Monday, January 14, 2013

Femen Protests Pope's Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage

To many people who are not involved with the world politics, they probably haven't heard about FEMEN but you probably had seen them as the women who go to protest out in the public topless. They are from Kiev, Ukraine and they protest against sex tourism, religious institutions, international marriage agencies, sexism and other problematics; even if they are not well popular among women in Ukraine they had gained over the years recognition world wide because of their multiple political stances and being detained by the police because of their protests.

Four recent activist from the group were detained at the St Peter's Square when they were protesting against the Catholic Church stand against same-sex marriage. But why the church is against it.? There are many different points that are in their history data (beside the hate towards Evangelicals as according to their doctrine they can't be priests.), one of the first known cases goes with Saint Anselm of Canterbury that mentioned that by that the punishment should moderated as it was a sin that didn't blush nobody but by today the catechism is mildly ambiguous and the members and the clergy can use it to their free will in order to discriminate.

The protest was at the same time as Pope Benedict XVI was delivering a prayer from his studio overlooking the square and the prayer didn't got interrupted, maybe the priest don't really care about what happens outside their own little world fill with gold and honey.

The leader of the protest and Head of Inna Shevchenco told the press that they were there to protest a against the homophobic attitude that is supported by the Vatican which in a coincidence the demonstration by FEMEN coincided with one happening around The Eiffel Tower in France that was orchestrated by the Catholic clergy in France to protest against President Francois Hollande's plans to legalize equal marriage and allow couples to adopt children. 

Protesters in Paris, at the Champ Elysees used a similar strategy that had been seen in the United States around Florida and California regarding Proposition 8 and 35 where without any scientific founding or social studies they argued that a children is better with a mother and a father, because the proponents of the so called marriage institution don't think about any form of family violence, they are still forms of violence regarding an heterosexual couple who starts a family and much of the time when there are violence sprouts the children will be in the middle regarding the gender and sexual orientation from the parents, but what about children who were raised by a single parent or a family member.? It's ridicule to think that a well behaved child will come from a man and a woman's union, a well behaved-adjusted child will grow up into adulthood with proper guidance from a strong figure(s) who will show love and support, but if the child see violence and hate coming from their parents or guardians he can assimilate the words and become a shadow or think different.

Due the protesters the French legislators succumbed to the pressure of expanding what shouldn't be a privildge, what is a right but the shouldn't had succumbed because France has been an example in modern history as the birth place of social rights and equality but according to a Hollande's statement, the war is not over yet as he plans to pass the law that will give the citizens equality.

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