey Kong Jr - Mario Wiki) in which the child of the 8-bit era Donkey Kong, Jr (Mariowiki - Donkey Kong) in which after Donkey Kong Sr, went into a rampage on the third game, then the events within the Mario/ Jumpman timeline ended.

As time passed by the twins didn't returned back to the prime Earth, but there is a division between  what happened at the end to Mario, as within the last timeline, when the universe is recreated Mario keeps his adventure but there is a divergent point in which he finally retires and the adventures of Wario start and a second one in which he continues to be the protector of the castle and the Kingdom.

But what happened to Jumpman, he became a toy maker and created a line of Mario toys and Donkey Kong continued certain rivalry until that Donkey Kong became old and retired on Kong Island. While at the end him and Pauline experienced some adventures of their own but not without missing their children.


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Friday, July 1, 2016

Game Theory What if Link is a Clone

Link Artwork 
(6/29/16) --- This is a what if? I had this idea at first when I was playing Skyward Sword a few months ago and within Lanayru the dragon sequence, where he gives a nickname to Link - "That's not much of a name, is it? How about I add a model number to your name like my friends have got? LD-Link-16...? (Skyward Sword). I thought about the idea that Link could be just another product of technology but also it could be a reference to the number of game Skyward Sword was.

It's easy to understand that the robots and the time-stones are common technology in that zone on the different time periods; and talking about real life is really a common practice to give an alphanumeric code to machines but what if at the end instead of an eternal cycle of reincarnation placed by a curse "Link as we know it is a mere clone?" is not strange to think about it.

Why Lanayru gave that number to Link? The 16th, it could be a mere random number, but also it could be the code that is linked to the production of soldiers that are need it to bring peace and act as conduits or catharsis agents that everything is going to be OK in case of crisis but also in case the lands needs a savior. How Many Links could had been before the Sky Era? And who was the original bearer of the name?

There are different points to substance the idea that the Link we had been playing is just a series of clones on different stages, and is breed in order to keep the peace within the kingdom rather than being a random event given by the Demise Curse (SkyWard Sword – Demise)

Great Deku Tree
The first piece of information we can find is that Link never had parents or the parents died, he has relatives or guardians, which they barely express any real familial relations by blood besides some vague implications – such as an uncle or a “grandmother” – (A Link to the Past – Link’s Uncle) in the case of Ocarina of Time we have the mother of Link running away from a war to “protect” the child from the Hyrulian Civil War (Ocarina of Time – Link’s Mother) and giving him to the Great Deku Tree.

Why to give the child to a deity? Did she know the child held certain power that could bring peace to Hyrule once Link was an adult or at least old enough to handle it? The idea of protecting the one who will bring peace is not strange as it has been explored in the Superman mythos, but also it gives the idea that probably that Link existence was bounded to the Shrine of Resurrection (Breath of the Wild – Shrine of Resurrection) 

Then we have the case in the Wind Waker of Aryll (Wind Waker – Aryll) while it gives an idea that she could be related to link by blood, there is no proof on the game that she and Link are related by genetics but rather that both were adopted by their grandmother; and that the Tower of the Gods (Wind Waker – Tower of the Gods) have a particular pattern that is found on the Shrine of Resurrection, which the color blue reflects the technology that is used and even it could be the Tower of the Gods the place where Link could had woken up after the flooding that gave birth to the Great Sea.

Gohdan in the Tower of the Gods
If we continue with other guardians, we have Link’s Uncle on A Link to the Past, Rusl on the Twilight Princess and even the Smith on the Minish Cap (which the relationship that he has with Link is never clear if is his nephew or grandson) but all of them fulfill the roles of guardians of the hero of the different ages.

The second piece of information, it seems to be no matter what the magic in Hyrule seems to be related to technology, such as the time stones, the Ancient Robots, the tunics which resemble mostly suits to survive heavy environments, the ability to time travel back and forth and etcetera, it's also interesting to see that in theory the past timeline before the Sky Era could be a more advanced time than the dystopic present that Hyrule is living on all the timelines, which resembles the middle ages.

Shrine of Resurection
The biggest clue that Link could be just a clone, of the original that lived many centuries before comes within the mysterious Shrine of Resurrection but as well the sequences in Twilight Princess which that Link interacts with the Hero of Time in order to learn the techniques that he already learned. It is strange to think that within the resurrection process, the idea of the newest Link interacting with a memory of the previous could serve as a catalyst to learn the techniques.

