Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leap of Faith (Short Story)

(A Short Story)

Faith was on the rooftop, she was alone, people on the bottom were looking at her; her life became a mess after her fiancé went to jail for cocaine production and trafficking. She was there alone in the Sheraton of Downtown Tampa, the police was behind her, trying to avoid a tragedy but they couldn't go closer as she was too close to the void.

- It's not about God will save me, salvation is just a shallow word lieutenant Michaels. She said to officer.

- Why you say that?.

- Because those are shallow promises, denial to avoid reality by people who can't see the world. You see, the world problems aren't answer by prayers, believing is one thing, putting in action what the dogma say is another. People will never change because they are just people.

- I can help you on finding a job, a place, just don't kill yourself young lady.

- Sorry Ma'am, if God really exist, he or she will forgive my acts, there is nothing to do here.

Then she jump, falling to her dead. Michaels was completely in shock because she wasn't expecting her to jump to her dead, everyone was in silence because a girl was dead, a girl who had information regarding a drug circle between Gainesville and Tampa Bay and now she was gone. Faith was used as an object and the Police Department didn't offered any protection as she was only a victim, her fiancĂ© problems were following her and the dealers were going to kill her if she ever dared to said something, but at the end Faith took one leap and she saw the world fading, everything falling apart as she fall to her death. The world was deconstructing slowly, breaking into tiny pieces before she disappeared into the event horizon that men and women call death. 

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