Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How do Gorons Reproduce?

Goron from OoT
(8/29/2017) --- Hello everyone, lately I've been hooked up to Breath of the Wild (1) and I been playing the franchise since maybe I was five years old and I always had an obsession with the in real world mechanics that are present in Hyrule and the different locations around the world and time-space.

One tiny aspect that caught my attention a while ago it was that there were no female Gorons or any information if Goron's are compatible with other races such as Gerudo's mating with Hylians to reproduce.

Goron's themselves are quite of a mystery as they seem to survive and multiply no matter the enviroment, the socio-economical conditions or the tragedies that are facing above Hyrule. Then the question is, how they do it?

Around the different timelines Gorons seem to be organized into a patriarcal society (2), becoming almost the opposite of the Gerudo's but being more open to foreigners and trade openly with other cultures and civilizations across the land, it can be inferred that after the Hylians as a group, the Gorons are the third civilization that has ties with almost every single aspect of the land in terms of technology and cultural development just right after the Sheikah.

The idea that Gorons reproduce sexually is out of the range, as they seem to be only socializing among themselves and they refer to each other as "brothers" and in a certain extent they seem to be asexual by nature as none of them seem to engage into any form of romantic relationships with anyone or even themselves.

Probably as a theory, is interesting to think that Gorons are mostly associate to reptiles and if we can place them with a real world reference, Gorons could be extremely similar to Komodo Dragons and the New Mexico Whiptail and their reproduction would be involved with parthenogenesis, which in theory there should be female Gorons, albeit not healthy ones if we set the parallels between the Whiptail and the Gorons.

It wouldn't be strange to think whenever it's mentioned by Nintendo on how Gorons reproduce is not far away from the idea of asexual reproduction or at least a form that is closely related Gynogenesis but the species would be women in their vast majority if that would happen, as the male would only stimuli the egg with his sperm but the genetic material would be on the matri-lineal side.

The most related example I can think is that Gorons reproduce through Hybridogenesis (3) and the Gorons that we meet during the different games are essentially hybrid species of the genus, which can lead why the Gorons in Termina seem to be different from the Gorons on the main universe?

Goron Elder

The best example I can think about it is the Goron Elder (4) in Majora's Mask where we can see he has hair and more human characteristics, probably we can even think that as a race they could be related to the Hylians on a genetic level and the female who could take part in the reproduction is to determine which gametes will pass to the next generations but it would be the male Goron who would take the pregnancy and reproduction of the fetus to full term.

These are just mere ideas, nothing official and nothing serious, thank you very much for reading me.


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