Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Politics and an Indecisive Set of Voters

PlanetWire Photo of Capitol
This is the first time that I am not posting an specific photo or placing an specific example about any of the candidates but it make think even if I had lived in two different countries, I see the same example an indecisive set of people who only see the party and not really what the candidates have to offer or as my father say a bunch of fools who swallow the first lies the candidates say because they have no fucking (jodida) idea about the development of the country. Yes my father speaks Spanish, and he is right on that one, people have no clue about the country well being because they don't read and they only vote for the candidate because the candidates project their hopes and dreams but at the end the candidates are only there to try to steal as much as they can without thinking about any major social progress.

That's the point any candidate will take advantage the ignorance of the people and their passion for their own parties, even if the parties don't represent the actual reality. Remembering my days in Cartagena, I can say ignorance is a bliss because through the use of demagogy they conquered the population, beside that the use of propaganda also played a definite factor in their winning because people associated the acquisitive power of the candidate as a good sign, let's face it politics at the end are a popularity contest to convince the stupidest and I am not talking exclusive about Cartagena, I am talking about the South of the United States where politics play another dirty card appealing through the feelings using religion, because if the voters see the candidates reflect their religious values they can bet safe with a vote, and people will speak about them.

The common majority of the South is Baptist, no secret on that, while the most common majority of the North are Catholic, but one point regarding religion it is if you are a candidate and you are not from the common majority that can backfired because let's face it, American's aren't open to people who think way too different from them, even if we have an Afro President, there are still controversies because the ignorance of the voters can play a major point at the moment of nourishing the propaganda.

So yes, think and know what is happening with your country before even going to vote even in blank, just vote, don't abstain because otherwise the worst candidate can get chosen and then there is no reason to keep calling the name Democracy because we don't exercise the right to vote.    

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