Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Fragility of the Law System and How the Media tends to Publish What they Want

Zimmerman, George
So, with the Zimmerman/ Martin case we have seen how really fragile the justice is in Florida; to the point we can validate our opinion through the case of Casey Anthony that justice is just a mere game in the Sunshine State; it's difficult to blame any government of that last decades but the system in the State is quite bland or quite harsh but no only that the media around the State tend to be biased regarding certain issues such as racial crimes, immigration, LGTB rights, minorities rights, women rights as well approach in local politics where they tend to do propaganda; it's a big oximoron but it's true, the justice system is not perfect and the media aren't being honest with carrying the message. What really happened the night Trayvon got killed? Sure the kid is dead and Zimmerman ruined his life but at the end this is only a story of loss and grieve.

So what really happened?. The news haven't give any information, they only show the sides they want to project, justice is being week with George Zimmerman, and so far he is the only whose criminal record has been shown to the public because he is 28 years old, and there are not going to be information released about about Trayvon Martin because he was 17, so what was this? Another example of racial discrimination between two ethnic groups? A really angry man who shouldn't be carrying a gun? A problematic teenager who was probably doing something else and the skittles are the red herring? What really happened and why the media really don't say anything that could give a real clue; because they need to sell and the family members of each victim won't say anything about the real personas but the thing that's been bothering me it's the sensationalism of this crime as a journalist I wouldn't be selling the image in a morbid way of a dead teenager who there is little to no information about his backgrounds and a man who has emotional conflicts.

The media is not handling this case well, the justice system is not showing itself as strong as they like to think they are and as a Floridian it really creeps me out that justice is divided on how to execute the law without the magister and the jury controlling their emotions and experiences to create a fair trial.

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