Sunday, August 13, 2017

The War That Came With Fire and Fury

Juche Tower Wiki Commons
(8/13/2017) --- From the West we have the North Korea threat which is nothing compared to the menace that comes from the heart of our country we have the real enemies of the State which encompass Trump voters and supporters; we are being sold the idea that North Korea is the real enemy of the United States while the truth is in less than a year we will be heading for a second civil war that has relations again to race, immigration and American Exceptionalism that only the whites are the superior race.

We are being sold to the State propaganda that the biggest threats come from outside, while inside everything is "perfect" but we are going to talk about that in another entry. At this moment, Donald Trump after his speech on August the 10 that he was going to bring Fire and Fury to DPRK which brings his security team to the brink of darkness as they don't know what he is going to do or say based in his "improv" style of handling international politics.

Last Tuesday our President was in a "feisty" mood after the Washington Post published had developed small nuclear warheads that can be placed on ballistic missiles; his aides placed on him to "rehearse" but it seems Mr. Trump has reached a point in his life where doesn't go what the script says and wouldn't even take a moment to think what is in risk if he opens his mouth and place a war declaration on a country that over decades has been with the mentality that there is a perpetual war against the Godspell Imperialism sent by the United States and that perpetrated over the decades after the Juche.

None of the staffer on the Trump administration thought about asking him to rehease or to stick with the script; probably they gave up at this moment; albeit, their best excuse to defend our leader behavior was that "he wanted to say a message to Kim, using his same rhetoric"  so, technically this has been a justification to start World War 3 with a country that has been living in a delusion for decades and that also has nuclear arsenal that could reach places beyond Guam, such as California and Nevada without any inconvenience.

It is incredibly reckless, not only to think if the country gets "freed" from the Kim family regime, they won't recover overnight economically and socially, that would be a process that can take decades before the country shows any sign of improvement. The war beyond being outside is at home, with the incendiary words that depart from any attempt of diplomacy and it looks more as a bully in high school than an actual politician.

Let's think on 1968 when North Korea seized an American vessel and Lyndon Johnson called for diplomacy to appease the crisis or when Bill Clinton used soft threats mixed with serious one that the U.S. could strike Pyongyang to stop their preemptive use of nuclear weapons. The best example was Dwight D. Eisenhower in which he used a preemptive message to the regime if they didn't wanted to talk to Seoul, he would send a nuclear strike to North Korea.

Probably not the best example in terms of long-term action, but they managed to keep their image and class instead of sending a tantrum that the world could see. The problem is that Trump is making empty treats while his entire team keeps defying him, as he doesn't show coordination towards managing international diplomacy of any kind and seems to be motivated by the mere impulse of bragging rather than showing .

He needs to be clear, but instead he seems to be diverging his attention because he keeps getting validation to the American Nazi's that supported him up to the Oval Office or changing his speech saying that there is an opioid epidemic and offenders needs to go to jail. Yet, we are facing a bigger problem here in the States, the rise of a Third Reich and facing the consequence will be a struggle but fixing them it will take decades to improve the social and economical disparities that we as Americans we are living.


The New York Times International; Thursday August the 10th

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