Monday, January 14, 2013

Royalty and Can't Put Me in A Box, by Adam Baranello Song

Tampa, Fl --  The process of the song Royalty started with the phrase "Let's be kings, let's be queens, let's be what we were meant to be.." Were the words used by indie artist Adam Baranello to describe on his new songs where he express that we are meant to be for something greater. We need a positive message to a younger generation that are growing up in a world where materialism and physical appearance are the only things, were people need a positive impact that they know they can achieve great thing if they propose to because life ain't easy but through hard work you can change the world.

Though the Drum Beat, there is a battle cry and the music brings everything together, . "Those words popped into my head and I decided to write a song around the idea that we all can be rise up and be better, or the best version of ourselves; that we don't have to accept what we are told." From there the process of creating the sound of the song started with the Drum Beat. I had liked the big thumping bass drum as a battle cry. I then was on the piano and came up with the chords and I liked the way they sounded around the idea. Everything else came together around that. I wanted a nice chunky guitar sound and Jimi Durso supplied that perfectly, hoping that it resonates with people. 

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