Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why People Gathered to Support a Chain food Restaurant instead of Helping the Poor?

There is a hypocrisy where you read religious freedom and doing a good deed in your life time; there is of course certain indignation regarding the event of Chick-Fil-A appreciation day where the viewers can see the hypocrisy of some people to say they are being prosecuted because of their religious beliefs but yet you will never see a large congregation of people who are in the same branch of faith to support a national chain of fast food restaurant instead of doing a good will as it is stated on their core beliefs.

It's amazing how many individuals juxtapose religion and business on the same level, but overall it's amazing to see how people just follow a fad instead of following a call of servitude, but no one can deny that Chick-Fil-A had a good revenue on August the first thanks to the event promoted by Mike Huckabee regarding how his core beliefs were insulted by a group of people who had the valency to stood up against a company that donates to hate groups when someone should get offended if they attack the foundation of their ideology but not a restaurant.

Religious freedom can't be associated with a public relation strategy to eat in a restaurant, then the Westboro Baptist Church has their own right to attack everybody who don't believe the same nucleus of beliefs because they are on their own expression and is sheltered in the constitution given permission to them to being violent; yet across the country you could see all the restaurants packed beyond their capacity because people where fighting over religious freedom, instead of knowing that teachings their religion preach which you can't bacon or chicken as is presented in the format here, maybe is ignorance and confusion to their own upbringings because is OK to twist different aspects of your beliefs in order to adjust them to your life. 

But yet, it is OK to twist and bend in order to generate profit which by many standards it can be consider a sin, even lying in order to gain money is wrong or to give support not to a charity but a corporation seems OK, so where are the good Christian values after this stint, this is not free speech or support to execute any religious ideology anyone profess, what Martin Luther King Jr did was to promote inclusion, defend freedom of speech and rights, yet what Mike Huckabee and the thousands of people who gathered around Chick-Fil-A was a public demonstration of ignorance because they spent the money on a shallow way instead of actually doing something noble for the less fortunate.

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