During reincarnation cycle according to Buddhism we inherit the spiritual traits and not physical we can see this concept explored on Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Kora in which the different reincarnations of the avatar share nothing physical in common while Link during the different incarnations seems to be much of the same person but adapted to different eras. What if the Link that we mentioned before in Skyward was as Lanayru just a mere clone? The sixteen clone already made and the project continued for eons in order that a "hero" would be there to bring stability.

The Hero's Chosen by the Gods and Time
The Hero Spirit seems to be another indicator that Link can't reproduce as to be infertile as he references to Link of Twilight as his "son" even if the Hero of Time never left anyone to teach his movements and skills; but, with the Shine of Resurrection there could be hints that the Sheika's were more skilled in the use of magic and artifacts but also into technology.

Maybe some of the Links reflect certain independence beyond their role as a hero, They develop aspirations beyond being mere tools of the Royal Family and when they die they realize their existence was probably just as empty as it was saving Hyrule; but hey, at the end this is just a game theory and nothing to be taken seriously.


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Monday, June 20, 2016

Gaming Theory How Cia Could Had Manipulated Time in Order to Get Link

Intro Screen
(6/15/2016) --- Wouldn't be awesome if there's a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda that would span different titles? But without suffering the same effect as Final Fantasy, as the so many titles and sequels it have by 2016.

The wonderful solution is already here and the games are in the market, Hyrule Warriors and the 3DS port are such a fantastic set of games with an unique perspective into the mythos of Hyrule, and how time travel has influenced the different time-lines (We are going to talk how time manipulation as an unifying theory on the next entry)

The Hyrule Warriors has a potential to be exploited without turning into tropes or cliches, about that the ultimate end is to kill all the monsters in order to achieve the highest score per scenario. What is fantastic about the game is that brings' characters from different timelines into one scenario, in which it gives an explanation how Ganondorf powers function towards his resurrection; but also it needs to be expanded how Link or whoever broke Ganondorf in four pieces was able to do it.

The mechanics of the game could simply put to rest several theories on how the different timelines converge together, how time as an element in the narrative plays an important part in the development of the different incarnations of the Hero.

Why time as an element is such an important aspect of not only Hyrule Warriors but also Hyrule Fantasy? The answer is simple, the character Cia is the embodiment of the Goddess of Time; she is there as time flows, she is a guardian and can't interfere with the lives of the people, but she gained emotions and those emotions where used by Ganondorf in order to achieve his resurrection.

In a principle of uncertainty, Cia and Lana could be one of the most powerful beings in the entire multiverse of Hyrule by simple analysis that she and her as one being well given the task of guarding the balance of the Triforce (Zeldawiki- Cia) and the Triforce itself being the most powerful artifact of the universe as well the different timelines make Cia/Lana a force similar as Hylia and the Three Goddesses.

The two of them been one being gives an idea of how powerful they/her is if they were fused as one. Cia's offensive skills mixed with Lana's give someone as powerful as Zelda herself. Imagine how much the two are similar as Zelda, Lana can conjure gates and barriers - similar as the ones on Skyward Sword, Cia can manipulate elements which also Zelda in the game is capable of by being the reincarnation of a Goddess.

Now that it was mentioned; Lana, Zelda and Cia all of the three share similar characteristics and all of them share a connection with the Gate of Souls or the Gate of Time as is widely known. Zelda had used a similar ability to tap into time in Ocarina of Time and Lana (Cia could use it as they are the same being split into two) use the move in order to bring enemies from different eras whith her Gate of Soul skill.

It leaves a theory to interpretation on how Lana/Cia are connected to the Hyrule Royal Family of the different era's and if any of the Zelda is aware of the existence of the entity that protects the Triforce as well time itself. Hyrule Warriors could be easily be incorporated into the main chronology as expanded explanation of the Imprisoning War (Zelda.Wikia - Imprisoning War).

Overall, there is one element as is just a theory "What if Cia as a power that be would be the main cause on the divergence of the timeline? and has assisted Link into his resurrection over centuries but also has become the cause on why Zelda and Ganondorf are also chained to the cycle of reincarnation".

