Friday, April 6, 2012

In The Name of The Father, And the Humanistic Way of Living Through the Lent

It's Easter again; and, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Ghost many crimes were and still committed; I don't really understand but at the same time I do the objective of Penance, maybe I am not spiritual, I really hate using that word, but overall I dislike the fanaticism that many people try to impose to people who don't believe in any precept of Christianity because they practice a different kind of theology and ideology but yet the most intriguing part it's the objective of penance, why to do penitence for 40 days? and  not a lifetime?. It's kind of strange, 40 days every year won't assure you are going to heaven, or that you are a good Christian, 40 days every year over a life time means nothing and yet, these seems mostly as a tradition rather than an act who can create a change.

You have to give on something, to get something back, or in other words don't eat meat because it's Good Friday; someone close to me told me that before Good Friday or otherwise I will be acting against the Lord, so if I am going to act against the Lord? Shall I believe in the principles of Christianity and Catholicism first?. Some people can say my ad-hoc because it can be related to justice, so if I don't believe in justice and kill someone I can say I am not a criminal? No, I can't as there is a difference between not believing in a dogma and just breaking the law; so, no I am not going to hell because I ate meat for 40 days during Lent, I will be going to hell if I kill someone, but I don't need to make a sacrifice either as I already sacrificed too much to be in the place where I am as well I don't need to do a sacrifice because I am not an adherent of the Christian faith but yet the 1% of the world is dedicated to make the world Christian.

The world can be bizarre as there is no really equality in certain areas of the daily living and that's the saddest part because if you are not part of the majority, or go to a church then you are technically excluded even with the basic rights, or as some people say, if you are not white, Christian and a man then don't expect too much. Probably that was my epiphany that Easter it's just like any other day and personally I don't give too much or any importance at all.

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