Friday, April 20, 2012

Sad Whores of the Secret Service of the United States

Aka Dania
While there are many men who had fallen by the charms of women, I been wondering what the hell happened to the Secret Service that decided to act extremely unprofessional in the margin of an important political meeting. Dania Ramirez is just an over glorified whore and that's it, the men of the secret service are just losers who couldn't appreciate their families and their jobs to lose everything they had because of a group of call girls.

While is true, there is a major problematic in the city for sex tourism, (I know because I am from Cartagena) yet the problematic flourished into the surface one more time because it was in he hands of a few foreigners who had also the luck to be working to one of the most powerful man in the entire world. Yet, I hope the problematic won't go into the oblivion because the city itself has been overshadowed many times in the last 3 years by the scandals perpetuated by foreigners who went only to have a good time in shady business and some of them died because they enjoyed themselves way too much.

The whores are just sad because they couldn't get the money they thought they were going to get but the men of the Service are just sadder because they didn't got everything they wanted but me as a Cartagenero I am just sadder to see how the city's name get tainted one more time by this negative publicity, which I hope the local Government do something to improve the name because with every exposition of the call girls, the city is just drowning a little more into deep waters. 

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