Friday, July 2, 2021

Quinton Kyle Hoover

Lately I been reconsidering some of my old habits of Youtube, and I love commentary channels, but Quinton Reviews got my attention to the full extent because Quinton dead pan non-sequitur humor, honest approach and their image that can relate to so many geeks and dweebs around the world is so relate because they look like good friend you had across the street and the two of you sit down to laugh and tell jokes while playing video games and probably that's part of their appeal.

Is the ability to relate to essentially every common geek online, that it makes him endearing but also there is this mystery that surrounds them but it rather goes on trivial pop data than anything else that is more substantial, Quinton is somewhat of an enigma surrounded by their love of Garfield and collection which progressively expanded over the years but also is their sense of humor that caught (at least for me) people's attention.

I found his channel by mere accident about a month ago, maybe it was a nostalgia trip that hit me while I was looking for old Fred's videos and my surprise I found this one and I was introduced to Quinton's Fallen Titans series, which as a viewer gave me another perspective on Fred and it pointed the dark side of the character that was involved within the original run of Fred opposite to the iCarly cameos, which outside the screaming annoying voice, and the constant non-sequiturs Fred is quite a dark early Youtube series that involves a six year old with a drug addiction, who is subjected to a toxic life by his prostitute mother and predatory behavior by trespassing his neighbors house.

Curiosity as well binging on Quinton's video for over a month let me to find more information about them, and there is nothing, nothing at all, nothing relevant, no interviews, no nothing besides his own self-referential Fallen Titans video. There is no information on Youtube Wikia besides him saying on a video that they occasionally check the website, other piece of information seems to show their pronouns from one of the video (but I forgot to save it, and I been binging on them too much) which said The Force is Strong in They/Them which gives another hint but no overall confirmation either and some of his Garfield videos that reveal some of their personal information and how they got in to Garfield when they were a child.

Same as going through their Twitter and some Youtube videos, his hate for Donald Trump and that they supported Bernie Sanders, and one random photo that popped on Google seemed that they worked on Dollar General as well; but the general information to create a template profile is scarce which adds more to the mystery who is Quinton Kyle Hoover and I would love to do a full interview on them one day because they are one of the most interesting people in the Youtube stratosphere.

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