Friday, February 14, 2014

Carmen Carrera, Where Beauty Goes Beyond Any Binary System

Gender does not exist in terms of beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yet beauty does not exist, is something that is not tangible, something that on a popular level magazines define, but yet the ideal of beauty on a pop level is far away from reality itself.

As far as contemporary pop culture can mention, magazines as Vogue, Glamour or Fashion can give a final outlook on what it is and what is out.- It is kind of a crude description, almost childish, but it also plays the game on how people will analyze other realities beyond theirs.

It's almost impossible to think how these kind of magazines, that sustain themselves on the body of their works and not the essence, can place the LGTBQ realities into a mainstream, specially towards topics such as gender identity, sexuality as well more positive image that reflect the different realities of femininity.

Beauty magazines, they never offer a small or big dose of reality, they perpetuate the stereotype that women come in only one package, that they are there to look pretty, and not do anything else; yet, the paradigm of beauty could be broken, towards the different perceptions on what woman are. Beauty can be such a shallow word, yet quite complex. It can go toward intellectuality and empowerment; it can be the whole meaning of individual existence; just making a person beautiful, by the way the person is.

There is something else, beyond 0's and 1's, there are 2's, 3's and more numbers in the coordinate; there are different systems that are part of the same wavelength and reality planes. Beauty is just a mere word, beauty goes on attitude and with the essence of human being; yet, the conditioning we have as a specie that we are set on binary; at least on terms of westernized culture.

Probably we tend to mix the concepts of sexual identity, gender, and sexual orientation among with the social roles, that people expect to be. Identity syncretism could be a solution to help expand the definition of gender and identity, as well social roles. There could be non conformity towards social roles, but yet the idea of medium class people seeking understanding in a concept of Ardhanarishvara were a being is composed by two, and there is some form of adoration because the being is essentially a representation of the core of existence.

The beauty of humanity can go beyond an organ, chromosomes, gamets, social roles; beyond the binary system we have as humans; but, yet as humanity we define ourselves with the number two, while other species gender is just a mere word and sometimes it doesn't even exists. Such as the clown fish or the New Mexico whiptail. 

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