Saturday, December 29, 2018

RichaadEB Donkey Kong Aquatic Ambiance is just Breathtaking

I had this melody for almost a year, but one of the reasons I have it is because the arrangement is incredible, I probably wrote an entry about this one a while ago albeit honestly I can't remember, but the arrangment is been in my head for almost 12 months now and I always try to share it with my friends because I honestly enjoy it more than the classic SNES composition.

The arrangement of the cover takes a nu-metal approach in which is not necessarily completely heavy but incorporate elements that are more towards pop to make the sound smooth and eclectic, it takes a beautiful contemporary and sophisticated approach as if it was part of the soundtrack of a cinematic experience.

The notes bring the best memories I had with my childhood, with the experience of gaming as an escape of reality but also by downloading music behind my parents back as they considered unholy any form of metal or music that wasn't approved by them. This video brings that happiness back in the mid 90's when myself and my estranged sybling we started playing Donkey Kong and Mario RPG and a world of imagination and sounds was opened to our eyes and ears.

Video games became my way to escape reality and their soundtrack became the music I could hear on the open; the importance of the video games that had in my life but in the life of many it was how gaming channeling subversion and creativity, it was and it is a way of expression and that's how I feel this cover is a way of expression but also something else, something elegant, something that is audio-visually appealing, which the experience is not only placed on the memories but also on how different generations can connect with a piece of music.

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