Let's explain the theory, Cia and Lana are atemporal beings, guardians of the Triforce as well guardians of the Time Gates. Assuming that in a canon-event Cia as well Lana exist also; maybe, Cia as one being who hasn't split in half has watched and keep watching Link, the heroic hero dying over and over, she as a power that can influence the events break her role as a guardian. She is bounded by the blood of Hylia who becomes the matriarch of the Hyrule Royal Family.

Being bounded by Hylia and existing outside the timelines, Cia could had developed some emotions towards her role and created an idyllic scenario but never felt tempted to pursue anything directly. As the Royal Family main weapon is not the Triforce itself but rather the use of time, we need to analyze that the Ocarina (Zelda Wiki - Ocarina) is probably the most important tool in the games as it let the users who have magic potential to travel around time but only those with the blood of the Goddess are able to achieve the impossible such as Zelda on Ocarina sending Link back to relief his childhood and creating a paradox.

A paradox that Cia took advantage, but the point we have to look is probably when her heart started to get corrupted and probably her mind was taken over and that was after the events of A Link to the Past where the already corrupted Ganondorf transformed into Ganon and was defeated by the first Link of the Downfall period. After the events, the essence of the demon wasn't fully vanquished and took his own power to access the atemporal space, the nexus of all reality that is connected to the Triforce and beyond, the place that is known as the Temple of Souls (Zelda.Wikia -Temple of Souls).

Temple of Souls
There he took over Cia's emotion and manipulated her to use the Triforce to not only recover his soul fragment but also to alter history at his own benefit. Knowing Cia's weakness, he just exploited it and granted her more power, not only to ensure his survival but also to let him be present on almost every single timeline and thus making him an eternal being.

Cia saw the opportunity to escape her duties but also from the corruption her good side emerged and tried to be free but on a subconcious level she was still attracted to Link albeit not on an obsessive level as her evil counterpart. In a certain way Cia got Link but she got more than that, she got some of her freedom and the ability to see the world beyond her boundaries.

King Dodongo
The game itself looks similar as Dynasty Warriors (Wikipedia - Dynasty Warriors) as it follows a tactical approach of different fractions in order to achieve conquest but there are hints of Super Smash Brothers, the reason is that if gather different characters of one franchise and set them to fight for survival in a common scenario.

As an idea the game has worked and could be expanded a little bit further than one port and one stand alone game but also some elements such as Cia/Lana could be added into the main story and tell more about what is Hyrule and the legends of the lands.

Thank you  for reading me.



Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What I love about USA

There will be always love no matter what
(6/13/2016) --- I can't sleep or focus at this moment, it makes me think about escaping violence to keep finding it; I am writing this after a friend of mine suggested to write something positive (Angela, thank you) after so many negative events.

I was born in a society that didn't valued individuality, it was much of the enviroment I grew up in. I value a lot that I can be an individual here in the country but at the same time I hate being punished by who I am, that there are no laws that protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity.

It is a sad scenario but is a reality it needs to change; what I love about being here is that I can express my free speech, I can write, I can enjoy my life --- yet, I still fear, we still fear. We shouldn't fear, we shouldn't fear a radical dogmatism (call it whatever you want to call it, but violence through religion is still violence regarding if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever), there is a liberty, a beautiful liberty that is not seen anywhere else and I love that. I do not want to live with the fear I was living in Colombia.

I love to pass by and see different people, talk with everyone. I love to go to the grocery store, to the electronic store and see a different scenario what I saw growing in Cartagena, I love to see people of different creed and origins. I love having friends vastly differently from my own self, I love going and sit in a coffee store without fear of the organized crime. I love just enjoying some peace and tranquility and I know people enjoy that too, some peace and tranquility.

There are so many aspects I do enjoy about living here, I do not want anyone to live in fear or to live knowing that there are people hating them, There are many things I enjoy besides food, I love going to a theme park and spend my day doing nothing, I love going on road trips and knowing the roads are safe. I love road trips a lot even if they are just to Orlando - which is not far away -, and go to Universal and to any event in that city, even to Saint Petersburg which is the closest city.

I know there is not a perfect road on the struggles of getting a better life, that the system is neither perfect; there are always going to be struggles to get equality done, not only for the community but for everyone who is being diminished as a second class citizens.