Monday, December 17, 2018

Legend of Badminton Episode 1 - Badminton Fair Review

Pirlock and his squire
I have to confess I love this little quirky indie game, is just fun to play and the dialogues are really funny. A few years ago I discovered by accident the prologue and I enjoyed it, it got my attention as there aren't too many quirky games in the market and Legend of Badminton really got my interest, not only because is funny but also because it's completely independent and is quite fresh towards the execution.

As left on the prologue Pirlock of Badminton is on his quest to recover his kingdom, not because to restore his honor but rather to restore his fame and gain more political power; Pirlock is just the antithesis of almost every protagonist in video games as he is lazy, enjoys to cheat every time he cans, mistreats every single living being and is a glutton with no remorse.

Appreciation for beautiful ladies and feet
As the prologue, the game keeps the same gameplay in which the player controls the enviroment through his touch through the screen of the tablet or the phone. The gameplay itself is quite intuitive and extremely easy to understand as the actions of the game are directed through the dialogues or the objects that are around the screen.

The scenarios are quite pretty in the design, almost as if they were made by hand and the offer quite a big amount of details, plus the color palette is outstanding  as it creates a distinction towards the components of the Legend of Badminton besides the witty dialogue and situations.

Now that we mention the color and the art are elements of the game that got our attention, as high attention to detail aren't common to see on indy style games and observing something as fresh as the art it can bring energy into any game as well future chapters.

The Legend of Badminton takes inspiration of older style click and point games such a Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, there is even a slight influence on Pirlock design as he looks as Guybrush Threepwood but also he is his own character on his own right. Character designs are unique, as they go with the flow of the story, they play with the cliches of their own personas.

The difficulty of the game is quite hard, maybe it could be me that I had turned lazy with age but it took me a couple of months to defeat the game without the help of any guide, as I wasn't sure what were the proper steps to take to move forward the adventure. The length of the first chapter is quite long itself, as it can take an accumulated two hour mark just to finish it which is quite cool, as games as Undertale don't last long on the first walk through.

On the Windmill
If you want to buy the game, you can click here and it will redirect you to the Apple App Store which you can obtain for US$2.99. Remember that is always important to support indie developers, because you can help someone who is not associated with a bigger firm or bigger studio and you can help that person or group of people to fulfill their dreams of creating something to entertain you.

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