Monday, August 20, 2012

Operation Keep it Clean in Tampa Bay: No Fair Jobs for Hoes

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Tampa, Fl -- The Republican National Convention is almost a reality in Tampa Bay and what it seems a fair move from the police to avoid any inconveniences that would put the Republican Party on a scandal map because of the shameful but well re-known sex tourism reputation that is in the city, the Tampa Police Department has being raiding strip clubs in undercover operatives to also break down any prostitution rings around the city to prevent any negative reactions and press to the city in the dawn of the convention.

Police arrested 16 women , between the ages of 18 and 61 for offering companion services to undercover agents. Undercover agents went to 12 strips clubs in Tampa in search of human trafficking and prostitution rings that involved minors. The police department has information regarding prostitutes coming outside the state in order to work during the convention, which on a similar note the information don't come necessarily from informants as the strip clubs are promoting outside their premises on billboards that adult stars are coming to town on the convention week to explicit salute the politicians.

Tampa Police Department will continue to monitor adult establishments before and after the convention. Assistant chief of Tampa Police Department John Newman said "the operation will serve a dual purpose; one to enforce those folks that aren't following the rules; two is to set the tone out there that we have a standard, we have laws in place that address these types of crimes, and we are going to enforce them." The questions are for the Police Department, why not to enforce these laws regarding prostitution all year long.? Instead of enforcing them when there is a public even and making a fuss in the newspapers that the police is there taking notice on what is happening instead of following reckless drivers.?

The attention will be there as soon a scandal explodes, because the media will be following the key figures everywhere and the political players have to be aware of that but as many people realize that these conservators who preach perfection are the ones that are going to commit the first sin and the media will be there to expose them.

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