Thursday, October 18, 2012

Uncle Bobby's Wedding - Controversy over Nature over Media Exposition and Parental Problematic about Child Sexuality

Tampa, Fl -- As it was stated on KMOV-4 (Mo-Station), there was a controversy and an exposition how the public system it is weak regarding the demands of one single father to pull out of the shelves a book named Uncle Bobby's Wedding which tell the story about a guinea pig marrying his partner. The public library system in the United States as well the public system in general should cease the demands of narrow minded bigots as this country was founded on laic principles and not emulating the utopic concept of a Christian nation.

Uncle Bobby's Wedding is a book written by author Sarah S. Brannen and as many books who deal with children with families that don't fit in the heteronormative such as Jenny lives with Eric and Martin, Heather has Two Mommies, Daddy's Roommate, King and King and others had attracted controversy over the last two decades as challenged books as they don't fit in public libraries but 1% of the people shouldn't discriminate against the other 99% because reality is far more complex than a children's book.

The challenged book has been in the public libraries since 2008 and in the suburbs of Brentwood it seems the controversy sparked recently because one father didn't liked the book and is in legal process of removing the book from the shelves making the library council board to decide if the book will be removed permanently on November the 12th. The problem it's that communities are getting enclosed on an ideological level and rejecting the different realities that goes beyond their cul-de-sac's or in other words if you don't fit with what the common majority where you live then you can not fit because you are different.

Probably we as a nation we have become political correct and everything that offends us on a personal level has to be vanquished; but also parents are fearful on not what their children will become but on what they will be able to defy the norms they have settled as well to live their lives on their own terms, some parents fear but on a certain level they embrace discrimination and they don't believe anything else that is real if it don't fit with the imagery that they grew, a book or television show is not going to turn a child into a lesbian or a gay man; a song is not going a child to embrace another gender, a paint is not going to pervert the mind of a child, you are who you are but it is the society the one who will try to meddle inside your life and tell the feelings you have are wrong.

Parents should know that support is the best key in a child development and not negating any of the child's curiosity regards the world because under the negative influences the child could develop dependencies on narcotics or anything worse. I hope Uncle Bobby's book don't get banned from the library because it will a shame as the system it's demonstrating to not protect the people's intellectual material in order to avoid some liability lawsuits. There is also one fantastic book The Complete Lesbian & Gay Parenting Guide By Lev, Arlene Istar (Google Affiliate Ad) which gives a really good detail about parenting in a same sex household.

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