Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Legal Rape, the Legal Corruption of the GOP in their Own Hands the Splinter Tea Party

Bill Nelson
Tampa, Fl -- There is a fine print between free expression and harassing individuals in order to persuade the population to vote for your movement. There is no doubt a corruption of the United States Republican Party by their own hands and by their proxy association with the extremist splinter group known as the Tea Party, while on a point there was the eternal dual debacle between liberals and conservators now it has become a fight between the shadow of what was the GOP into what it has become just a stream of political extremists who had associated with shady figures as the actual nominee (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) for the presidency of the United States his subordinate choice of companion, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Todd Akin, Chris Christie, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and just to name a few.

The actual party don't represent anything from what the party was even 30 years ago, the party itself has mutated into a populist wave much as a high class version of Equator, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina had become just a bunch of populist countries that promote demagogy and nothing else and the United States it's following that path and will follow that path as the moment Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will reach the White House, while it won't be the beginning of the end, just a jump into a dark ditch which will take years it will have an effect in which the economy will sink further beyond the Bush taxes because the middle class, the class that built this country will suffer and the international politics will do to as none of the G8 won't enjoy to associate with so called "fiscal conservators" that only will benefit a 1% of the population. 

If you want to know about the G8, the book G8 Climate Change Roundtable (Google Affiliate Ad) offer a glimpse into the politics of the most powerful economies as well the influences they have on the environment. With the recent pseudo scientific comments by Todd Akin, Don H. Dwyer, Santorum and just again to name a few have stirred a controversy on where people had saw the intelligence of the individuals who are in power and yet people keep supporting them which could a be a fallacy in which people don't really have a formed opinion on what is the best for the nation and for themselves.

On a Florida level, Senator Bill Nelson had faced in the electoral (as well many other delegates) on the hands of different super PACs, in the case of Nelson it comes from the machinations of Karl Rove investment on the American Crossroads by buying US$2.4 mill in television advertisement to blast Nelson and diverge attention on a Florida ground from potential unwanted attention by the stupid and out of place comments of Todd Akin about "legitimate rape" which makes us think if there is "legitimate rape" no doubt there is "legitimate bullying" and that's what the Grand Ole Party is doing more than ever.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Operation Keep it Clean in Tampa Bay: No Fair Jobs for Hoes

2001 Odyssey Nude
Tampa, Fl -- The Republican National Convention is almost a reality in Tampa Bay and what it seems a fair move from the police to avoid any inconveniences that would put the Republican Party on a scandal map because of the shameful but well re-known sex tourism reputation that is in the city, the Tampa Police Department has being raiding strip clubs in undercover operatives to also break down any prostitution rings around the city to prevent any negative reactions and press to the city in the dawn of the convention.

Police arrested 16 women , between the ages of 18 and 61 for offering companion services to undercover agents. Undercover agents went to 12 strips clubs in Tampa in search of human trafficking and prostitution rings that involved minors. The police department has information regarding prostitutes coming outside the state in order to work during the convention, which on a similar note the information don't come necessarily from informants as the strip clubs are promoting outside their premises on billboards that adult stars are coming to town on the convention week to explicit salute the politicians.

Tampa Police Department will continue to monitor adult establishments before and after the convention. Assistant chief of Tampa Police Department John Newman said "the operation will serve a dual purpose; one to enforce those folks that aren't following the rules; two is to set the tone out there that we have a standard, we have laws in place that address these types of crimes, and we are going to enforce them." The questions are for the Police Department, why not to enforce these laws regarding prostitution all year long.? Instead of enforcing them when there is a public even and making a fuss in the newspapers that the police is there taking notice on what is happening instead of following reckless drivers.?

