Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where is the Freedom, Justice, Hope, Equality and Prosperity for All?

Freedom is not free, that's a fact, but argument that war is an option, the only option there you have something wrong in your life; We are all equal, but if you are not a white, Christian, straight, man then you are not equal, that's equality, only for a few but not for the majority; if you are a woman, still in many places thinking about prosperity if you are independent is not an option because there is not a man behind you to tell you that woman are not independent and according to our grandparents and the dogma, woman are to serve the man, again, wrong, still in this century, more than a thousand years, more than 4 millennium where humans rise we still think that men are the only ones who are the ruler of the world, or as it was say in All About my Mother between the conversation of Manuela and Sister Maria Rosa; "Women will do anything to avoid being alone" "Women are more tolerant, but that's good." when they were discussing about men. Justice, sounds more of a superhero name rather than an actual right, there is no justice, there is rarely justice because every day, basic rights are violated but yet there is still hope. For some weird reason, Hope never dies.

I've been wondering, if it's OK to interpose a religious regime?, if it's OK to put on a side the democracy, the main principles on what this country it's based. It's not OK to violate the idea that we are multicultural/ heterogeneous nation and yet the idea that everyone should be again on the 1950's ideal where everyone is white, straight, Christian and if you are a woman your voice is only on the kitchen and if you are black or any other minority you should be as a maid or servant is being present on the G.O.P. ideals where the common majority don't show a respect of any human beings if they don't fit on the ideals of what America should be. As a Hispanic I am not putting my vote on Romney, or any other politician that represent what he represent. A corruption in a political party, yet Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani showed a different face of the G.O.P. way too different of the one showed by the loonatics as Romney, Bachmann and Santorum.

We as a country we have evolved way too much, yet we are seeking a regression, it could a political trend if we analyze the international politics around the continent where more populist and charismatic leaders are taking control of different nations with the same promise of going back to the basics but instead the destroy every process of democracy and civil rights. Are we as people o retrograde to see beyond our little bubbles?. Probably, maybe we are but also we are a frightful and primitive species where we as masses we can be manipulated to think beyond the progress we had made as a collective because we would like to live in an ideal utopia and there is no such thing, we can get all these values if we work toward the prosperity we deserve and not different factions that live under the same soil.

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