Thursday, May 10, 2012

Between the Break-room and Aisle One

I've been in the United States for three years and five months; one of the two most difficult things that any foreigner could do is to find a job and find friends. I am friendly but not sociable; so when I got a part time job in a local super-market that I am not going to mention by name and eventually I got transferred to my current store, things started to become easy, but yet if it wasn't for my necessity to move on and for the people that I work with that make the work easy and enjoyable I probably would be back in Colombia. I started to make friends slowly, people who I work with and also I could hang outside work without talking about it; I don't really get along with people and I have issues trusting individuals, but when I become friends with someone and I truly get along with the person, I am friends for life. I guess life is short or long, depending on how you look it. Nate, I am still in denial that you are gone from this Earthly plane; When, I read the post on Donovon's wall, I almost reply, Nate that's cruel, you are still young but then I read Zach's and Anthony, then I read Misty's and John-Michael, then I realized it was real, it is real; I am still in denial, it's one of those situations where I am in denial as many, that you are going to appear next week to buy groceries and pay everyone a visit or read your crazy shenanigans on Facebook.

I always remember how easy you made working there, how much tolerable you made the cleaning / blocking nights by fooling around with everyone and I enjoyed a lot when I had my breaks next to you because I knew I could laugh my ass until I couldn't do it anymore, where anyone regarding who ever he or she was was going to be in the middle of a storms of jokes who weren't for someone with an easy sensitive. It was a simple way to pass by the long hours where the future never seemed to come as well the punch time to get out. I know I can be very sensible regarding my voice and my accent, to the point I placed complains against many people but I never minded when you joked around or when I did it back to you; or when you, me and Chad we fooled around and we didn't do nothing and we started to tease every single person who closed that night. I don't think  we'll ever joke again on the store on that level, or that I can do it on a personal level with someone else while working there. We will see each other one day, I hope so.

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