Sunday, January 6, 2013

Racism in Connecticut Lulu Ross Elementary School in Delaware
Tampa, Fl --- There is a fine line between trying to prevent a crime, and there is a really thin line between being an insensitive person regarding other realities but it seems in the Milford School District at Delaware where the Hispanic population is 15% the Lulu Ross Elementary decided to took matter how to protect their white children on their own hand by segregating the Hispanics from the other ones.

The sign says clearly in English to be careful while playing on the field but by saying Play at Your Own Risk so we can assume there had been some inconvenience around the area and then there is a Spanish directed message on the bottom which also has a typo on the word permit which in Spanish is permiso and not ermiso, but we can assume that people of Spanish origin are not welcomed to play in the zone so we assume that the Milford area is exclusively for white people who live in the 1950's and do not welcome any people from another ethnic group because the sign say in Spanish that you will need a permit to play, so we can assume that Hispanic children and individuals aren't welcomed at all.

But to think about this school is located on Sussex County, the most conservative oriented county in Delaware, so conservative that Mitt Romney pulled better than Barack Obama over there so we can't assume that around Milford they have really seen a Hispanic or Black that don't go to clean their houses or mow their lawns because that is a job a white person never does because of laziness and fear of the sun.

It doesn't look as a mistake, it looks as pure, unadulterated racism and is really sick that on the 21st Century people still are miserable to engage in this kind of behavior. Is terrible and despicable what they are doing. Please share the information and address a letter to:

Lulu Ross Elementary School
310 Lovers Lane
Milford, Delaware 19963

Or call them to: 302-422-1640 and let them know exactly what you think about their "honest mistakes" regarding two different signs because is not OK.

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