Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tyra and James

I found the story of James William Ross a.k.a. Tyra Sanchez quite interesting because it shown the paths that can lead after fame. I am going to be updating this profile as I get more information because there is not enough information to find online.

I didn't knew King Tyra was a neighbor, still I find that fascinating that I had the chance to say hello to one of the most iconic performers in the scene of Drag Race. The first time I heard Tyra was living near us was when my fiancé mentioned that we were going to be living near a celebrity, a piece of information he got from a friend who also lives in the same are as us. I had to ask Josh to be more precise because I never guess properly and then he mentioned we live in the same place as Tyra Sanchez, and yes I was surprised because I never expected that.

Josh then explain to me that Tyra had some issues with the law around Bradford County and he was arrested after an incident with protesting and having disorderly conduct, the part that got me was a few weeks later while we were heading back home we saw someone in one of the intersections of town protesting against the police with a very colorful outfit and I wish I had taken a photo, Josh ask me if it was OK if we could bring them water and we stopped at the closest pharmacy and we got some water and give it to the protestor.

We weren't sure that was him, but Josh was happy we could support someone who is queer and as well protesting against the police of the county, until a few days later out of curiosity I started to check online and it matched all the information with dates that the person standing in the corner protesting was Tyra himself and found out the charges placed during the first week of July were dropped as in the second week of June she was sporting a sign that was aimed at the police of Starke, Florida saying he is a free person and out of charges.

This is where I finish this entry until I can gather further information and be able to expand this entry

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