Monday, January 14, 2013

Tampa, Craiglist and Selling Marijuana around USF (Photos)

Tampa, Fl -- The problem with the cannabis and the traffic is taking new steps in Florida but in the Tampa area one dealer decided to face the public scrutiny and anonymously decided to post an add on Craiglist regarding the nature of his business. The laws in Tampa are strict where you can end up in jail for getting found in possession of small doses but dealing the product is a felony that the county will make the impossible to make the dealer and the producers to not see the sunlight again. The dealer in this case decided event to give his area around the University of South Florida which can give the authorities to expose an undercover operation in the university premises and the vicinity, but not only if an undercover operation or just a dealer are exposed the damage to the image of USF could be hard to fix, but the stupidity of the dealer to expose himself or herself on the Internet it is just amazing or in a lesser case they are cops who are trying to make a living by arresting some people who are trying to buy the product. Who knows.?

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