Friday, April 20, 2012

Beyond the Whores, The Political Scandals of the America's Summit

Obama at the Convention Center in Cartagena
Beyond the prostitution scandal in Cartagena de Indias; that became a point where show the weakness of the Secret Service of the United States, lust and power by the hands of a group of prostitutes or as they are called prepaid girls, but at the end that's what they are just plain old prostitutes.

But, the real problem doesn't lie exactly on the fault of the men of the Secret Service but rather a mix of bad politics because of the W. Bush administration in an 8 year period where deteriorated the face of America in a region as Latin America where is composed by mostly populist governments around different countries as well the anti-sentiment propaganda left by the populist movement who are not fanatics to see the intrusion of the market economy into their fragile economic systems.

Quoting an old phrase, is not the fault of the Liberal media agenda; there is no such thing as the liberal media; just a bunch of conservators who can't see beyond their egocentric noses as on the moment of making politics and choosing always the same line of candidates into their ranks who end up destroying the reputation of the country. Yes, I do blame the hegemony of the Republicans and their decisions at the moment of showing America a a tentacled beast instead of showing the opportunities the country business oportunities in the international grounds.

Obama was a saint on that meting, specially because much of his political opponents on an international level where there with the exception of Hugo Chavez. Legalization of the drugs, probably is hurting some parts of the continent such as Mexico and where Vicente Fox is a major supporter due the actions of the different cartels around his country as well as Evo Morales, the leftist but jolly Chief of Bolivia where he lectured Obama about a simple solution of demand and offer and how that solution can put a rest to the major problem of drugs in the Americas.

And as quoted by the Guardian Then, there is trade. Obama and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos also announced that the US-Colombian Free Trade Agreement would take full force 15 May. Colombian and US labor leaders decried the move, since Colombia is the worst country on Earth for trade unionists. Labor organizers are regularly murdered in Colombia, with at least 34 killed in the past year and a half.
When Obama was first running for president, he promised to oppose the Colombia FTA, "because the violence against unions in Colombia would make a mockery of the very labor protections that we have insisted be included in these kinds of agreements." That year, 54 Colombian trade unionists were killed. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said the announcement "is deeply disappointing and troubling". Republicans, on the other hand, are offering grudging praise to Obama for pushing the FTA.
On Cuba, Obama took the globally unpopular position of defending the US embargo. Even at home, polls show that a strong majority of the American people and businesses support an end to the embargo. The US also succeeded, once again, in banning Cuba from the summit, prompting Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to boycott the meeting this year. 

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