The attention will be there as soon a scandal explodes, because the media will be following the key figures everywhere and the political players have to be aware of that but as many people realize that these conservators who preach perfection are the ones that are going to commit the first sin and the media will be there to expose them.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Russian Pussies on Riot

Pussy Riot
First, the situation with Pussy Riot shows how much governments censor any kind of protest, and this scenario won't be strange if any form of fundamentalist government it is implemented in the United States. So far three members of the Russian punk avant-garde  were sentenced to two years in prison for showing opposition to Vladimir Puttin, triggering opposition protests around the world because of the act of the Kremlin showing that hasn't evolved since the days of the iron curtain blocking everything that goes against the party.

Where is the free expression.? At least in Russia is nowhere to be seen since Tolokonnikova, Alekhina and Samutsevich have been detained since February due their protest style flash mob near the altar of Christ the Savior Cathedral which their protest wasn't driven by hate or disrespect but rather the nonconformism toward how the government controls every single aspect of life and any church shouldn't be involved in politics because a church only represents a tiny group and not an entire population.

They didn't violated anything yet when religious aspects take control over every person life, we can protest is anyone free right, even toward any religious institution and is not going to be hooliganism, even in the United States there has been a repression from certain segments of religious institutions in Tennessee bullying general population by implementing religious laws, critiquing Muslims and their beliefs and also violating the first amendment over and over by quoting they can hide behind their main book of creed that is OK to implant their discrimination because it's their religious right, much as it happened with Pussy Riot where their imprisoned had an argument on the authorities that they were disrespectful against the public morals and they weren't.

The protest song they sang said that the Virgin Mary, throw Puttin Out charged with heavy lyrics who aimed also to the support of the Orthodox Church has given to the Russian Parliamentary. The judge who held the case a woman named  Maryna Syrova said that they deliberately sought a public scandal, and they wanted to insult not only the church workers but society as a whole. They deeply insulted Orthodox believers. Still, the believers are the common majority encompassing 65% of the population in the territory and if you feel discomfort you can still protest because we are an heterogeneous society composed of many creeds and people, not an absolute, totalitarian truth as 1984. During the trial, the band members that two of them are mothers, apologized saying that they were trying to make a political point.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An American Psycho: Paul Ryan

Paul & Barack
Not all the psychos are similar to Alfred Hitchcock or Bret Easton Ellis, or as the archetypal I am going to kill you with a gun guy; the people that have the power and unlimited amount of resources are probably thrice dangerous than any maniac with guns. The way Paul Ryan can be seen is similar as the main character in the novel American Psycho Patrick Bateman. Both individuals are antithesis of antiheroes, two men who enjoy the power they have to gain personal benefit even if it inflicts pain on other people.

The problem of Mitt Romney keeps focusing on his terrible decisions which shows the future America is going to take if he takes possession along with Paul Ryan of the White House which will give an indefinite amount of power to these two men as the main branches of power are mainly Republican, and they focus on their politics to outsource the jobs and sink the country in a deficit that it will be difficult to the surface out again; but the biggest problem are the ignorant segments of the middle class which believe the demagogy of Mitt Romney and see Obama as the source of the problem we are facing today while the source can be traced to the George W. Busch era and even beyond that point where Ronald Reagan focused on keeping the rich rich.

The problem are the ignorant's who thinks they know everything but at the end are the victims supporting their bullies to reach the powers because they are focused to believe in the lies that they can not see what problems lay beyond their porches. Some people described as Paul Ryan as a fiscal conservator but in reality he is just a shadow of Mitt Romney, someone who only can see money to put in their pockets or to backup conglomerates. He voted for the Medicare Part D that in essence costed more than the Obama health reform, and voters are even ignoring the Part D because an average American really don't read anything regarding health or actual events because the blind trust they have on the people of power. Maybe that's the problem that this psycho could get elected along with Romney because the middle class enjoy having other people to make decisions for them.

