Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Issue-less Senate Race of Florida

Tampa, Fl -- It has not been a big year on a regional level in Florida regarding the U.S. Senate seat as it was when Marco Rubio rose to the fame on 2010 by defeating Kendrick Meek over a 49% victory. This year the battle between (R) Connie Mack IV and incumbent (D) Bill Nelson campaigns where expected to show a more intricate debate over Florida socio-economical issues as Florida being a key state and one of the majors battle states in politics but the race has only fallen for the two candidates in a rhetoric of attack adds that are even on Youtube and every trendy social media beside billboards around every major city sponsored by private founders, even on Facebook both campaigns seem to be shadowed by mockeries such Floridians against Bill Nelson which at the end don't say anything to juxtapose Nelson's politics on a realistic level beyond the mockery.

The problem with the average American voter is that beyond investigating the different realities and perpetuating the cliche that what happens beyond my yard I don't care digest everything what is shown in television or the Internet without assimilating the content on the different forms regarding what's happening in a stratus of economy and politics, always dividing their opinions in a binary (partisan) ways. The problem with the current campaigns of the Democrats and the Republicans are their rethorics, they are appealing to people's emotion more than ever without even considering what is really happening there in order to win. Mack and his backers of the Republican Party had focused their efforts so much in mock Bill Nelson and also Mack had appealed by a priori fallacy that if he wins, Romney wins but the issue is not appealing on the ad-faux logical fallacy if Romney, it's not a triumph of two men - Barack or Romney - or - Mack or Nelson - this as every other political decision has to lay on the people on not in an oligarchic system.

Yet Mack keeps perpetuating the imagery that America is attacked by external forces when the real enemies of the Democracy are in the divisions of both parties that started as one, because at the end they are talking to much about nothing. 

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