Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jay Arseno - Take it From the Ashes

Jay Arseno (Photo By Brian Gilliaux)
So navigating through the internet I stumble by a mere accident into a guy named Jonathan music profile, I don't even remember what song I was looking for but it was one of those lucky days where I stumble into a profile of an independent musician that I truly enjoyed and his voice is quite interesting and his songs are quite unique. After a few days I found his artist page on Facebook and from there, there were his songs were on the Soundcloud system but also they are in the I-tunes. The song that catch my attention was Take it From the Ashes which lyrically is quite cool and people can related to his experiences about alienation during the discovery years of high school and life. To listen the songs in Souncloud you have to be subscribed or just link you Facebook to the sound system. I hope you all enjoy Jay's music. 

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