Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For Boys who Like Boys who like Girls who Like Girls who like Boys who like Girls who are Wild

San Francisco Downtown Night
Sometimes I feel life is much like Tales of the City mixed with a little dash of Sex and the City; but, sex attitudes are far away more complicated who show on television or on any books who tell the sex life of a group of people. Life is more complicated than that, as well try to find your perfect match on a world that has lost some of the values regarding courtship, dating and eventually finding the person you love the most and you love to see him/her naked no matter the looks. That's probably an easy way to explain it, you know you are attracted to your only one because it meets your criteria not only on a physical level but on an emotional one; and the emotional part can satisfy more than just a mirage of "perfection" that will disappear  over time.

Girls who Like Girls
For girls who like girls, for boys who like boys, for boys who like girls and for girls who like boys; I can tell you all, that love is simple, it shouldn't be complicated, but as humans we tend to complicate, but we tend to grow up from every relationship, every date and every moment we spend alone trying to discover who we are and who is that person who will love; sure that asexuality is not strange in human beings, but also sensuality it's not strange either but more for me love it's actually simple and as I told my friend Karen love for me it's to be happy to see the person I love the most, not getting kick out from bed even when I have my night terrors and be able to sleep on the top like a cat. It's kind of a simplistic view but it's my own view.

Beyond the Pale: Kissing Bears
It's just that human relationships can be complex, but if we look beyond any point that can create a problem, if we learn to grow up as a couple, as well persons, also as friends; then we can have something wonderful, because the human ability to evolve and adapt is amazing; but if you close yourself in a bubble then you will deprive yourself into realizing how diverse and amazing humanity is.

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