Sunday, February 2, 2014

When Tampa Bay Times Fails Badly

As is known with this Era of Information, almost every person has a smartphone or a device that is capable to connect into public WI-FI if they don't have any data plan.

On the edition of February, 2nd of 2014, the Tampa Bay Times published a note toward after a student who faked an attack and file a fake police report created a Twitter panic. It's difficult to argue if the "reporter" who "worked" on the news actually went to the school to do his work; or, even a follow up to the situation because the Times reported the news as if it happened no longer than two days ago, when in reality happened on January 24th.

Now, with what was said on the previous paragraph, the story developed in less than a day, and the Times quoting only one source and not even placing any images or graphic towards the Twitter panic, but with a little research of any post at the Twitter Statistics of the last 10 days, no one placed a single Tweet. The school is not strange to these kind of scenarios as on 2012 there was some distress when an homemade acid bomb activated.

2012 Twits 
The problem with these kind of local news is that sometimes they go unnoticed, and much of the updates are towards electronic means; but yet, if there is some journalistic integrity around the bay area not only with the Times but with any news station, just to go outside and pick up the information on a proper way, instead of sitting on the computer and copy-paste everything else.

Towards the so called Twitter panic.? Take a look at this because there are none toward that issue with the exception of the news station that reported.

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