Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Complexity of Racism and How Some People Believe Southern Pride Can be Compared as a Religion

(12/06/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Lately around social media this macro image from the group I Support the Police, Not the Criminals had been circulating around the different walls of Facebook as well Twitter; being re-shared almost 250,000 times.

The problem doesn't go on the number of times the images had been re-shared but on the amount of comments which rounds 4K as well with the number of "likes" as a quantitative method that the image has been approved with rounds on 66,000 times.

Within the macro-image there is a clear message of hate and ignorance, there are several sub-messages that we are going to analyze but overall there is ignorance of the people towards constitutional rights as well how they misidentify an appropriation of an regional identity that has the roots on the Confederacy over the denial of a basic right which the freedom of religion.

A part of this image that is found incredible disturbing is on how many people see Dylan Roof as a martyr, when he as the Confederacy soldiers are just mere assassins but also the generalization over here is that there is a protest to remove an outdated symbol of hate because the correlation of San Bernadino shooting was in the hand of two Islamist means that is OK to deny the rights of a group of people and deny to everyone else the right to emigrate.

  • It is not fair to deny anyone their own right to profess their faith, It will be unconstitutional to deny someone their first amendment.
  • We are a laic society, we weren't formed by Christian principles.
  • There is no national faith and enforcing or even trying to promote Talon's Law on the society is wrong as we are a democratic republic.
  • Juxtaposing Southern Nationalism as if it was part of the constitution shows how quite ignorant you can be towards equality.
  • Thinking and expressing that one religion is not a religion because it doesn't share your set of values, shows how equivocate you are towards how the diversity in culture functions.
  • Calling a religion and cultural group by derogatory terms is a hate crime.
  • Blocking the immigration with reforms and denying the entrance of people based on the solely idea that it will stop terrorism is wrong. There will be acts of terror as long as there is humanity and no matter what happen terrorism threats will show up one way or the other.
  • If we are going to deny any expression of faiths that aren't Christian related, is perfectly fine to deny and banish Christianity as some people pretend to ban Islam. We can ban any public display of religion as whole and become a laic republic.
  • Saying that Fair is Fair, is wrong; it shows how much resentment and hatred is overflowing in the country but also just by reading comments on how some individuals have no clue how their words will affect other people, show how far ignorant we are when we post any bullshit on social media.
The complexity is rather simple, people are ignorant and extremely prideful up to the point they can be blinded by a form of nationalism that can hurt other individuals who are trying to do good for their community. These people don't understand that arming the citizens is not the answer; violence and the channels that it is presented will take many forms. The issue itself is not about guns but how to deal and find a solution with the intolerance that we are living on a daily basis.

On another side, saying that why it is bad to express publicly about white pride and why is a crime to do it? Makes me wonder if these kind of people know about the atrocities that the Klan and other militant Christian groups that are national to the United States do? Probably they don't even know.