Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Case of Tiffany Louise Sessions - Missing: 2/9/89


At this moment is 11/25/2020 when I am writing this entry, and it's been 31 years, a little bit over 31 years since the disappearance of Tiffany Louise Sessions - much of the reason I been writing cold cases as Tiffany is because of an old interest when I was a working journalist that I wanted to help family close a chapter in their lives with the departure of a loved one.

I been reading the resources of her case for over 3 months, at least the public ones but I haven't try to request any police information on documents because there was enough coverage over the years about Tiffany's disappearance and honestly they say a lot. I am probably going to be writing more about the case within the next couple of weeks, because everything that leads and the scene of her "vanishing" is still standing up in Gainesville.

We have to set our timeframe to 1989, Gainesville wasn't fully developed yet there, still isn't because of the zoning laws regards the city but back then the complex that Tiffany was living with her roommate is still there, and comparing photos from the decade of the 80's and early 90's the area of her vanishing hasn't changed that much, even walking it it's essentially stuck in time minus a few new projects over the last 30 years.

On 1989 early 1990's Casablanca East Condominiums are hasn't changed, it was mostly on the east side and Williston Road wasn't as developed, but had houses around that you could walk and still see your neighbors around, the problem is the witness reports couldn't identify her whenever she was possibly abducted, and there is no information on the public records if she had notes about people blackmailing her or she was suspicious about being followed by anyone.

Reports say she left her personal belongings on the house, she mentioned she was going for her daily night walk to her roommate but after she never came back the alarms where sound; witness mentioned that a woman with the physical description of Tiffany was seen going in a car with some unidentified individuals but is a lose tie, now if we focus on Paul Eugene Rowles the convicted serial killer who kept a book of where he committed the murders it match with the disappearance of Tiffany as his second victim and that he was working as a construction worker in one of the projects not far away from her residence.

Assuming Paul also roamed the area on his car, he probably studied Tiffany habits before aiming at her, same with the area in case he need it to dispose a body, Paul died in 2013 and I believe the police is correct and he is the main suspect, the problem is none of the neighbors could confirm the car as well the people inside, and there is difficulty to see any cars that Paul owned versus to whatever the testimony of the witness said. I don't think Tiffany left her life because there were family issues or she had any other issues, her background itself seem stable enough and she was career oriented.

The main point is to know how far away within the roads of 1989 Paul Eugene Rowles took Tiffany away, and if he knew exactly where alligators sat or in what reserve he could dispose her body without leaving any evidence especially because Gainesville is not a big city per se, but it had plenty of places to dispose a body and leave no trace.

There is Millhopper's, Micanopy, Waldo, the north side of Gainesville on MLK which is still roughly undeveloped, and around all of these places there are gators on the waters, I don't think at this moment there is a body that can be recovered because is long gone, same as the belongings of Tiffany they could had been dropped, stole by people who were cleaning the road and found a Rolex but who knows? The case still doesn't connect with the evidence or testimonies at least what is found on the public records.