Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Amouranth with Incels and Twitch

I am new to the world of streams, following them for a year at this moment, as well learning etiquette and there is not a big difference from podcasts. The Internet is a very unforgivable place especially when you are a content creator and a woman, because there is a horde of men with too much egos who will harass any women regards what they do.

In fact, it doesn't matter, no matter who you are, the Internet is not going to forgive you, is going to attack you, is going to ridicule you if you fall without any hesitation; for me the Internet is the representation of a plane of existence that we can be whatever we want to be to the world, the ultimate symbol of globalization and a scenario in which we is the epitome of unity and despair around the world.

With the rise of streamers, you can find any variety, from Let's Play to just chatting, and people will donate money, but also there is the sexual part influenced on the marketing in which people won't hesitate to get scantly and try to sell an image similar as cam-girls or cam-boys to ammase some wealth.

Between those last people there is Amouranth the online moniker of Kaitlyn Siragusa, an online personality from Houston - Texas, which has amassed around 2 million followers that dispersed between different social media but Twitch being her main channel of communication with her audience.

What I find fascinating about Amouranth is not that she creates something meaningful., in fact her content is quite dull as she doesn't offer any witty commentaries or anything special; she doesn't create anything new from what other cam-people had created on different platforms that can go from or chaturbate or any other people, her online persona in fact is extremely boring as she doesn't do anything out of the ordinary but the aspect of her that got my attention is that she is playing with fire by attracting online, lonely men that create idilic fantasies about women, but also have proven their misogynistic and racist violence by believing themselves to be superior.

Yes, I am talking about incels and those are among Amouranth army, and yes she is playing with fire up to the point that she has been subject to harassment several times including by Pewdiepie which his behavior is far away from being punished but instead rewarded. We have two faces of the same coin towards online behavior and entertainment that is aimed towards a demographic that doesn't need oversexualized images or extremely toxic men  but guidance to make their communities better.

Another problem that I see with Amouranth is that she can become the victim of a deranged fan, and is not a weird idea because essentially anyone with some tracking skill can locate where their idols live or even send them personal mail; is not strange to see stalkers incidents towards celebrities or personalities and within the public she caters is only matter of time.

The type of entertainment that Amourant or any other streamers of her category offer is just shallow and lame, there is no reaction beyond morbidity on the body, there is no learning or exchange of ideas beyond faux flattering but they are a product of their time and eventually in a 10 years margin we will going to remember these fragments of e-history as a shameful part in which we can learn to create better content and be better role models.

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