A man has no rights to make decisions on a woman's body, yet as Patrick Bateman he enjoys dominating every single decision on a woman's body as the original psycho did with Christie before he killed her and that's Ryan, just another psycho who thinks women has no right over their bodies as he stated on his 1998 campaign to prosecute women who undergo abortions. So, probably it's better to analyze the scenarios where is OK to bring a child to world where he is going to suffer and eventually be abandoned by the Republican party instead of planning their maternal futures, or what in the case of a rape.? A woman has her right to decide if she wants keep the child, abort it or place it for adoption. Is unfair on many levels that a man as Ryan wants to control females through his political reign along with Romney, we are in the 21st Century yet according to the Republican Party, women are just mere property items.

Log Cabin Republicans who vote for Romney and thus Ryan have to think twice because there is no sacrifice good enough only a stupidity to vote for these two buffoons as they plan to create a constitutional ban on marriage equality as well to put back every single achievement of the community back before Stonewall where it is OK to discriminate against LGTBQ individuals.

Maybe the current political trade can be focused on the continent trends where the Tea Party can be associated with Chavistas and Sandinistas movements that are focused on populism, where charismatic yet wealthy leaders convince the voters to vote for them in order to satisfy their economic interest. The problem again can be traced in the voters not the independent but the ones who can't make a good decisions because at the end maybe we the people we will listen to a monologue from Romney and Ryan regarding that they didn't care what they did but they are proud anyway.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lil' Mouse - The Innocence of a Child, or a P.R. Stint?

Lil' Mouse
There is a fine line between art, creativity, free speech and keep it real; but when you see a so called 13 year old kid rapping in a way he is glorying the culture streets of Chicago as well talking about sexual intercourse then you realize if this's a publicity stunt or the parents of a kid who don't have any kind of moral or paternal skills. That's the life of Chicago based rapper Lil' Mouse.

Unfortunately there hasn't been a public outcry on the why's and whats of Lil' Mouse behavior because if a 13 years old say a bunch of vulgarities , promoting a shallow lifestyle and woman abuse there should be the intervention of social services. His recent video Get Smoked video has reached around 300.000 views so far on Youtube but it has a margin of almost 3.000 people who dislike the video and around 3.000 negatives comments overall made you wonder if this video got the great amount of views by buying them.

It's not an uncommon phenomenon to buy views, albeit it's illegal it can reach the Youtubers on the top 10 list of the day and get extra attention they want, that's why it's difficult to believe the views of this video aren't staged based on the juxtaposition of the statistics and comments. 

There are several points to compare which right now the critique received by Snoop Dog and Kanye are ridicule compared to what Lil' Mouse promoters are doing in placing a kid in the middle of the spotlight in such a negative way. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Lil' Mouse lives in Roseland, Chicago; a district that is plagued by violence and gang activity, which made you wonder if the intentions behind the video are to keep it real.? Because at the end the kids are going to get exposed to the real world no matter what and maybe Lil' Mouse it's reflecting that.? Difficult to say yes, it's difficult for a kid to become involved in violence  that is exposed on the imagery of this video, albeit not far-fetched as people on the gangs are involved in younger age, but when you see the glamour of this video you can realize the p.r. stint behind Lil' Mouse but yet it's a negative impact he is creating to the African and Hispanic youths.

- I'm rolling, all my niggas rolling. 30 clip and them hollow tips have his ass sitting in Roseland Floating of a pill, pussy bad'll kill My niggas in the field; you might get killed.. - When you hear and listen all these kinds of nonsense and filthy words coming out from a child mouth then you realize it is the fault of the parents and no one else, but when you see the sociological factors even if the parents are trying to sell the reality of their environment it becomes worse because of their lack of morals. 

