Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beyond the Epic Adventure, Mickey's Probable Different Games

Tampa, Fl -- It's been almost 3 years since Mickey made his debut on the franchise of Epic Mickey by the hands Warren Spector; even if the games ha received mixed to positive reviews since it appeared on the market, the game itself would be something different, as a Smash Brother's esque or as a spy. The games could still be made and exploit the franchise with a good script and a compelling story-line that lacked a little bit on the two games of Epic Mickey.

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The idea of of making a melee game with iconic Disney characters sounds as a good idea, it probably would create a new franchise that could compete with Smash Brothers as much of the characters by Disney are known by different generations and could create an unifying factor with families who have children and teens; and the parents are looking to share a moment with their children.

The idea of King Louie or Captain Hook fighting against each other in scenarios inspired of the movies or imagining Alice fighting against the Queen of Red Hearts and going through a story mode inspired in Alice in Wonderland or fight in Neverland the idea would be extremely amazing and there would be people who would buy the game because they are fans of Disney as a brand and as the place where many individuals had fond memories.

Going back to the Spy Mickey topic and finding random draft about the possibilities of the game, the idea seemed to be more appealing commercially than Epic Mickey, even to the point that there is a automaton version of Donald Duck but there is a sensitive aspect almost as a form of art because Epic Mickey is visually appealing as is compelling with the story line without going into the archetypal cliches but the game-play tends to be so slow that bores from time to time. 

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