Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Other American Dream - The Lost People

Tampa, (Fl) --- I always say one thing - Go in a bus, walk around far away from the upscale neighborhoods, interact with different people and you will see a more to the ground reality about people who simple are forgotten by the dominant class. -, There is one American Dream, is not as a dream is just a cyclical nightmare for many but is also the daily lives for many people who aren't seen in the spotlight, people who are not forgotten but just not seen.

Bus drivers; fast food workers, employees of a supermarket, people you see on a daily basis or at least weekly basis but you don't know their names, but they always know yours.

Then, there is the American Dream that was lost in the shadows, the people who are truly lost. I keep finding traces where I live, but is everywhere about people who felt abandoned, people who just went to that side of humanity that lurks in causing harm because they couldn't know any better or fight for anything better, because there was no will power to face life.

I've walked many paths in life, and seen many people; I've been around different cities and neighborhoods, walked among many people with fear and sometimes without any traces of it; I walk because I don't want to understand the essence of humanity, I walk because  I want to see the different realities that compose the amalgamation of humanity is.

Why people forfeit the dream of a better life,? the dream of helping the community,? the dream of succeeding... maybe, my cousin Alexandra S. was right - we need people who have no aspiration in order for other people to achieve higher. - A form of natural selection I would say with my words.

Then, just by walking in the middle of the night, I saw so many different realities, people who go and work 15 hour days to keep the dreams of other alive; people who have a quality of person, manners but have no fault of living in a Section 8th neighborhood but will always treat other people with such an amazing quality, even strangers who are asking for help.

You will find in life other people who came here running away and never learned the language but found away to move forward; but, some people are just nasty, some people don't have any respect of manners and live according to their own ego-centrism. I ended up asking for a taxi after finally found my way back to the area near my house. I waited around a Red Roof Inn where the receptionist and the security guard where really nice and let me stay in the premises until I was in a safe place.

During that hour in the hotel I saw some people who in their behavior where extremely nasty and rude just to get what they wanted but the receptionist of the hotel always showed a class that was amazing, even when a Hispanic guy and a really awful lady of African origins wearing some kinky boots (not to say a cheap ass hooker) were asking to change rooms because the toilet wasn't flushing; the receptionist always had her poise. She kept her composure no matter what. I saw the other side of the American Dream, a dream that is much as a coin with two faces, where some people just give up or as a my friend Suly Rosado say "some people are just plain ass ghetto with no respect, except on their social services officers or the ones who give the food stamps." Then there is the more optimistic side - where some people aren't that lost and are facing adversity. But, do I am going to do again this joy ride by mistake.? Never again.

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