Rapper, Che "Rhymefest" Smith, who also engages in politics as he is well known for trying to get a seat in the municipal assembly on the 20th Ward, expressed that the lyrics of Lil' Mouse about sex and violence are representing a "new culture of rap music from Chicago that is glorifying violence and drugs." yet is not new because that itself it's gangsta rap and the words coming from a child don't make the situation new they made it worse to the point humiliating the African-American culture who are trying to distance themselves from this shameful movement.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Obama Support Gay Marriage and Abortion

Republican Billboard at 6202 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33614
This billboard is only 1.5 miles away from my house, coming from work it got my attention because I thought I probably misread it,but what the caption says also the small prints are - OBAMA SUPPORTS GAY MARRIAGE & ABORTION (DO YOU) - VOTE REPUBLICAN - PAID BY THE REPUBLICAN UNION PAC, NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE'S COMMITTEE

I got amazed and probably I passed three four times before having the chance of taking a photo of the billboard which is located 6202 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33614, if this is free expression then I can say that free expression is a bunch of non nonsensical words that people associate with being bullies, I can say I am not voting for the Republican Party in my life because people who ridicule women rights and civil rights they don't deserve the respect of any person on the face of the Earth because we as a collective we'd advanced a lot since the segregation days and since the Stonewall riots.

Duval County - Fl; A Decisive County For Obama to Win in Florida

Jacksonville - Fl
Tampa, Fl -- Is quite difficult to think about Duval County about one of the places that there is an enthusiasm for the Democratic party because historically this place has been Republican oriented albeit not necessarily strict as Hillsborough but yet Duval is extremely unpredictable with the voters trends because even if the orientation goes on the GOP doesn't mean they Grand Old Party will have a secure victory on Florida is they win voters on County Area.

There is a lot of contradiction in the area, if you drive to any part of the county you will find every stereotype imaginable, much as a starburst, from redneck Democrats, to amazing views and bridges as Chicago, inner city minnorities who will complain about crime, hipster Republicans drinking coffee at Starbucks and whatever you can imagine - yet it is one of the most misunderstood and under studied counties in Florida regarding political trends as well city management -. If we look the last two Republican mayors raised taxes and fees significantly, while the new Democratic mayor Alvin Brown has Tea Party activist hailing his fiscal conservationism, historically this county that Republican candidates win by 15% points can be nailed by a Democratic candidate much as the south part of the State.

On 2004, George W. defeated Kerry in Duval by a 62.000 votes margin, while previous candidate John McCain who is a former resident of Jacksonville barely went through the 10.000 votes, but do Obama has what it needs to conquer a predominantly red county?. Who knows?. From one side when he won on 2008 there was an enthusiasm because he was the first African American who conquered the hearts of people and motivated them to go out and vote, yet the other side of the problem rallies on the conformism of the people to not think beyond their bubble and complain for minimal details not even thinking that all the problems we have now are from the previous administration which was a Republican cabinet that lasted for almost a decade.

The problem is not in Duval, but rather how close he can keep it because if the campaign can't keep closer than seven or eight percentage points from the Republican campaign it will become hard to make up for those votes around the State. One of the elemental keys are the votes of the African-Americans because it compose a body of 530.000 voters who develop a decisive point in the electoral race as well a key in the victory of Obama.    

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Political Chicken

It's difficult to think of a political symbol that can be summarized in a place, there are plenty but it's more difficult to believe yet because of the efforts by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee probably the fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A could be considered one of those items where the exercise of politics was executed on the second century of the second millennium. It's impossible yet possible to believe that the struggle for civil rights went from a segregated drinking fountains, to a bus, to a million men march, to the internet and now to a fast food restaurant; probably all of these situations can be attributed to the ever evolving media who positions people and struggles of power in to new heights and places.

After all the scandal regarding Dan Cathy stance on marriage there were three different outcomes to the Chick-Fil-A situation, all three were different but yet interlinked by a chicken sandwich.. The first outcome was that profits for the company after the appreciation day organized by the former governor which declared an unofficial holiday as August the 1st as Chick-Fil-A appreciation day yet as Jim Wilson's from the Tucson Citizen said -
  Time will declare Chick-fil-A to be on the losing side of the culture war.  After all the general trend is that Americans are becoming more sexually open and more embracing of personal freedom than ever. Religious conservatives hate this.  The traditionalist old guard is not getting any younger, and won’t be around forever and ironically, eating at Chick-fil-A won’t help with them live longer.
Which is true on a certain degree because if you want to be in the political fight and be healthy the last thing you want to do is eat in a fast food restaurant and society is becoming more open regarding what people call traditional values because much of these traditional values are stuck in a line of thinking and time where nuclear families were the predominant aspect after the post war era and I Love Lucy was the number one show on television and as far today neither of those aspects are alive as families had evolved beyond the nuclear theology and Lucile Ball as well Desi Arnaz are dead.

