Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Ridiculously Amendments of Florida Constitution and How Probably 2 Will Pass to make the Cut in 2014

Tampa, (Fl) --- As a foreigner, I find fascinating that almost everything in the United States has to have a physical explanation. From the use of appliances as - don't submerge in water -, or how many calories are per bottle in a soda drink.

It's just amusing to see how the system works that doesn't help the citizens to create critical thinking; even with politics everything has to be explained up to the detail.

I've never realized how wide ballots are in the States, at least in Florida, it's just fascinating that even with every explanation the level of literacy in Florida is just as "thin as a kid in Uganda", but we can blame all the decades were the Republicans had done whatever they wanted.

Even if few initiatives make it into the ballots, they fall into just being ridicule; but, the best one that shows how easy people can be manipulated is the 2002 amendment that gives pregnant pigs against that pens that are too small, an initiative that raised US$1.4 Mills, and, if it wasn't an amendment sponsored by the pork industry, I could dare to say that Floridians care for animals and for their pigs on a certain extent, but what goes beyond of a pet or a herd being treated as an equal life form to human rather than a personal property.?

There is not a clear point, because we are talking about a State were the constitution puts pigs on the same level as free speech and a trial by jury. The same State that puts religion on the public grounds and not allow un-married couples to co-habit or commit "unnatural acts" (yay.! I am a felon.) I know there other States that on the 2014 ballot will have their own citizen stupidity on the mark, but Florida still on the list.

What other State dictates that is an offense to shower naked,? that a blowjob is illegal; or that you cannot break more than three dishes per day, my mother would be in jail right now. I wonder what ridiculously amend will be passed.? Because seriously chickens are considered a protected species, in Sarasota you are fined with US$78 if you hit a pedestrian; persons may not appear in liquid latex (I guess nerds at comic conventions should be rotting behind a prison); or in Tampa where is there a topless dance, the dancer can not take their bras or bikinis away.

Is delicious to see how public money is wasted on private interests from corporations and private groups that want to capitalize the daily living. Why not to put in good use what can be improved as well throwing all the Tea Party elected officers and replace them with more competent ones.? 

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