Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Legal Rape, the Legal Corruption of the GOP in their Own Hands the Splinter Tea Party

Bill Nelson
Tampa, Fl -- There is a fine print between free expression and harassing individuals in order to persuade the population to vote for your movement. There is no doubt a corruption of the United States Republican Party by their own hands and by their proxy association with the extremist splinter group known as the Tea Party, while on a point there was the eternal dual debacle between liberals and conservators now it has become a fight between the shadow of what was the GOP into what it has become just a stream of political extremists who had associated with shady figures as the actual nominee (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) for the presidency of the United States his subordinate choice of companion, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Todd Akin, Chris Christie, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and just to name a few.

The actual party don't represent anything from what the party was even 30 years ago, the party itself has mutated into a populist wave much as a high class version of Equator, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina had become just a bunch of populist countries that promote demagogy and nothing else and the United States it's following that path and will follow that path as the moment Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will reach the White House, while it won't be the beginning of the end, just a jump into a dark ditch which will take years it will have an effect in which the economy will sink further beyond the Bush taxes because the middle class, the class that built this country will suffer and the international politics will do to as none of the G8 won't enjoy to associate with so called "fiscal conservators" that only will benefit a 1% of the population. 

If you want to know about the G8, the book G8 Climate Change Roundtable (Google Affiliate Ad) offer a glimpse into the politics of the most powerful economies as well the influences they have on the environment. With the recent pseudo scientific comments by Todd Akin, Don H. Dwyer, Santorum and just again to name a few have stirred a controversy on where people had saw the intelligence of the individuals who are in power and yet people keep supporting them which could a be a fallacy in which people don't really have a formed opinion on what is the best for the nation and for themselves.

On a Florida level, Senator Bill Nelson had faced in the electoral (as well many other delegates) on the hands of different super PACs, in the case of Nelson it comes from the machinations of Karl Rove investment on the American Crossroads by buying US$2.4 mill in television advertisement to blast Nelson and diverge attention on a Florida ground from potential unwanted attention by the stupid and out of place comments of Todd Akin about "legitimate rape" which makes us think if there is "legitimate rape" no doubt there is "legitimate bullying" and that's what the Grand Ole Party is doing more than ever.

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