Sunday, August 19, 2012

Russian Pussies on Riot

Pussy Riot
First, the situation with Pussy Riot shows how much governments censor any kind of protest, and this scenario won't be strange if any form of fundamentalist government it is implemented in the United States. So far three members of the Russian punk avant-garde  were sentenced to two years in prison for showing opposition to Vladimir Puttin, triggering opposition protests around the world because of the act of the Kremlin showing that hasn't evolved since the days of the iron curtain blocking everything that goes against the party.

Where is the free expression.? At least in Russia is nowhere to be seen since Tolokonnikova, Alekhina and Samutsevich have been detained since February due their protest style flash mob near the altar of Christ the Savior Cathedral which their protest wasn't driven by hate or disrespect but rather the nonconformism toward how the government controls every single aspect of life and any church shouldn't be involved in politics because a church only represents a tiny group and not an entire population.

They didn't violated anything yet when religious aspects take control over every person life, we can protest is anyone free right, even toward any religious institution and is not going to be hooliganism, even in the United States there has been a repression from certain segments of religious institutions in Tennessee bullying general population by implementing religious laws, critiquing Muslims and their beliefs and also violating the first amendment over and over by quoting they can hide behind their main book of creed that is OK to implant their discrimination because it's their religious right, much as it happened with Pussy Riot where their imprisoned had an argument on the authorities that they were disrespectful against the public morals and they weren't.

The protest song they sang said that the Virgin Mary, throw Puttin Out charged with heavy lyrics who aimed also to the support of the Orthodox Church has given to the Russian Parliamentary. The judge who held the case a woman named  Maryna Syrova said that they deliberately sought a public scandal, and they wanted to insult not only the church workers but society as a whole. They deeply insulted Orthodox believers. Still, the believers are the common majority encompassing 65% of the population in the territory and if you feel discomfort you can still protest because we are an heterogeneous society composed of many creeds and people, not an absolute, totalitarian truth as 1984. During the trial, the band members that two of them are mothers, apologized saying that they were trying to make a political point.  

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