It's a culture war and is a topic that can get extended to many levels but society indeed is evolving and right wingers had tried to stop and keep the status-quo but not matter who they try or lobby in the government it is not their business to dictate how society has to live specially because North America is not a Theocratic nation which is strictly Abrahamic because this is a pluralistic society.

The second outcome of the chicken wars comes regarding freedom of speech, freedom of religion, hate speech, protesting and vandalism. The Kiss-In protest didn't bring many people around opposite to the fanatics who went to the appreciation day but it also had a good coverage around social media and the news around the country spawning several micro events to protest against the company; but the actions of the protest can be seen into two different divergent points, the first one and most important goes solely on what the protest is about on why the company keeps supporting hate groups recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well lobbying for private interest which was the main point that enraged civil rights activists.

The second part of the second outcome comes within the protest even if Chick-Fil-A has done their part there was no need to vandalize with a graffiti the wall of a restaurant as if you want your voice to be heard there is no need to go in the same level as some right-winger fanatical's that threat people in the same way.

The third and last outcome comes in a way no one expected and it came from the Chick-Fil-A circle, by a manager named Anthony Picolla, the manager of the New Hampshire branch and as was informed by TIME Magazine he took a different path from the president of the company and opted to sponsor a pride festival in November at Manchester, New Hampshire; being probably the only one individual from the powers of the company that is supporting a civil right cause, but the question is if this man who opted to took a different stance from the company is going to get penalties by the CEO's as he dared to defied the company policies.? Who knows but a new chapter in the culture wars has started and a young pastor named Sarah Halverson has joined the battle to show that even with our differences we are all equal.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why People Gathered to Support a Chain food Restaurant instead of Helping the Poor?

There is a hypocrisy where you read religious freedom and doing a good deed in your life time; there is of course certain indignation regarding the event of Chick-Fil-A appreciation day where the viewers can see the hypocrisy of some people to say they are being prosecuted because of their religious beliefs but yet you will never see a large congregation of people who are in the same branch of faith to support a national chain of fast food restaurant instead of doing a good will as it is stated on their core beliefs.

It's amazing how many individuals juxtapose religion and business on the same level, but overall it's amazing to see how people just follow a fad instead of following a call of servitude, but no one can deny that Chick-Fil-A had a good revenue on August the first thanks to the event promoted by Mike Huckabee regarding how his core beliefs were insulted by a group of people who had the valency to stood up against a company that donates to hate groups when someone should get offended if they attack the foundation of their ideology but not a restaurant.

Religious freedom can't be associated with a public relation strategy to eat in a restaurant, then the Westboro Baptist Church has their own right to attack everybody who don't believe the same nucleus of beliefs because they are on their own expression and is sheltered in the constitution given permission to them to being violent; yet across the country you could see all the restaurants packed beyond their capacity because people where fighting over religious freedom, instead of knowing that teachings their religion preach which you can't bacon or chicken as is presented in the format here, maybe is ignorance and confusion to their own upbringings because is OK to twist different aspects of your beliefs in order to adjust them to your life. 

But yet, it is OK to twist and bend in order to generate profit which by many standards it can be consider a sin, even lying in order to gain money is wrong or to give support not to a charity but a corporation seems OK, so where are the good Christian values after this stint, this is not free speech or support to execute any religious ideology anyone profess, what Martin Luther King Jr did was to promote inclusion, defend freedom of speech and rights, yet what Mike Huckabee and the thousands of people who gathered around Chick-Fil-A was a public demonstration of ignorance because they spent the money on a shallow way instead of actually doing something noble for the less fortunate.