Thursday, May 3, 2012

Conversations about Love Between two Frustrated Writers of Cartagena: Gus and Daniela

Some people say that every writer has a muse; but what if every writer has a writer as a muse?. As an enigmatic figure who always spark the best conversation that also inspire the best topics. I don't know why, from all the people, Daniela is my muse and also my soul mate in the literary world. From all the people from all my relatives, the one I can always associate the best conversations who were about love and despair was Daniela, I even treasure our last conversation, my see you later party who was improvised and how we spoke about everything. What I could tell to Danny after many years, when I go back to Cartagena?, to the other tortured soul of the letters who saw life in a similar fashion as my own point of views?

Maybe love doesn't suck that much and it's still a big carajo much of the time, but it's quite complex as you told me many years ago, but at the end maybe you were right, solitude is always behind us. I always wondered how someone as young knew way too much, then I realize it, by living. I was missing that point, living, probably being too sheltered and finding the first thing I could get. That's the point every writer to live and to tell, as Garcia Marquez said a few times during his life time. But Danny, are we destined to be alone? even if we have company? even if we aren't single? Is there a curse that almost every writer has to suffer? Loneliness, because we see the world as no one else, because we see the world in such unique way. Maybe. Maybe we are tragic figures because we are not afraid to love, but maybe we are scared of loneliness?.

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