Sunday, February 2, 2014

Flappy Bird: An Infatuation With an Aviary Digital Trend

Flappy Bird, The Descend of Madness
There is one point where you can realize, society as we know, if we don't get a momentary reward in the moment then we will lose our focus on any thing that we are doing; or, as one obscure communicational theory says - If the blog entry has more than 500 words the user will lost completely interest in less than 3 minutes -, is almost the same at the moment of writing an article on a newspaper.

Instant gratification has become part of who we are as a modern society that we have all the answers within around our thumbs, and games have to focus on that level. With the creation of Angry Birds on 2099, the world suddenly experience an infatuation with puzzle like/ side scrolling games, that have easy to characters to remember; but a certain amount of difficulty that players don't expect because of the tablets and phones capacities.

The game itself has a easy dynamic, where the player can catch really easy how to play it; as the player has only to tap the bird to fly up or down in order to go through a series of pipes in order to get the maximum score. Sounds easier to describe than to play but yet is almost impossible to go beyond certain score. It's almost as trying to break the record on Pac-Man only to find out that after level 256 there is nothing but only a bug.

The game itself taking all those frustrating aspects, offers a nice view on how an indie product generated world wide attention because of the difficulty, as well the frustration. It's almost a juxtaposition of feelings on a game can be a popular because it doesn't even offer a smooth game play, it's just a simple idea that can pull the worse out of anyone.

It's not difficult to agree with Jennifer Whiteshade of that the game could surpass Candy Crush Saga because of the addictiveness level that Flappy Bird offers.

The creator Dong Nguyen of DotGear Studios has been experience some popularity as well some financial comfort, as it has reported by would receive around US$600 mill from Zynga in order to acquire the rights of the game; but yet fame hasn't gone to Nguyen as when he speak to the gamers the only thing he can reply is "the game was to make you laugh," albeit that could be just a sadistic remark.

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