Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Brett Gleason Manifest Album Review

(08/08/2017) --- Brett Gleason is just one unique musician, not only for being an indie artist but also being multi-instrumental, and with the ability to reach to the deep of your soul but the complexity of the songs that contain a twist. His second album Manifest released on  April 14th of 2017, which the ten songs album directs the attention to topics about life such as sex, death and times where sorrow seems to be striking on almost every corner; it is an amazing album to listen to, not only from the music perspective but from the humanism side too.

What is fantastic about Gleason is that he brings different approaches to his brand of indie-rock through the use of piano as a central element in the compositions; such as "Rough Love" there is the sound of menacing verses in contrast of sweet phrases that talk about an emotional turmoil and manipulation that can be the product of a abusive relationship.

The sounds that Brett produce is radio radio, it can be set to a more mainstream audience as it goes between a transgression of beats that start on a simple set of harmonies such as "Humane" which evolve into a more complex ballad as it develops into a heart-wrenching performing. The sounds of Brett with his melancholic tone of voice, gives a very unique sound and quality of music that is not common, that is unique and which makes easy to identify Brett's music.

The lyrics are quite beautiful and full of sorrow, they offer introspection as well an analysis to what is about to be alive being comfortable in your own skin; the songs can be quite uplifting and they can have hope, they have perseverance to never give up to anything that is in front of you.

I totally recommend buying Manifest (1) as is a very unique experience of indie-rock but also it reach to your soul and is amazing to listen for a second, third and fourth time with more detail and notice that the lyrics paint the basic human experience of being alive. Also, the album is on the iTunes Store (2)


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