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The Most Annoying Pokemon of the First Five Generations: Generation I List

Pika Pika
Tampa, Fl -- If you are an older gamer who had played Pokemon and know how fun the game it is you will also know how annoying some of the Pokemon are just found by navigating through the grass or by preset encounters where the player is obligated to capture them or kill them on the process, probably if you watch the cartoon you also realize how annoying Pikachu can be by his ever eternal one line that as soon the viewer/ fanatic of the game grows older realize this furry rat is far less from being cute and shall be exterminated.

Generation One:

Pikachu: At first this cute tiny mouse, could be a blessing in disguise with the water gym and defeating Misty, but going trough the Elite Four is as useless as a Pidgey facing an electric type Pokemon level 99; but this little rodent became the mascot not only for being the most versatile but only being the cutest one over Clefairy which even if Clefairy is a Normal-type and has a wide variety of movements which are more powerful than Pikachu's yet got relegated to a second plane and only a bundle of appearance on the television show. I can not watch the television show and listening to Pikachu and think "this could be the most entertaining conversation in the entire episode."

Snorlax: If you played Generation I without a walk-through you probably remember seeing two of  these chubby fellows blocking an entire route because the paths on the Pokemon world are abnormally tiny where hypothetically a tragedy strikes the people of the cities and towns wouldn't be able to evacuate on time and back in 1996 there weren't many website dedicated to relief the frustration of the players.

On a funny side Snorlax is one of the most powerful ones regarding his status even if is a Normal-type, it plays really well on against the league that if it's properly trained in conjuction with Charizard you can defeat the entire League and the Champion with only these two.

Kangashkan: Amazing Pokemon, annoying to catch because the rate was even lower than Tauros and in my opinion Tauros was the most annoying Pokemon ever to catch because the Safari Zone didn't offer too much options for a battle and you had to walk around just to get Tauros and this one. One thing that always made me wonder about Kangashkan it was how they reproduce.? The population is entirely female, there are no males around, yet the carry a baby on their pouches. Maybe the reproduce through partogenesis or they do like the clown fish.? Who knows, it's a mystery that hasn't been explained at all.

Tauros: Annoying as hell, annoying to catch, annoying to fight against, but a really good to fight with. Probably the developers when they created the Safari Zone, they did it for the "lols" to annoy the gamers by trying to catch some nearly impossible Pokemon's but at the same time thank God and the wise men from who made the Gameshark because they facilitated the players to catch and trigger events easier than just playing the game straight in row. But how many people lose so much time trying to complete the Pokemon's found in the Safari Zone.? Who really knows, but that is a nightmare that has disappeared with over the years.

Metapod and Kakuna: The most useless Pokemon's of Generation I, they really don't do nothing and even if they harden enough they couldn't achieve anything, even if they had medicines to boost their attack. Even on subsequent generations all bugs who go to the cocoon stage they suck with the exception of Volcarona who is really useful against Dragon-type Pokemon's.

Pidgey: The only real use this Pokemon has is as a quick transportation method, beyond that point they are annoying as hell, even annoying than Rattata because they appear everywhere and they really don't do much beside basic attacks.

Next week, we are going to continue with the most annoying Pokemon's on Generation II. If you have any suggestion leave a comment below or any other of Generation I that you think is annoying too.

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