Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Political Chicken

It's difficult to think of a political symbol that can be summarized in a place, there are plenty but it's more difficult to believe yet because of the efforts by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee probably the fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A could be considered one of those items where the exercise of politics was executed on the second century of the second millennium. It's impossible yet possible to believe that the struggle for civil rights went from a segregated drinking fountains, to a bus, to a million men march, to the internet and now to a fast food restaurant; probably all of these situations can be attributed to the ever evolving media who positions people and struggles of power in to new heights and places.

After all the scandal regarding Dan Cathy stance on marriage there were three different outcomes to the Chick-Fil-A situation, all three were different but yet interlinked by a chicken sandwich.. The first outcome was that profits for the company after the appreciation day organized by the former governor which declared an unofficial holiday as August the 1st as Chick-Fil-A appreciation day yet as Jim Wilson's from the Tucson Citizen said -
  Time will declare Chick-fil-A to be on the losing side of the culture war.  After all the general trend is that Americans are becoming more sexually open and more embracing of personal freedom than ever. Religious conservatives hate this.  The traditionalist old guard is not getting any younger, and won’t be around forever and ironically, eating at Chick-fil-A won’t help with them live longer.
Which is true on a certain degree because if you want to be in the political fight and be healthy the last thing you want to do is eat in a fast food restaurant and society is becoming more open regarding what people call traditional values because much of these traditional values are stuck in a line of thinking and time where nuclear families were the predominant aspect after the post war era and I Love Lucy was the number one show on television and as far today neither of those aspects are alive as families had evolved beyond the nuclear theology and Lucile Ball as well Desi Arnaz are dead.

It's a culture war and is a topic that can get extended to many levels but society indeed is evolving and right wingers had tried to stop and keep the status-quo but not matter who they try or lobby in the government it is not their business to dictate how society has to live specially because North America is not a Theocratic nation which is strictly Abrahamic because this is a pluralistic society.

The second outcome of the chicken wars comes regarding freedom of speech, freedom of religion, hate speech, protesting and vandalism. The Kiss-In protest didn't bring many people around opposite to the fanatics who went to the appreciation day but it also had a good coverage around social media and the news around the country spawning several micro events to protest against the company; but the actions of the protest can be seen into two different divergent points, the first one and most important goes solely on what the protest is about on why the company keeps supporting hate groups recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as well lobbying for private interest which was the main point that enraged civil rights activists.

The second part of the second outcome comes within the protest even if Chick-Fil-A has done their part there was no need to vandalize with a graffiti the wall of a restaurant as if you want your voice to be heard there is no need to go in the same level as some right-winger fanatical's that threat people in the same way.

The third and last outcome comes in a way no one expected and it came from the Chick-Fil-A circle, by a manager named Anthony Picolla, the manager of the New Hampshire branch and as was informed by TIME Magazine he took a different path from the president of the company and opted to sponsor a pride festival in November at Manchester, New Hampshire; being probably the only one individual from the powers of the company that is supporting a civil right cause, but the question is if this man who opted to took a different stance from the company is going to get penalties by the CEO's as he dared to defied the company policies.? Who knows but a new chapter in the culture wars has started and a young pastor named Sarah Halverson has joined the battle to show that even with our differences we are all equal.

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