Monday, November 18, 2013

Barnes and Noble Shameful Hispanic Section

Barnes and Noble Hispanic Section (1)
Tampa, (Fl) --- As a Hispanic man in Florida, and a man who can speak and read in 3 languages but my main being Spanish and being in Florida I can expect more from the local bookstore.

A couple of weeks ago I went to find a few books about Latin American Literature and my surprise I found more about books For Dummies, Paulo Coehlo (which is not Hispanic) and a lot, and I mean a lot, almost two rows filled with novelizations about teen movies from the United States such as the novelization of Twilight as well Catching Fire; but, I didn't found any pertinent book from the Latin American Literary Culture beyond one Chronicle of a Foretold Death by Garcia Marquez which I found in between Pregnancy for Dummies (Embarazo para Dummies) and How to Keep and Awesome Body at Any Age (Cuerpazo a Cualquier Edad).

Shame on you Barnes and Nobles, that in the area where I am as well in Tampa, which there is a big Hispanic population there are no decent books to read in Spanish. 

I asked the clerks, twice on two different weeks and they sent me to the same sections on the books I was looking, only to not find anything because the more educated sections are just composed by trash; yet, is a shame that good books are found in the Nook and not in the physical aspect.

I don't want to go to the public school library which is another, actually both public schools have as book stores Barnes and Noble; but, the prices of the books are ridiculously high. Is a shame that at least in Tampa there are no other bookstores beside the Barnes and Noble, the Books A Million are too far away and is sad that Borders closed many years ago because their selection was more varied.

I don't want to have an awesome body at age 40, or learn about pregnancy or anything about teen movies that were based on books and got books. I want to see a bookstore with more books than coffee, movies and calendar. Shame on you Barnes & Noble.


  1. Que variedad de títulos para el público hispano jojojo

    1. Eso no es nada abajo estaba la novelizacion de Twilight.


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