Sunday, January 13, 2013

RapeLay: The Insensitive Side of the Video-game Industry

RapePlay Cover
Tampa, Fl -- There is a genre in video games that  is mostly common to veteran gamers but is not common to see it outside Japan as in the cartridge formats; the name of the genre is eroge which is an Americanism of erotic genre or as is known also in Japan as erochikku gemu which roughly translate the same as the English words. Eroge if it becomes popular on America could show a major problematic for the video game industry as the detractors could have a valid point that video games are linked to unhealthy behaviors when different studies show that the link between video games and being a sociopath are minimum even if in some well but some researches agree that there is a link that stimuli aggressive behavior with visual stimuli but yet the problem can grow more complex as video gaming is not only a kids pastime but also a pastime where Baby Boomers and the XY generation have in common and the games can not focus only on fantasy "happy-go-lucky" themes but going on a point where rape and violence are glorified, then there is a moment to analyze the industry itself not only depending on social and cultural contexts where the game industry.

One of the victims
Why RapeLay was chosen over some other ones.? Simple because it's a simple game that encompass a psychological profile that is more wicked than Grand Theft Auto or any blood game as it goes on the levels of a sociopath that without guns rapes an entire family of women. Maybe in Japan these kind of erotic violent games are common but trying to understand the cultural reason is almost impossible because the laws in Japan are stricter than any other place in the Americas about indecent exposure yet these games where woman is mistreated are sold as hot bread but maybe the reason that they are sold could be related to Japan's patriarchal society where women are just a mere housewife even if they on a social and political level had achieved more than in the Feudal Era, but in an oxymoron Japan is a society that on cultural and social levels keeps them on a status quo.

So by playing a game about rape or violence, the player without any genetic, emotional, family cases would become a total psycho, who knows, maybe not.? It takes too much of a unstable person who is really impressionable and cannot differ reality from fiction, while is true copycat crimes do happen on a daily basis, there is always a way that they can be controlled but on a society that wants everything "now" there are many problems that could generate issues to solve as the population in general had become more focused on themselves and not in the well being of the community.  

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